Chapter 49 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 49

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe

Three suites in the pack house were assigned to Alpha Zeke, Alpha Bran, and Luna Freya. It made me uncomfortable to know Alpha Bran was staying in the same house, but rather him than Vampires.

‘What are we going to do about Brittany.’ Maya grimaced, ‘I still don’t trust her.’

‘I don’t either.’ I agreed, ‘But we need to accept the fact that she might be telling the truth. Brittany would have found out Tyler’s plan sooner or later.’

‘There’s always a chance she’s telling the truth.’ Maya rolled her eyes, ‘I’m not trusting anything until there’s proof.’

‘That works for me.’ I chuckled.

Alpha Asher allowed me to stop by my Dad’s on the condition he comes, of course.

Alpha Asher stood silently in my Dad’s living room, watching as I told them about Sean. Dad’s face turned into a grimace while Grandma’s filled with concern.

“He could’ve been lying.” Dad scoffed, “Sean’s smart. I can’t see him getting caught by Vampires.”

“He could’ve been.” I nodded, “But we can’t just ignore it.”

“And what’s being done about this?” Dad grunted; his eyes locked on Alpha Asher. I turned my own eyes on Asher, wondering the same thing. What would be done about Sean? If they had taken him, we hadn’t a clue where that might be.

“I’m gathering as much information as I can about the Vampires.” Alpha Asher’s eyes burned into my own as he spoke, “They’ve been gathering for quite some time, werewolves just never cared to notice. They have networks throughout some major cities, but the closest is in Atlanta, Georgia. If they took him, that’s where he’d be.”

I wasn’t sure why Alpha Asher was trusting us with this. Now that I was beginning to think before I acted, running off to Atlanta alone was an unbelievably bad idea.

“Are you sending men out?” Dad frowned.

Alpha Asher’s eyes burned into my own, something glimmering in their depths.

“Once we can narrow down to potential locations, I will send men out.” Alpha Asher nodded, “If he’s been taken, we will get him back.”

Alpha Asher’s words through me off guard for a moment. I hadn’t expected him to send people out to save my brother. Sean was just one member of the largest pack in the United States but was

important to me.

It was around dinner time when we finally got back to the pack house. Grandma insisted on sending a couple containers of her chocolate lavender brownies, claiming everyone would love them. She wasn’t wrong, but seven containers were a bit too much.

After stocking an entire fridge with her brownies, I followed Alpha Asher upstairs. Staying by his side was much easier than I thought. His presence put me at ease and made me feel less on edge. Maya didn’t mind being by his side either, taking to him instantly. Alpha Asher was more on the quiet side. He never said much about what was going on but would constantly made little snide comments to me.

I had been silent the entire time, thinking over what he had said about Atlanta.

“Thank you—for that.” I grimaced at how uncomfortable I sounded.

Alpha Asher turned, as he was just about to open his bedroom doors.

“What was that Lola?” Alpha Asher smirked, his honey eyes meeting my own.

“I said thanks.” I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest. “For sending men out to look for my brother.”

“I’ve told you before—there’s other ways you can thank me.” Alpha Asher smirked, stepping closer to me. I stepped away, stopping when my back hit against the wall.

Alpha Asher’s eyes grew darker as they investigated my own. His hand lifted and cupped the side of my face. He let his thumb trace down my jaw, rubbing at my bottom lip.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” Alpha Asher smirked, running his thumb along my bottom lip. “Or are you going to fight me for it?”

The trouble I had gotten myself into today made me feel guilty, as it should. I decided this one time, I would give in. My body was already responding under his light touch. My legs clenched together on their own accord.

I let my lips part and Alpha Asher’s smirk deepened. His thumb grazed my teeth then finally went down to my chin.

Someone down the hall coughed in amusement, breaking my eyes from Alpha Asher’s. Beta Devin stood a good ten feet away, his lips pursed and his eyes struggling to remain serious.

“Excuse me Alpha.” Beta Devin nodded, his eyes flickering over Asher and I. “Alpha Bran wants to know if you and Lola are coming down for dinner.”

“Tell him something’s come up.” Alpha Asher smirked, “Have someone bring it to my room.”

My stomach dropped, and my eyes widened. A smirk formed on Beta Devin’s face, his eyes flickering to my own.

“Sure thing, Alpha.” Beta Devin nodded, turning down the hallway.

Before I could say anything, Alpha Asher pulled the doors to his room open. He turned me around with his hands and walked me into the bedroom. Something stirred between my legs as he locked the door.

“Where were we?” Alpha Asher smirked.

I wasn’t fond of following commands. I’m sure Alpha Asher could see how badly I wanted to resist, but I wanted all of him.

“Take off your clothes.” Alpha Asher demanded in his calm tone. His smirk was still in place, his eyes roaming every inch of skin.

My face was blazing by the time I pulled my panties off my body. Alpha Asher’s eyes flared hungrily, running over my exposed body. My hands twitched at my sides, wanting to raise and shield my bre*sts. I remembered what Alpha Asher had said last time I covered myself, choosing to keep my arms loose at my sides.

Alpha Asher walked over to me, standing just a few inches away. My nips grazed against the rough material of his shirt. Alpha Asher smirked down at me, running his head along the base of my neck. He inhaled deeply, as he had in the past.

“Get on your knees, Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, chuckling against my neck.

One of his large hands tangled in my hair, tugging it lightly. My core throbbed painfully, wanting this more than he did. I sank down to my knees, his grip never once relaxing on my hair.

“Undo my belt.” Alpha Asher continued. I tried to still my shaking hands as I unhooked his belt, letting his pants slide to the ground.

“It’s not going to bite, Lola.” Alpha Asher chuckled, “You’ve done this before.”

My puy dampened at the memory, his ck filling my throat for the first time. The sounds that had come from his lips nearly sent me over the edge.

I pulled his ck from his underwear, my eyes widening as I saw it up close for the second time. I still couldn’t understand how it had fit in my mouth. My puy clenched, thinking of what it must feel like to be filled with it. He would ruin me for any other man.

“Open that pretty mouth, Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, his lip running along my lower lip.

With difficulty, I complied. Alpha Asher rubbed the swollen tip of his c**k against my parted lips, his dark eyes looking down on me.

His c**k slid into my mouth effortlessly, and I struggled to breath at the thickness. My throat naturally constricted, wanting to dislodge the object. I braced my hands against his thighs, trying to relax my throat as I took him.

I remembered what he told me last time and wrapped my lips around the shaft of his ck. My puy responded when a low growl left Alpha Asher’s lips.

I let my eyes flicker from his ck up to his own. Arousal and lu*t burned in my gaze. I removed his ck from my mouth, letting my tongue run up his shaft and swirl around the tip.

“fk, Lola.” Alpha Asher grunted, his grip on the back of my head tightening. Alpha Asher shoved his ck deep in my throat. A moan tried to leave my lips, vibrating his c**k.

Alpha Asher gripped my hair painfully as he began thrusting his c*k down my throat. Animalistic grunts left Alpha Asher’s lips as he thrust himself into my mouth. I could feel my wetness seeping out of my lips, coating my inner thighs. My fingers twitched again, desperately wanting to seek out my swollen clt.

I could feel Alpha Asher fall over the edge, his body stiffening as pleasure rolled through him. The husky moans that left his lips reverberated in my ears. A moan of my own left my lips as his seed spilled in my throat.

I swallowed his seed instantly, without needing his command. His black eyes were soft as they looked down at me. I was bare under his gaze, my skin flushed as he had just f**ked my face. His eyes traced over my body, as if committing the image to memory.

“Such a good girl, Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, pulling me to my feet and against his chest.

My heart thundered in my chest at his words. I had never been this close to Alpha Asher. It was

another intimate gesture I hadn’t been expecting. Alpha Asher’s arm was around my lower waist, pinning me against his body.

Alpha Asher lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist. My heart continued hammering as my back hit the bed. Alpha Asher’s face was buried in my neck, his lips and tongue skimming my skin greedily. His hands trailed down to my bre*sts, needing one while he rolled my nip between his fingers. My body was in bliss under his touch, commanding every drop of his attention. He trailed nips and kisses down my chest, stopping to take one of my nips into his mouth.

His tongue rolled my nip, his teeth grazing it lightly. My head fell back on the bed was pleasure filled sparks ran over my skin. A knock sounded on the door, but we were both beyond caring. Alpha Asher’s mouth traveled from my bre*sts down to my stomach. My legs clenched together on their own as his head traveled lower. They didn’t resist when Alpha Asher pulled them apart. He nipped lightly across the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh.

His hot breathed fanned across my pu**y, his eyes devouring me hungrily. He ran his finger along my wet slit, a low growl leaving his lips.

“So wet for me.” He murmured appreciatively, “How am I supposed to resist this?”

“Don’t resist.” I whimpered breathlessly. I wanted all of him, I was tired of waiting. Every touch, every org**m was torment until I got what I wanted.

“Not yet, little Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, his dark eyes on my own. “All good things come in time.”

That was the end of our conversation, his tongue flicking out to run against my cl*t.

My back arched and a loud moan left my lips. I couldn’t get enough of his touch. The novelty of Alpha Asher hadn’t worn off, and I feared it never would.

Alpha Asher devoured my puy like a drowning man, lapping at my sensitive skin hungrily. My back

continued to arch, loud moans tearing through me. Alpha Asher wrapped his arms around my thighs, keeping my puy securely against his open mouth. My fingers were tangled in his soft hair, something he seemed to enjoy. Every time my pu*y became to sensitive, I tugged his hair roughly. Alpha Asher would growl quietly, rubbing his tongue harder against my clt.

The pressure in my pu**y came to it’s peak when Alpha Asher inserted a finger inside me. My back left the bed, Asher’s name tearing through my parted lips.

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jane Doe

Native Language: English

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