Chapter 927

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Dustin couldn’t be bothered with a smug know–it–all like Vivian

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue now that you’re feeling guilty? I knew it!”

Vivian sneered with disdain. Tve seen plenty of scammers like you in the martial arts world You may be able to fool Sheila, but you won’t fool me!”

“Vivian, Dustin isn’t a scammer. I believe him!” Sheila spoke up for Dustin.

“Sheila, you’re a good person, but you’re just too naive and easily fooled. You should be especially careful with those with unclear backgrounds.

As Vivian spoke, she glanced at Dustin, clearly implying something.

To her, Dustin was no different than the pretty–faced boys who used to pursue Sheila. They tried their best to please her, aiming to climb up the social ladder and gain a foothold in upper society.

Fortunately, Vivian was sharp enough to see through all the tricks.

“Vivian, you got it all wrong. Dustin is a good man.” Sheila’s brow furrowed lightly.

It suddenly occurred to her that her friends were hostile toward Dustin.

“Alright, Sheila, it’s getting late. I need to get going. Goodbye.” After finishing his tea, Dustin stood. up and excused himself politely.

It was just a chance meeting anyway. There was no need to associate himself with these people

“Dustin…” Sheila got anxious and stood up. But she didn’t know what to say.

“Sheila, don’t mind me. Enjoy the rest of your meal. I’ll visit General Murray another day.” Dustin smiled and walked out of the room.

“Dust-” Sheila wanted to run after him, but Vivian grabbed her.

Vivian reasoned with her, “Sheila, what are you doing? He’s nothing but a scammer. Let him go He’ll only ruin our meal if he stays.”

“I won’t let you talk about him that way!” Sheila puffed up her cheeks, looking slightly pissed.

“Alright, alright. I won’t talk about him like that if you don’t like it.” Vivian was helpless.

She followed up with a question. “Let me ask you, do you like that brat?”

“Huh?” Sheila’s face flushed red.

She stammered, “N–No way! Dustin is my savior. I just want to repay the favor.”

Although vehemently denied it, her shy expression had made her feelings clear.

Evan took in her reaction with a frown. His gaze turned dark.

“Sheila, it’s alright if you want to repay the favor. But you had better not fall in love with him,” Vivian warned.

“Why not?” Sheila was taken aback.

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Vivian was solemn “As the heiress of the Murray family, you stand high above the clouds.

“That brat is just a country doctor with a presence as insignificant as an ant. He’s not worthy of you

“It’s not an exaggeration to describe you two like the princess and the pauper. Even if you don’t look down on him, he’ll never be able to find a place in our circle with his status

“This is reality, and there is nothing you can do about it. For your sake and his, it’s best that you don’t talk to him anymore.”

Sheila fell silent upon hearing her words. She hung her head, seemingly deep in thought.

“Alright, that’s enough. Stop it with the depressing talk. Let’s eat.”

Evan tried to mend the situation when he noticed Sheila’s bad mood. It was a chance to gain some brownie points.

“Fine, I won’t talk about it anymore. Let’s drink.” Vivian smiled and raised her glass, clinking it with the others.

Just as she was about to drink it, Dustin suddenly returned. Without a word, he slapped her hand, knocking the glass to the ground.

It shattered loudly.

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