Chapter 48 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 48

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe

Alpha Asher was beyond pissed, but I couldn’t blame him.

Maya was right after all, maybe I did need a stern talking to. I had gotten myself into this problem, and now I needed to get my way out. No one else could step in and help me, something I had gotten much too used to in my short time back.

Anytime I had been in a serious problem, someone always stepped in. Breyona stepped in when Tristan marked me the first time, and my ass was saved last night at the swimming hole.

Alpha Bran practically glowed with excitement, acting as though he had already won. Alpha Asher had to send him from the room, out of fear he’d murder the cocky Alpha.

Alpha Asher pulled me into the kitchen, his eyes glowing murderously.

“Were training in private tomorrow.” Alpha Asher snapped, stalking towards me.

“We are?” My tone sounded unsure, the blush rushing to my cheeks at the possibilities.

“Tomorrow we will train—only train.” Alpha Asher snarled, backing me against the counter. “If you win—you’ll be punished. If you lose, I’ll kill Alpha Bran and take his pack as my own. Afterwards, you will be punished.”

“So either way, I get punished.” I sighed.

‘You can’t blame him for being pissed.’ Maya shrugged.

‘You’re right, I can’t.” I frowned.

‘Woah.’ Maya gasped dramatically, ‘You’re—you’re actually admitting I’m right.’

‘Don’t get used to it.’ I mumbled.

“Yes, either way you get punished.” Alpha Asher growled, “Are you incapable of behaving? Is it physically impossible for you?”

I frowned at Alpha Asher. For once I felt guilty getting myself into trouble. It was fun most of the time, but he was right. I needed to learn some self control. I couldn’t go around doing and saying whatever I wanted, especially not around other Alpha’s.

“I’m trying.” I sighed, closing my eyes against the headache that was forming. “I need to try harder—I will try harder.”

Alpha Asher’s eyes softened in the slightest, but anger was still present in his gaze. He felt my sincerity, and knew I meant what I said.

Everyone has their own issues in life—their own fatal flaw. I suppose mine would be my pride. I don’t listen to advice or the words of others, solely doing as I pleased.

“You are going to beat him, Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, his dark eyes burning into my own. “We will make sure of it.”

Alpha Asher’s hand lifted, trailing the length of my face. His eyes followed his hand, roaming over my creamy skin. The touch was intimate, much more intimate than I was used to.

s*x and arousal was constant with Alpha Asher, but never anything more. I hadn’t felt a romantic attachment to him before, but this touch was the start of it. It opened the doors, making me realize how much he had done for me.

He moved me into the packhouse, an attempt to keep me safe. He leaped from bed in the middle of the night to track me down at the swimming hole. These weren’t things he’s done for others in the pack, just me. The thought made me blush harder, conflicting emotions churning in my gut.

We walked back out into the living room, and I tried to calm the blush on my face. If I walked out with a red face, everyone would make their own assumptions on what happened. For once, nothing s*xual was done.

I must’ve calmed myself down because no suspicious or knowing looks were shot our way.

Alpha Zeke burst into laughter, clutching his sides as Alpha Asher gave him an irritated look. Alpha Asher waited silently until Alpha Zeke’s laughing died down. Luna Freya gave Alpha Zeke a tired look, her eyes turning to my own.

“Goddess.” Alpha Zeke chuckled, “You got yourself a wild one there. I hope my mate’s like that when I find her.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but quickly slammed it shut.

‘That’s it Lola.’ Maya nodded, ‘First lesson, think before you speak.’

‘Hush.’ I mumbled, but took her advice begrudgingly.

Should I really oppose being called Alpha Asher’s mate? My heart said no, and my body agreed. It didn’t feel bad being called his mate, and he certainly wasn’t speaking up about it. He simply dismissed what Alpha Zeke said with an irritated scowl, which could mean a million different things.

“Unfortunately, I think I’ve gotten myself into too much trouble.” I grinned sheepishly, shooting Alpha Asher an apologetic look.

“Nah.” Alpha Zeke scoffed, “I’ve seen him fight, he’s not that great.”

‘Not that great.’ Maya scoffed, ‘That’s easy for an Alpha to say.’

“That’s—comforting.” I nodded, not truly convinced.

‘See, you’re doing it!’ Maya cheered and I rolled my eyes.

‘I’m not doing this if you cheer for me everytime.’ I huffed.

‘Alright grumpy.’ Maya shrugged, ‘But just know I’m rooting for you.’

“Would you mind if I talked to Lola for a moment, Alpha?” Luna Freya turned her light eyes to Alpha Asher, “I would like to speak to her about her upcoming fight.”

Alpha Asher gave me a weary look, one I dismissed.

“I’ll be good.” I frowned, jutting my lower lip out in a pout. “Promise.”

“Fine.” Alpha Asher frowned, watching as I turned and followed Luna Freya into the kitchen.

“Lola.” Luna Freya exhaled, shutting the kitchen door behind her. “I’ve heard much about you.”

“You have?” I frowned.

‘Alpha Asher told her about us?’ Maya frowned.

It didn’t sound right. Why would Alpha Asher confide in Luna Freya? Were they close? Then again, I had no clue if Alpha Asher had friends. He seemed to be friends with Alpha Zeke, though it was more of a professional friendship.

“No.” Luna Freya shook her head, “From my daughter, Brittany.”

My jaw dropped with an audible click. Luna Freya was Brittany’s Mom, which meant Brittany was the daughter of an Alpha. What was most disturbing, Brittany had told her Mom about me. I vividly remembered the first time meeting her at Haze and didn’t consider it a pleasurable experience.

“Um—why would she tell you about me?” I frowned, now eyeing Luna Freya wearily.

Her eyes held wisdom and knowledge, but whose side was she on? She had come onto Alpha Asher’s territory, surely that didn’t make her one of the bad guys? Yet her own daughter played for the other team.

“Brittany was a fool to trust that idiot.” Luna Freya scowled, looking murderous. “She knows that now, having seen it for herself.”

“So, she regrets letting him su*k her into a fight between werewolves and vampires?” I frowned, not convinced for a second.

“She does.” Luna Freya frowned, “The little fool didn’t tell her what he was planning. She was clueless until the moment she met the Vampires.”

“She knew nothing about any of this?” I grimaced. From the way Brittany talked to me at Haze, it didn’t seem like she regretted anything.

“She didn’t.” Luna Freya shook her head, “She placed her faith in her mate—a catastrophic mistake on her part. The little pup couldn’t stay faithful, let alone protect her from any of this.”

“Faithful?” My eyebrow perked up, “He cheated on Brittany?”

“Numerous times.” Luna Freya’s lips were pressed together.

She clearly felt for her daughter, but also understood the severity of what was done. Brittany had once been on their side, and Alpha Asher would never trust her coming back. He’d demand to have her interrogated, maybe killed. But if Luna Freya was telling the truth, then that made Brittany somewhat innocent. It meant Brittany put trust in her mate, but realized she had done wrong. She simply put her trust in Tyler, an act that was starting to become deadly.

“What do I have to do with any of this?” I frowned, “You should’ve went to Alpha Asher with this.”

“Brittany informed me you and Alpha Asher are—close.” Luna Freya paused on the word, and I caught the hidden meaning clearly. “She said you would listen to reason and not be overruled with anger. You could help convince Alpha Asher of her innocence.”

“I—I can try.” I said slowly, still unable to make a decision. “But you know I must be skeptical right?”

“I do understand.” Luna Freya frowned, “I will try to find proof to clear her name. Perhaps she could provide information from their side.”

“That would certainly help.” I nodded, “I’ll do what I can, but until I see that proof, I’m not completely on board.”

“You have listened to my side, that’s all I needed from you.” Luna Freya gave me a genuine smile.

I turned to walk back into the living room, part of me already craving Alpha Asher.

“Lola?” Luna Freya called out, making me turn.

“Yes, Luna?” I responded.

“Alpha Bran believes you to be a weak and feeble woman.” Luna Freya pointed out, “Use that against him.”

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jane Doe

Native Language: English

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