Chapter – 13 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

“Lia?” Jasper said, calming himself down.

“Help me, Jasper!” Liana pleaded for help through her sobs. “I’m being surrounded by reporters at Beckett Group … I’m scared!”

“I’m coming downstairs!” Jasper grabbed his coat and left without a second thought.

“No, Mr. Jasper!” Xavier stopped him in his tracks. “You should have security head downstairs to escort her instead. You’ll be mobbed by the reporters if you go!”

Jasper’s expression turned somber, and there was not a lick of hesitation as he rushed out the door.

“When will the wedding between you and Mr. Beckett be scheduled, Ms. Gardner?”

“The exposé claims that you and Mr. Beckett are childhood sweethearts. Did you two meet many years ago?”

“What are your opinions on Mr. Beckett’s ex–wife? Is it true that his ex–wife interfered in your relationship?”

The reporters were shoving their cameras into Liana’s face. Despite there being bodyguards on- site, the situation was still chaotic. The woman played up her meek and weak facade despite being secretly thrilled. She was the one who broke the news of the wedding to the media. The rumor claiming Alice to be a mistress was also her doing. “How dare that bitch humiliate me and claim my bracelet for herself?” she thought. Liana wanted Alice branded as a mistress and paraded as a social pariah!

“Thank you, everyone, for your concern. Mr. Beckett and I will be sure to notify everyone once we have news to share.” She gave the cameras a comely smile. “As for Mr. Beckett’s ex–wife … I know very little about Ms. White. Please don’t attack her. She and Mr. Beckett are no longer together. Let her live in peace.”

The situation was still fairly under control until she spoke up. The reporters were now buzzing with excitement, leading to more chaos. Just as Liana was backing up like a terrified bird, she was suddenly surrounded by a solid embrace. An arm wrapped itself around her shoulder while ushering her to the door. “You’re finally here, Jasper.” Liana looked close to tears, but the man kept his silence.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks to look around. He couldn’t help but feel like Alice was right there, watching the scene play out. But how was that possible?

A surveillance camera by Beckett Group’s entrance shifted slightly. Alyssa was watching it all go down in the comforts of her office, observing as the pair left. It would be a lie to say she wasn’t affected by the sight of Jasper protecting Liana and holding her in his arms as if she were a fragile doll.

“So, you’re protecting her. Have you ever protected me?” Alyssa’s eyes stung with unshed tears. “I was dying of pain when I called you that stormy night two years ago. I knew you wouldn’t come

for me, and all I was hoping for was for you to answer my call. But what did I get? A phone that was switched off. To think I loved a man like you so dearly for three years. In the end, I was just a tool to appease your grandfather and stall for time. None of my efforts were worth it. Jasper Beckett, you’re the biggest regret of my life.”

The Secret Society chat group was suddenly active again.

Jonah texted, “Hey, Lyse. The editor–in–chief of Solana Daily, the news agency that was the first to publicize the news about the wedding, has been replaced. It was your ex–husband’s doing. It seems his girlfriend’s snitching had nothing to do with him.”

Alyssa blinked and typed, “They’re the same.”

Silas replied, “That’s true! Birds of a feather! Also, I have big news I need to tell you in private, Lyse.

Axel sent, “Just say it here.”

Silas answered, “Nope! These are the fruits of my investigation. Don’t go trying to steal my thunder Go conduct your own investigation!” He then sent her a voice recording. “I found some interesting tidbits about Liana Gardner,” he said.

Silas seemed like an incomprehensible prosecutor at first glance, but the Taylor siblings knew of his hacking skills. He wasn’t as skilled as Axel, but his skills worked well enough. They aided in many of his investigations, and no criminal could escape his grasp. Liana Gardner was no different. Photos of a scantily clad Liana kissing a biracial man were forwarded to Alyssa’s WhatsApp.

“Not bad, Silas. This is interesting.” Alyssa whistled as she went through the photos in contentment. “Where did they come from?”

“Liana follows a few hundred accounts on her Instagram. I spent the last few days going through every single one. This man rang some alarm bells, so I hacked into his account and gained access to his photo library on his phone. That’s where I found these babies. This man is a fitness instructor who has many fans.”

“Thank you, Silas. Let me take you to dinner tonight!”

“Just dinner? You’re not even treating me to a drink? What’s the point?”

“Okay! You can drink all you want!”

“Don’t get yourself too excited yet. I still have more. This one caught me off–guard.”

Silas then sent her a health diagnosis from a medical institution alongside several photos of a

woman’s abdomen.

“What is…” The sight shocked Alyssa.

“Would you believe me if I told you Liana had given birth in Mosgravia? These are photos of her stretch marks after her pregnancy.”

Alyssa zoomed in on the photos to carefully peruse them.

“That woman wasn’t ill at all. It was an excuse for her to make her visits to the plastic surgery department to get rid of the stretch marks on her belly. Hah. The rapid development of technology makes things very convenient for those with ulterior motives. I’ve heard of people swapping the

results of paternity tests, but plastic surgery for stretch marks is a first! This means Liana and Jasper have yet to sleep together. Her secret would’ve gotten out otherwise.”

Alyssa felt inexplicably relieved to hear the news. “Good,” she said with mixed emotions.

“What the hell? Good? Cheating is still cheating. You have a problem, Lyse. Are you trying to settle for less than what you deserve?” Silas didn’t want his sister to continue being soft–hearted toward Jasper and wanted nothing more than to snap her back to reality.

She gave him a wry laugh. “You got it all wrong. I don’t love Jasper anymore. I just feel a lot less disgusted because he didn’t touch Liana while we were still married.”

“Hah, it’ll be his turn now to feel what it’s like to be cheated on!” Silas spat out. “That idiot deserves it. He passed you up, my sister, the richest girl in Belbanks with both beauty and brains, for a cheap bitch!”

“This is Jasper we’re talking about. Not even riches can win him over.” Alyssa smiled coldly as bitterness washed over her. She had loved him throughout the years. Letting go would take time, but she knew she would never love him again no matter what.

“The cheap bitch is baring her teeth. We might as well put this information out there to teach her a lesson!” Silas was eager to jump at the chance to take Liana down a peg.

“I’ve always had this habit of saving the best for last.” Alyssa narrowed her eyes and smirked. “We only bring out the big guns at the right time. That’s how you devastate.”

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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