Chapter 509 – King of the Underworld by RJ Kane

Chapter 509

King of the Underworld

by RJ Kane
Chapter 509

The hardest part of waiting was feeling like we needed to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. If things got bad in any part of the city, we all felt like we should be there as quickly as possible. It made trying to do anything else next to impossible.

The first day was spent largely sitting around trying to stay “available” just in case. The second day, we finally got tired of doing nothing, so we went about our day as normally as we could. Even though we all felt like we were waiting for the other shoe to drop, we still managed to have a good time. It was one of the countless things I adored about the guys. I knew we were at least going to have fun doing whatever it was that we were doing.
We ended up on the couches in the back room that afternoon. There was a storm rolling in, with dark clouds above us. We could hear the thunder in the distance. Otherwise, I would’ve dragged them all to the lake with me.
“Okay, so now that we’re all in one spot, I have an experiment,” I said, trying to think of ways to pass the time. Adrik and Ivan were able to still talk to me, no matter where they were. Adrik was able to find me anywhere now. Even I couldn’t do that yet. I think he was making sure that he could find me quickly in the event that we were ever separated again. I loved him a little more for it.
“What kind of experiment and does it involve dissection at any point?” Misha asked.

I chuckled. “No dissection. At least not that I know of,” I said, thinking for a minute. “Look, I’m not going to rule it out now that you mention it.”
The other guys looked at Misha like he was in deep sh*t, which just made him laugh. “Okay, gazelle, what’s your experiment? Save me before they all beat me for giving you ideas,” he said.
I grinned at all of them. “Adrik and Ivan can both still communicate with me and with each other even when we’re not together, but I haven’t been able to do it with you three yet. I want to see if we can make it happen.”
Misha clapped his hands together, like he usually did when there was f*ckery afoot. “This is like an advanced level hide and seek game. I’m completely on board with this,” he said, jumping up from the couch. He ran from the room toward the gym. Once he got farther down the hallway, he yelled, “count to 20! I know the perfect spot!”

We were all too busy laughing at him to bother counting to 20. Ivan said, “I think we should just wait and see how long it takes him to come back. Tell him it didn’t
“You’re a little bit evil, Squish. He’s clearly bored,” I said, still laughing at Misha’s exuberance.
“And stressed. We all know he turns up his antics to relieve stress,” Stephen said.
“I’m wondering if this will work as well. I’ve heard Misha before, but I think it was through your head that I heard him. He was with you when we were talking,” Adrik said.

I concentrated on Misha, trying to see if he could hear me the same way he could when we were in the same room. I waited to see if he answered. When I heard nothing from him, I looked at Adrik and Ivan, seeing if either of them could get through to him. There was now a chance that Adrik would be able to do it, even if I couldn’t, since his latest level-up.
Misha eventually came back after ten minutes. He was still smiling, clearly enjoying being a test subject. “I could hear you, but I’m guessing you guys couldn’t hear my response?”
“No, I didn’t hear anything. I thought it didn’t work because I never heard a response from you,” I said. “Could you hear Adrik and Ivan too?”
“I heard you, then I heard Boss, then I heard Ivan. I answered all three of you, but I’m guessing that’s where it went wrong,” Misha said.
“Interesting. I wonder if it will always remain that way or if you just need to strengthen your connection with your own demon before you can do it too?” I asked to nobody in particular.

“It might always stay like it is now. Your dad said the connection between the three of us is always going to remain slightly different. Maybe this is a perk reserved for the three of us,” Ivan said, his hand rubbing his goatee as he contemplated.
“It’s still useful to know we can at least get messages to you when we’re not with you, Adrik said to Misha. “Even if you can’t answer yet. We still need to figure out how to get messages to Stephen and Viktor without someone needing to touch them.”
“I think half the time Stephen already knows what we tell him,” Ivan said,
Adrik laughed. “I’ve been telling Sephie that for months now.”
Stephen laughed as well. “Sometimes I do, sometimes it’s new information. It’s always appreciated, though.”
“I still haven’t figured out how to get around the need to touch you to relay info, though,” I said, chewing on my bottom lip.
“I think it still has to do with my aversion to having anyone in my head,” Stephen said, giving me the side-eye.
I grinned at him. “Maybe. It’s also how you get information from people when you’re helping fix them, too, so it makes sense it’s the way you get messages. I do find it hilarious that you were so opposed to physical touch when I first met you and now we’re forcing it on you to get messages to you whether you like it or not,” I said, laughing.
“It’s because I’m a vampire. You’re all so freakishly warm that it felt like fire at first. I still have a strong dislike of fire most of the time,” Stephen said, making us all laugh.
“We’ll take this into account once Vlad finally makes it out of customs,” Ivan said.
The following morning, we finally started to hear grumblings from the city. Adrik had extra guys placed throughout the city to keep an eye on things. Every one of the leaders knew to keep us informed of what was happening when they could, as well. We were most worried about police intervention, as we weren’t sure how much Henry would use the police against the people.
Ivan and Viktor started getting reports of small skirmishes between business owners and some of Niko’s guys mid-morning. Our guys started sending word shortly after.
“No casualties on our side. Niko lost a couple guys, which will likely only increase the violence. He’ll want retribution,” Ivan said, after getting off the phone with one of our guys.
“No police yet,” Viktor said, walking back into the room from taking a phone call as well. “I’m thinking Henry won’t intervene until it’s quite obvious his side is losing.”
“Everyone’s still on alert in the city?” Adrik asked. He was stressed about this. He hated the fact that the people were involved in any way, but it was the only way to make the entire plan work, start to finish.
Ivan nodded his head. “Everyone in Niko and Vito’s areas are on high alert. Everyone else is waiting, much like we are. The hospitals have all been alerted as well. They’re ready, if need be.”
“Good,” Adrik said. I could feel his tension from across the room. I walked to him, sliding my arm around his waist. He relaxed, but only slightly, as he pulled me to him.
“Maybe the underbosses will back down again, since they’re met with resistance right away,” I said. I didn’t believe what I was saying. It felt like this was going to get ugly before they backed off, but I was trying to stay positive.
I felt Adrik stiffen as Misha said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen, gazelle.” I didn’t need to look at him or know anymore details. I could feel his nausea. I knew whatever outcome he’d just seen wasn’t a good one.
“Could you tell if Henry got involved?” Adrik asked.
“I didn’t see police, but that’s not to say they won’t eventually step in. They must really be hard up on cash. Niko and Vito are going to go through every single underboss trying to make this happen,” he said.
“As sh*tty as it will be, that actually still works in our favor. Then we don’t need to worry about what to do with the underbosses once this is over,” Ivan said.
Both Viktor and Ivan’s phones started ringing, cutting our conversation short. Adrik pulled me closer, his hand running up and down my back in an attempt to keep himself calm. He used to feel like he was ready to explode anytime his anger was threatening to come to the surface. Now, he felt completely cool. Completely in control. And completely lethal.
I knew if we had to step in, it would not end well for Niko and Vito, or any of their underbosses. They would all be dead by nightfall.
Ivan came back first. “Same situation in Vito’s area of the city. Small skirmish, but Boris’s supplies put the odds in our favor. Vito lost two guys, three more injured. A few injuries on our side, but no lethal wounds.”
Viktor came back in, confirming everything Ivan’s guy had told him. “Injured are on their way to the hospital. One gunshot, one head injury, and one broken bone. Vito’s guys got out of there quick when their guys went down. They’re scared.”
Adrik sighed, but was quiet for a moment. “Tell Sal’s area to be ready next. My money is on those underbosses for the next attempt.”

King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Novel

Status: Ongoing

Type: Stories

Author: RJ Kane

Artist: Sephie and Max

Native Language: English

Released: May, 22, 2023

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