Chapter – 2 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

Dustin, Scarlet, and her two deputy generals left Fallonge estate. They walked around the popular tourist spots in Millsburg, taking photos. They also bought souvenirs.

Afterward, they went to Food Street downtown. They tried all the local food.

They ended their day watching a movie called “Wandering Planet” at the theater. When they came out, it was dark.

“Dustin, where are we going next?” Scarlet was still full of energy. This was the happiest and most relaxed she had been in ten years.

“Madam Scarlet, we’ve been out all day. Why don’t we return home now?” Bridget suggested.

She and Georgia had been on high alert since morning. They were protecting Scarlet from any potential ambush.

As Dragonmarsh’s Goddess of War, Scarlet was highly respected. However, she was also a thorn in the eyes of many other countries.

Every year, she faced countless assassination attempts. It was especially dangerous in crowded places like this.

They had to guard Scarlet against all kinds of threats, including snipers, suicide bombers, and the like,

“It’s still early. Why the rush?” Evidently, Scarlet still hadn’t had enough.

“That’s right! It’s not every day you get some free time. You should enjoy yourself,” Georgia chimed in.

She’d never seen Scarlet this happy. Her smile today was worth ten years combined.

In the past, Scarlet was always cold and distant. It was as if she were a divine being, watching over everyone from above.

She was finally a regular person today, enjoying herself happily. This was how life should be in her twenties.

Other women enjoyed their time with their parents and boyfriends. But Scarlet carried a heavy responsibility. She could only fight on the battlefield.

Every day, she saw blood and corpses. She heard only gunfire and cries of pain.

Behind her glamorous appearance, she endured pain and torment. It could only be understood by those who had experienced them.

The people of Dragonmarsh could live in peace because of those fighting on the front lines.

“Why don’t we get something to eat? I know a place that serves amazing local food. Let’s try it out,” Dustin suggested with a smile.

“Okay, anything you say.” Scarlet nodded.

Bridget felt helpless. But she could only give in.

20 minutes later, their car stopped at a restaurant called Full Moon.

Dustin and the group sat near the window. They ordered some local food,

Full Moon had a great atmosphere. It was considered a high–end retro restaurant.

It was one of the businesses owned by Kirin Gang. After merging the four biggest dark gangs, the Kirin Gang’s influence spread throughout Millsburg

They couldn’t quite rival the Tremendous Three. Yet, they were on par with the Fabulous Five.

Dustin and the rest were enjoying their meal.

Suddenly, an unpleasant voice rang out. “Hey, who is that lady over there? She’s gorgeous.”

They turned to see a skinny man‘ approaching them. He was smiling happily. Behind him were several burly men wearing martial arts attire.

The man seemed frail and unsteady. He appeared somewhat intoxicated.

The burly men, however, were different. They were clearly powerful low–level martial artists,

“Stop right there!” Bridget suddenly stood up. She blocked the man’s path.

She said firmly, “Madam Scarlet is having her meal. No one is allowed to approach her!”

“Don’t be nervous. I’m not a bad person. I just want to be friends with this beautiful lady.”

The man smiled. He sized Scarlet up as he shamelessly revealed his desires.

Ranked third on the Beauty Ranking, Scarlet’s appearance and temperament were enough to make anyone feel inferior.

I’m the Boss

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