Chapter – 12 Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back

by Jean Sparks

Alyssa shot Sean a look, and the latter responded by opening the door.

“Ms. Alyssa! Ms. Alyssa!” Michael Grant, who had gotten into trouble yesterday, barged in through the door so quickly that Sean failed to hold him back.

Alyssa frowned at the man who threw himself at her desk. “What are you doing here, Mr. Grant? I’ve approved your resignation. You’re free to seek employment elsewhere.”

“This isn’t fair, Ms. Alyssa! I’ve been working at this hotel for nearly two decades! I’ve given my all to this job and even gotten sick from it. Not even Mr. Taylor would do this to me. How could you fire me just like that?” Michael was sweating buckets as he yelled at her, red–faced.

“I’ve read through the particulars of every hotel executive. You’re indeed ill with fatty liver and gallbladder polyps. Looks to me like the hotel is really profitable.” Her smile was cold.

Michael trembled when he picked up on the sarcasm in her words. “I had no idea that … that Elysian sold our hotel low–quality bedding! We partnered with them for three years, and the price was decent. They’re also an established name in Solana City, so that’s why I …”

Alyssa tossed a document at his feet with a flick of her wrist before he could finish. “This is à breakdown of every transaction the hotel had with Elysian in the past three years. Are you blind to be so ignorant of this flawed financial report from the finance department that you supervise?”

Michael picked the document off the floor with great trepidation and went through everything in it. The few pages in his hands felt as though they were burning coals!

“I also received an anonymous tip.” Alyssa took a leisurely sip of coffee as her alluring eyes glinted like cold steel. “A little bird told me that you and Elysian share a close relationship. That’s how you got all these massive rebates and why you bought their shoddy beddings in bulk.”

His teeth were chattering as he grew unstable on his feet.

“Of course, I wouldn’t fire anyone without evidence. But I’m not about to show mercy when I do. have the evidence on hand. If you still have any objections, Mr. Grant, we can get this resolved through legal channels.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Alyssa! I had a lapse in judgment! Please… Please give me a chance! If word of this gets out, I won’t be able to make a living in Solana City!” Michael was scared out of his wits and got on his knees. “It was Elysian who approached me and told me of a way to get rich. This was Mr. Gardner’s idea! I thought the beddings were similar enough. I wasn’t thinking straight and fell into his trap!”

“What a joke,” Alyssa thought. He was a vice president who had been part of the hotel industry for two decades, yet he was playing dumb just to protect himself. “That’s enough, Mr. Grant. I’m sure you know best what happened. If you have all this time to come here with your nonsense, you’d be wise to leave and think about submitting your resume elsewhere. Please see our guest out, Mr. Lynch.”

Michael was ushered out, defeated. But that quickly changed the moment he was out of her office. “Fucking bitch! Just wait. I’m not going to let this fly!” he spat out.

Although Alyssa was a generous person, she was enraged that someone was lining their pockets with the hotel’s money. It made her blood boil with indignation.

“Michael seems to have quite the reputation here at the hotel. To think there would be whistleblowers the moment you turned your sights on him.” Sean was excited.

“No one sold him out.”

“Huh? Does that mean… you tricked him?”

“I did,” Alyssa responded gently and booted up a game to vent her anger. “There would’ve been nothing to fear if he hadn’t done anything wrong. It was unfortunate for him that I showed up.‘

Sean couldn’t help applauding the woman. “Michael and Elysian have been cooperating for three years, and the corruption ran deep. We should bring him to court and make him regurgitate everything he took!”

“We still need to maintain a cordial relationship. It’s in our best interest not to burn bridges. The higher–ups at the hotel won’t be happy if I go too far. It won’t be surprising if someone tries to backstab me. My father was the one who promoted Michael as well. I can’t embarrass him too much,” she said nonchalantly while chasing after her prey in–game with a massive ax. “Have someone keep an eye on Michael for now. Report to me immediately if he contacts Liana Gardner’s brother again.”

“Yes, Ms. Alyssa!”

That was when Alyssa’s phone began to ring continuously. A mountain of messages was blowing up a certain group chat.

“I don’t have time for this right now. Sean, check who it is.” She was fully concentrating on the game.

Sean pulled up the messages on her phone. “Oh, you have messages from a group chat named ‘ Taylor Family’s Secret Society.‘ It’s your brothers, Ms. Alyssa.”

The group chat was created by Silas, her second brother. She, along with her four brothers, was part of it. The reason it was dubbed a “secret society” was because the matter of her marriage to Jasper must not get out.

Silas texted, “I can’t fucking stand this anymore! Is Jasper trying to add salt to the wound? He’s going way too far!”

Her third brother, Liam, chimed in, “I’ve been trying to find dirt on Beckett Group. I’ll see to their bankruptcy within a month.”

Her fourth brother, Axel, cut in, “I’ll have Jasper crippled within the week.”

Jonah sent, “Amen.

Alyssa finally made her presence known. “Stop! What are you all trying to do?”

Silas sent her a Twitter link and said, “They’ve announced their marriage. A high–profile online

personality is claiming you to be a mistress who took what wasn’t yours. They’re saying you forced Jasper to marry you and caused a rift in an already existing relationship!”

Axel piped up, “Hah. What rift? Why don’t I show them what that’s really like?”

Jonah replied, “Don’t upset yourself just because of this lowly evil, Axel. Don’t give them your time of day. Their retribution is coming. Cease your anger and renounce your rage. Don’t stoop to wickedness.”

Silas said, “Stop talking, Jonah. I’m seeing stars just reading that.”

Axel texted, “I’ll make sure it all gets taken down within half an hour, Lyse. I’ll also have the trending topic of Jasper’s remarriage wiped.”

Alyssa replied, “It’s fine, Axel. Let them be.”

Silas expressed his confusion.

Alyssa explained, “It has nothing to do with me. Jasper’s ex–wife is Alice White, while I’m the eldest daughter of the Taylor family, Alyssa.”

Silas chimed in, “You’re right! You’ve never made any public appearances with Jasper. Outsiders have never seen you before. It’s unlikely that anyone would come looking for you None of this would affect you at all!”

Alyssa sent another string of words, “Unfortunately for a certain woman, she’s going to have a hard time.” She smiled in cold arrogance.

“you want to be with her so badly, Jasper Beckett? I’m happy to support the two of you in achieving your happily ever after. But since she’s so eager to test me, you can’t blame me for returning the favor,” she thought.

Beckett Group was caught off guard by the news. The Public Relations Department’s and Jasper’s phones were blowing up with calls from the media. The news was being sensationalized throughout the country. First of all, Jasper Beckett was getting married, and this was going to be his second marriage! It was over before reporters could even ask how it started. What kind of marriage was that?

“Solana Daily was the first to publish news on the marriage. Rumors have it that it was Ms. Gardner who approached their editor in person before the news broke.” Xavier stared unblinking at his phone. “The post has been retweeted over a million times. The current trending search is # WhoIsJasperBeckettsWife. Madam Alice is being bad–mouthed online…”

“Fire them!” Jasper’s expression turned cold.

Beckett Group had power over Solana News. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were. the Beckett family’s mouthpiece.

“Who are we firing?”

“Everyone who was involved in this!”

“Yes, sir! But what should we do about the online discussion? We can’t rein that in anymore Xavier couldn’t help but worry. “I can’t imagine how Madam Alice would feel about this. She must be upset…”

Jasper’s gaze suddenly darkened, and he immediately dialed Jonah’s number. It had become a norm for him to call the other man up. Anyone not in the know would’ve assumed Jasper had a crush on Jonah!

Coincidentally, he received a call from Liana right then. The sight of her name flashing on the screen made him frown

Can’t Win Me Back by Jean Sparks

Status: Ongoing

Author: William Shakespeare

Native Language: English

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