Chapter – 13 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

The crowd was silent as they stared at the red number. Looks of astonishment replaced the smiles on their faces.

No one expected Dustin to have such terrifying strength. His punch was over ten thousand pounds of force! It was incredible!

“Fuck! Who is this guy? How can he be so strong?”

“And I thought five thousand pounds was the limit. This guy broke through ten thousand!” “Damn it! He’s a freaking monster!”

The martial artists present began discussing among themselves and expressed their surprise. The Steeljaws Fellowship disciples were in shock, unable to believe it.

Desmond had exerted his full strength only to achieve five thousand pounds of force. While Dustin easily surpassed ten thousand pounds of force.

Dustin completely crushed them with that display of strength. It was humiliating!

“How was that possible? How could this skinny guy have such incredible strength? Did he use internal energy?” Gianna questioned.

“If he used internal energy, the machine would have shown an invalid result. So that punch he threw was raw strength,” someone explained

Although they didn’t want to admit it, Dustin was strong. He had far surpassed their expectations. “Ten thousand and one pounds. That number should get me qualified for the next round, right?” In comparison to the crowd’s reaction, Dustin appeared calm. It was as if he had done something ordinary.

“Huh? Oh, right! You have advanced directly to the next round!” After a momentary daze, the staff nodded.

He had looked at Dustin in contempt, but it was now replaced with awe.

If Dustin’s punch was ten thousand pounds of force, he couldn’t imagine if it was with internal energy.

“Hey, chubbs, did you see that? Now that’s strength. What you both did was child’s play.” Georgia crossed her arms with a smirk in contempt.

Gianna was infuriated at the jab but could only stay silent. Although strength didn’t represent their ability, they still won this round.

“Hey! Don’t get arrogant. I haven’t even made my move yet!” At that moment, Devon stepped forward. He was burly and looked strong with muscles that resembled rocks.

“That’s right! We can still win with Devon around!” Gianna’s eyes lit up immediately.

She was excited. Devon had much stronger raw strength than Desmond.

“Devon is naturally strong. Not being able to use internal energy will show you how strong his raw

strength is!” Desmond was confident.

“That’s right! Devon is the true underdog!” The others nodded in agreement.

Each of them had their own strengths and talents.

They were either fast, strong, with great defense, immense internal energy, or good at swordsmanship.

Among them, Devon undoubtedly possessed the greatest strength.

“You think hitting ten thousand pounds of strength is impressive, brat? Let me tell you the truth. I achieved that three years ago!”

With a cold gaze, Devon turned to Dustin and laughed at him. “Today, I’ll show you what strength truly is. Keep your eyes wide open!”

As he spoke, he approached the strength tester machine and deeply breathed. He then positioned his fist and began to gather his strength slowly.

When he stretched his arm as far as he could, he used his foot to push off and delivered a strong punch onto the punching pad hard.

A resounding explosion shook the entire tester machine. The red digits on the display screen started to fluctuate and ascend.

The numbers surpassed the ten-thousand mark without any signs of slowing down.

Finally, the number settled at an impressive 14387! That was over four thousand pounds higher than Dustin’s results earlier.

“What the fuck? Is he for real? 14 thousand?”

“He’s a fucking monster!”

“Damn it! This guy broke the record! That’s ridiculous!”

I’m the Boss

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