Chapter – 11 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss


Devon screamed in despair, seeing the sword coming at him. He never could have expected the charming woman to act so ruthlessly out of nowhere.

It was evident she held absolutely no regard for Boulderthorn.



The unexpected turn of events shocked the Boulderthorn disciples. However, it was too late for them to stop her.

“Don’t kill him, kid,” Dustin said just in time.

There was a sharp whistle as Scarlet’s blade stopped mere inches from Devon’s throat. A thin line of blood formed as it grazed his skin.

Had Dustin spoken out a second later, Devon would have been lying in a pool of his own blood. Devon gulped. His face turned pale. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

The terror in his eyes never went away. He had very nearly met his end.

Just where did this crazy bitch with such hatred come from?

They weren’t even enemies. It was scary.

“Do that again, and I will send you to hell,” Scarlet said icily.

Devon shivered involuntarily. A wave of unease washed over him. He had no doubt that Scarlet genuinely intended to kill him just now.

“How dare you ambush Devon? You’ve got the nerves!”

The Boulderthon disciples recovered from their shock, Then, they began to make noise. They believed that Scarlet would never have defeated Devon if it hadn’t been an ambush.

“Desmond, Thomas, Dominic … Don’t waste your breath on them. Catch them all as a warning to the rest!” Gianna yelled.

The four major branches of Boulderthorn were named after the Four Symbols. Noel led the branch known as Steeljaws Fellowship.

Today, most of Steeljaws Fellowship’s disciples were present. That was why Gianna was so arrogant.

“Get them!”

Following Desmond’s order, the disciples closed in on Dustin and Scarlet.

“Hold it right there!” Just then, Patrick stepped forward.

He declared loudly, “I’m Patrick Hill of the Hill family. These are our esteemed guests. Don’t you dare act recklessly!”

As he spoke, he revealed an emblem signifying his identity.

“The Hill family?” Upon hearing him, the Steeljaws Fellowship disciples frowned.

They scrutinized the emblem. They made sure it was authentic before softening their stance.

As one of the Tremendous Three, the Hill family held great influence and power. Boulderthorn could never make enemies of them.

It was mostly due to their respect and even fear of Paul.

Paul was a former leader of Balerno martial arts. He was also a formidable martial arts grandmaster.

His status was comparable to the leader of the Boulderthorn branch masters. Even the present leader of Balerno martial arts was his student.

These were more than enough to show his influence within the martial world.

“Hmph, we’ll let you go this time on behalf of Sir Paul. But you won’t be so lucky next time!” Desmond sneered.

“You guys got lucky!” Gianna seethed. Although upset, she couldn’t make a scene with the Hill family backing them.

“Dustin, just focus on the main task. Don’t bother with them,” Patrick advised in a lowered tone.

They came here to be assessed. Things would get complicated if a deadly incident involving Noel’s disciples were to occur.

Even if Dustin remained unharmed, he would be disqualified from the tournament.

“I understand.” Dustin nodded.

Then, he looked at Scarlet. “Kid, put your sword away. We can’t kill anyone here.”

“Alright.” Scarlet nodded obediently.

Her cold and aggressive demeanor disappeared completely. Her attitude toward Dustin and the rest was really different.

‘Alright, let’s not waste time. Get ready for the strength test.”

Seeing that the fight was over, the staff from the martial arts alliance began giving instructions. “The rules are simple. No one is allowed to use internal energy. Only physical strength is allowed.

“Hitting one thousand pounds is considered a pass. Two thousand pounds and above is considered good. Five thousand pounds and above is considered excellent. Those who hit ten thousand pounds and above can advance immediately.”

I’m the Boss

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