Chapter 508 – King of the Underworld by RJ Kane

Chapter 508

King of the Underworld

by RJ Kane
Chapter 508

Adrik had kept his schedule purposely light the rest of the week, given that Niko and Vito were scheduled to be back. He wanted to be available in the event we were needed for anything. He made sure he had extra people throughout the city, just in care.

Because we both knew he didn’t necessarily have to get up at a decent hour, as Nike and Vito weren’t scheduled to land until later that afternoon, we both woke up. much later than usual. It didn’t help that he spent much of the night before claiming me after the doctor incident in the parking lot of my old apartment building.
I was deliciously sore this morning, but I can’t say I minded it. I thoroughly enjoyed his protective streak. I was already considering ways to make it appear on a more regular basis, I enjoyed it so much.

I groaned when I stretched, my muscles protesting being stretched. I heard Adrik chuttle next to me. “My fault,” he said, rolling over so he was on top of me.
“I know you’re not even the slightest bit sorry for it, either,” I said, running my hands through his messy morning hair.
“Not even a little,” he said.
I laughed. “You realize he’s only fascinated by me because of the relationship I have with you, right?” I asked. He raised an eyebrow at me, asking for more of an explanation. “Bubba missed it because he was so angry at the other stuff. I don’t blame him. I almost missed it, too. He’s completely fascinated that you were able to control my shaking just by touching me. He saw me lose control when I came back with Ivan to get his stitches out and start shaking. He knows Ivan and Viktor helped me, but he also knows you completely stopped it. He knew I was about to lose my s*it on him the one time he chastised me for not eating at my check-up. That’s when he caught a better glimpse of my eyes, but he knows you somehow contained that as well. He’s almost just as fascinated with you as he is with me, but really, I think he doesn’t understand our relationship. He just knows on some deeper level, he would like to.” I kept running my fingers through his hair while I talked. His eyes closed, enjoying my touch.

His eyes opened, softening as he looked at me. I could feel the pull in his chest as he thought about the doctor being jealous of what we have, rather than him being jealous of the doctor.
“Full disclosure, I didn’t tell you last night on purpose,” I said. “I might have to find ways to make you jealous more often.”
There were times when Adrik would smile at me with the look of a man that had no worries in the world, even though I knew he had the weight of the world on his shoulders pretty much at all times. He had a boyish grin that would make my knees weak every single time I saw it. He gave me that grin just before his lips found

I couldn’t help but wrap my body around his, I felt my warmth spread through my entire body, thinking about just how much I loved this man. So completely, in fact, that others were fascinated by it and wanted to study it.
I felt the familiar stretch as he slowly slid inside me, needing once more to make mes. To prove to me that he was mine and I was his. I laughed quietly against his lips, pulling him closer to me as he pushed deeper inside me. He knew exactly how to make my body putty in his hands and he used that information freely.
My breath was heavy, my body sore, but already pushed to extreme levels of pleasure from two strokes from this man. And he knew it. He broke the kiss, leaning up enough that he could look at me, his boyish grin still across his face. It made his features softer and se*y at the same time. If I wasn’t already completely in love with him, I would think he might be trouble from the look he was giving me.
His hand trailed down my body, leaving fire in its wake. I moaned at the pleasure his touch ignited, the warmth helping to wake up my already sore body. He felt my body starting to come alive and increased his rhythm. His hand ran down my leg; looking behind my knee, he pulled my knee up toward his shoulder as he drove into me. He kept his control, as he could feel how sore I was already, but he still managed to push me over the edge almost immediately.
I grabbed his shoulders, trying to hang on as my back arched and my body gave in completely to him. It was my favorite way to wake up. Sore muscles aside, this man could make my body feel things I never thought possible. His rhythm increased slightly just before he found his own release, groaning quietly as he collapsed on top of me.
“Definitely going to need to find ways to make you jealous on a regular basis,” I said, ter a few minutes of silence. His body vibrated as he laughed quietly on top
of me.
He got up, pulling me with him. “If we can have a repeat of last night, I’ll happily be jealous more,” he said, picking me up to carry me to the shower.
“You drive a very hard bargain, but I accept,” I said, leaning my head on his shoulder
That afternoon, we moved to the house. It took us three times as long to get there, as Henry still had people watching the building. They would try to follow us each time we left. Adrik was enjoying it. He would have at least 10 different SUVs all leave it the same time, all heading in different directions. The tails would inevitably pick the wrong ones to follow, leaving us to go where we pleased. The other SUVs would just drive around the city for hours, keeping the tails busy while we went wherever we needed to go..
I had to admit to enjoying it almost as much as Adrik. The more Henry tried to find about Adrik, the angrier I got at him. I was very much looking forward to the day that Stephen could break him.
Once at the house, we had a few hours of relaxation before Niko and Vito were set to arrive. Adrik wanted to be at the house so Henry wouldn’t see us should we need to step in and help with the situation pertaining to the underbosses collecting taxes.
Vitaliy’s team was ready as well, along with Boris, to step in and help if needed. Given the ample firepower that our side now had at their disposal, we were hoping we wouldn’t be needed, but we were ready just in case.
It was easy to turn it all off and just enjoy a few quiet moments at the house. Adrikave the house staff the rest of the week off, just so we could be alone and didn’t have to worry about anything. We still ended up discussing the situation at hand. We couldn’t help ourselves.
“So what happens after Stephen breaks Niko and Vito? Do we send them to the same home that Armando is in? It can be our collection home of zombie bosses,” I said.
“Somebody else besides Stephen has to deliver them, though. They might catch on if he shows up with them,” Ivan said..
“I’ll allow someone else to deliver each of them. I needed to drop Armando off for me I don’t have the same need when it comes to Niko and Vito,” Stephen said.
“It is fun to make up back stories on all of them, not gonna lie there,” I said, laughing
Ivan’s phone beeped, alerting him to Niko and Vito’s arrival. He glanced at it, telling everyone, “they’re here. Now we just have to wait and see how long it takes them to stir up trouble.” Both he and Viktor sent the necessary messages to the necessary people letting them know Niko and Vito had landed and were back in the
Now, the waiting really began.

King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Novel

Status: Ongoing

Type: Stories

Author: RJ Kane

Artist: Sephie and Max

Native Language: English

Released: May, 22, 2023

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