Chapter 900

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Dustin stared at Nikki in disbelief from across the table. He couldn’t believe that she had been the person who drugged them.

“Why is it you?” Cornelius’ widened eyes were full of dismay, confusion, and


He never imagined that the traitor would be Nikki, whom Dustin had treated so well.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry.” Nikki looked away guiltily and kept her head down.

“Why?” Dustin could only ask.

Because of Nelson, Dustin treated Nikki like his sister and tried to do everything in her best. interest. He even reigned in his temper in front of Jade Maiden Sisterhood just to free her, so he never imagined that she would betray him in return.

“Jade Maiden Sisterhood is my home, and they are my family. I-I didn’t have a choice. I’m sorry…” Nikki apologized as she repeatedly shook her head.

She felt guilty toward Dustin but couldn’t go against Edith and the Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s wishes.

“I just don’t get it. Why are you still so determined to stay when they mistreated you? Just, why?” Dustin’s brows were furrowed.

He couldn’t understand why Nikki would throw her pride away and serve people who treated her like trash.

“I…” Nikki didn’t know what to say, so she kept her head down and remained silent.

“What’s the point of talking about that now?” Edith sneered.

“Nikki is my disciple, and she belongs to Jade Maiden Sisterhood. Naturally, she should be helping me.

“You only have yourself to blame for being so naive.”

“That’s right. Serves you right for trusting women so readily!” Edith’s disciples jeered.

“Yeah, you’re right. I was an idiot for believing a person I just met.” Dustin smirked self- mockingly.

Although Nelson had been loyal, it didn’t mean that Nikki would be the same.

Dustin had been too naive and stupid to believe that Nikki would come around if he treated her


The reality turned out to be completely different

Nikki had drugged the Kirin Gang to return to Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s good graces despite

Dustin couldn’t help feeling disappointed at how she repaid him.

“Your fates are in our hands now. You better hand the scripture over if you don’t want to die!” Edith threatened.

“I have it, Madam Edith. Please take a look at it.” Nikki rushed over, took out the scripture, and offered it to Edith.

It was the handwritten present Dustin gave her earlier at the table.

“Really?” Edith took the scripture and began flipping through it before laughing excitedly.

“It is the Jade Maiden Scripture. It even has records of the Drizzle Dance Sword Art. Well done!

Edith beamed and praised Nikki. “You’ve finally done a good job. I’ll be sure to reward you once we’re back!”

“Thank you, Madam Edith!” Nikki immediately perked up, her mood reflecting Edith’s.

“What an idiot!” Cornelius spat.

Was Nikki a moron? She could have kept the scripture to herself and used it to her advantage instead of giving it away.

“I didn’t expect you to treat my disciple so well, brat.” Edith waved the scripture smugly.

“You gave the thing I had been looking for so diligently away as a gift. I’m so touched I could


“Unfortunately for you, it still ended up in my hands.”

“Madam Edith, you’ve finally obtained the scripture. Let’s leave.” Nikki forced a smile.

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