Chapter 930

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The unexpected turn of events startled everyone. It was especially shocking for Vivian, who was

left dumbfounded.

She looked down to see the bleeding wound on her chest. Her face showed a mixture of shock,

astonishment, confusion, fear, and disbelief.

She never expected to get shot. It happened so fast and without any warning.

She was in a daze. Then, she suddenly screamed and fell to the ground. The situation had finally

hit her.

“Assassins! Get down!” Evan was the first to react and shouted out loud.

The others snapped out of their daze. They were quick to take cover on the ground.

Meanwhile, several masked assassins burst into the room. They had kicked the door open. Each of them wielded a silenced pistol.

Upon entering, they opened fire without mercy, shooting anyone they saw. Amidst the rapid gunfire, two people were struck down.

“Damn it!”

Evan got angry. Instead of retreating, he kicked a table over. It crashed into several of the


Taking advantage of their confusion, he lunged at them. He gripped two assassins by their necks and squeezed.

With two sharp cracking sounds, the two assassins went limp and fell to the ground.

After dealing with the first pair, Evan launched another attack. His fists were like thunder, striking with unbelievable speed and force.

It was incredibly impressive to watch each blow strike like a cannonball.

With a series of dull thuds, the remaining assassins were hit in the chest. Before they could ever

react, they had dropped dead on the spot.

Everything happened in a flash. In just a few minutes, Evan dealt with all the assassins. His incredible skills left everyone in awe.

“What a bunch of trash,” Evan sneered.

He picked up a tablecloth from the ground and cleaned the blood from his hands.

Such an impressive display of skills immediately earned him cheers and applause.

“As expected of Evan, he’s incredible!”

“Of course he is! Evan is the direct descendant of the Derlin family. He is also a member of the Celestial Alliance. It’s a given he’s so powerful!”

Dustin turned around to leave. He didn’t want to waste his time with them any longer

“Hold on‘” Vivian stood in his way and raised her voice

“You poisoned us Did you think you could just walk away like nothing happened? Did you think. we would let you go easily?”

“Brat‘ Get down on your knees and surrender immediately, or don’t blame us for being ruthless!”

Several of them started clamoring. Their gazes were hostile, like they were ready to attack at any


“What’s this? You’re going to repay kindness with violence?”

Dustin glanced around, his gaze turning cold. If they wanted to start a fight, he wouldn’t mind giving them a lesson.

“Dustin, you can’t afford to offend us!” Vivian threatened him.

“I’m giving you a chance. Apologize immediately and admit to your crimes. That way, you might just be able to live.”

“Idiot,” Dustin spat out coldly.

“What?” Vivian’s expression turned dark.

“How dare you insult me? You’re asking for it! Catch him!”

“Right away!” A few of them answered and were ready to start a fight.

However, right at that moment, the situation changed drastically. A loud gunshot rang out, shocking the entire room.

A bullet had shot out, piercing right through Vivian’s chest. Blood splattered against the wall, creating a mesmerizing display of crimson blossoms.

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