Chapter 840

The noise made everyone turn to look. A man dressed in mourning attire walked in, surrounded by a murderous air. His expression was so cold it sent shivers up people’s spines.

“Dustin? What’s he doing here?” Florence frowned.

She was sure she didn’t invite him, so he’d better not be here for the free food.

“He must be crazy. How could he wear mourning clothes at a birthday banquet? Ugh!” Victoria and Julie were disgusted at Dustin’s choice of attire.

“Speak of the devil. I guess he does have a death wish.” Gavin smirked coldly.

He initially planned to take care of Dustin a few days later, but Dustin had approached him first.

“Dustin?” Dahlia lit up and rushed over to greet him.

She’d been worried that he was too angry at her to show up, so she was happy to see him. It proved that she was important to him.

“I knew you’d come, Dustin. I …” Dahlia’s words faltered when she met Dustin’s cold glare. She was instantly rooted to the spot.

She had never seen Dustin with such a cold, murderous expression before.

Dustin merely glanced at her and walked past her, brushing her shoulder. It was as if they were strangers.

Dahlia parted her lips but didn’t know what to say.

“Gavin Killian!” Dustin hissed, his glare landing on the head of the table.

“Are you calling me, kid?” Gavin stayed in his seat, but his chin was tilted up tauntingly.

“Gavin Killian, wrongdoers will be punished. You’ll meet your end tonight!” Dustin stated icily.

“How dare you speak to Mr. Killian so rudely! You’re asking for trouble!” Dustin’s words. angered many guests.

After all, this was a good chance for them to butter up to Gavin, so they couldn’t let this chance slip past.

“Are you crazy, Rhys?” Florence snapped.

“And what on earth are you wearing? Are you here to congratulate me or stir up

“We don’t welcome you, so piss off!” Julie exclaimed.




“Well, well. It sounds like you’re about to hit someone. Ha! You can try hitting me. I won’t

even move!” Florence sneered and walked over.

She leaned her face closer to Dustin tauntingly.

“I’m in a bad mood right now, so you’d better not push me,” Dustin warned.

“And what if I do? Weren’t you going to hit someone? Come on, then! I dare you to slap me!

Let’s see if you even have the guts to do that!” Florence placed her hands on her hips arrogantly.

Without another word, Dustin sent a resounding slap to Florence’s cheek. Instantly, blood began trickling from her nose.

“H-h-how dare you slap me!” Florence held her burning cheek in disbelief.

For as long as she’s known Dustin, no matter how much she taunted him, he had never once hit her. Yet, he had slapped her in front of so many people!

“Are you out of your mind, Dustin? Why did you slap my mom?” Dahlia scowled and rushed over to protect her mother.

She never thought Dustin would hit her mother.

“I’m here for Gavin Killian, and I won’t allow anyone to stand in my way,” Dustin retorted frigidly.

“You-!” Dahlia’s blood boiled.

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