Chapter – 3 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss


Daniel let out another terrifying scream.

Both of his legs were now broken. His expression twisted in agony.

He just wanted a woman to sleep with. He didn’t expect to meet a bunch of lunatics instead.

They showed zero respect for the Zen Order, daring to harm others without hesitation or warning.

“Shit! Who are these people? How dare they harm disciples from the Zen Order?”

“She’s pretty, but her methods are absolutely ruthless.”

The onlookers were stunned as they watched Daniel squirmed in pain.

“That’s enough. You’re disturbing our meal. Just drag him out.” Scarlet waved dismissively,

Even as Scarlet gestured for Georgia and Bridget to drag Daniel out, she never looked up throughout the entire situation.

Insignificant gangsters like them were not worth her time.

“Madam Scarlet is in a good mood today, so I’ll let you go. Reflect on your actions when you get back,” Georgia said.

She then kicked Daniel stomach, sending him flying. He landed heavily by the door.

“Who dares harm my junior?”

At that moment, a group of disciples from the Zen Order walked in fiercely.

A tall man dressed in white led the group. He had a sharp gaze and looked intimidating, walking in large strides.

“Joel, you’re finally here!” Daniel looked like he saw his savior and sobbed, “Catch them! They hurt me!”

“Huh?” Joel’s expression darkened when he saw Daniel’s bleeding knees. His cold gaze swept toward Georgia and Bridget.

“Did you do this?” he asked.

Georgia replied calmly, “So what if we did? He’s a pervert who harassed Madam Scarlet. We were nice enough to let him leave alive.”

Bridget, on the other hand, only told him to get lost.

“How dare you be so brazen after you hurt our men? You need to be taught a lesson!”

Joel was furious. Without another word, he shot toward Georgia like a ghostly shadow.

“Huh?” Georgia’s pupils constricted. She immediately raised her arm in preparation of the attack.

Joel’s attacks were quick and powerful. Each strike was laced with strong internal energy. After a few rounds, Georgia was pushed back. She was clearly struggling to keep up.

“Let me help!” Bridget jumped in when she noticed the situation going bad. They fought Joel together.

As the deputy generals of the Dark Panther Calvary, their martial arts skills were exceptional among their peers. However, Joel was evidently stronger.

He was able to hold his own even against the both of them. Each of his strike was more powerful than the last.

Bridget and Georgia had a hard time defending themselves. They didn’t expect Joel to be a strong fighter.

When their fists collided, Bridget and Georgia staggered a few steps back. Their arms were numb as their internal energy surged chaotically.

On the other hand, Joel looked proud and energetic as ever.

“Good job, Joel! You sure showed them!” Daniel grinned devilishly. He momentarily forgot about his pain.

Revenge was sweet.

“Hmph! Joel is ranked on the Heavenly Immortals. How dare you challenge him? You think too highly of yourselves!”

“You women should just stay home and take care of children! Why bother learning martial arts? It’s a waste!”

“That’s right! Those breasts and hips are perfect for giving birth and feeding. Why don’t you come home with me and be my wife?”

“Hahaha …”

The disciples of the Zen Order laughed mockingly. They looked at the two women with their perverted gazes.

“The audac

I’m the Boss

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