Chapter 1110

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“Excuse me?”

Staring at the mangled mobile phone, Dustin furrowed his brows, his expression instantly darkening.

He hadn’t anticipated that Garrett would stoop to such a level, openly obliterating evidence and shielding Watanabe Tenming right before the public eye.

Is this how they intend to treat him, as though he were invisible?

Even Watanabe Tianming appeared bewildered at this turn of events. With the evidence presented, he had believed his fate was sealed just moments ago. Yet, Garrett’s unexpected appearance had thrown him for a loop.

“Tianming, don’t fret. As long as I’m here, no harm shall befall you today,” Garrett assured, his tone resolute.

He may not have cared much about Murong Xue’s abduction, but if he could seize this moment to forge an alliance with Watanabe Tenming, it would undoubtedly be the shrewdest move. After all, the Watanabe family held a prominent position within the Golden Crow Kingdom’s top echelons.

“With Garrett by my side, I place my trust in his judgment,” Watanabe Tenming promptly affirmed. Given Garrett’s proactive display of goodwill, he saw fit to go along with the flow and reciprocate the sentiment.

“Dustin, are you really considering collaborating with Watanabe Tenming?” Vivian inquired, his countenance icy.

He had apprehended the key figure and even produced the evidence. Yet, Garrett, who had rushed to his aid, not only refrained from administering severe punishment to the perpetrator but also muddled the truth, deliberately shielding him and destroying the evidence. This vile, shameless, and obsequious conduct was an affront to both mortals and deities alike.

“Dustin, you have no evidence, and yet you dare to falsely accuse Tianming? How audacious!” Garrett shot back. “Furthermore, I have grounds to suspect that the recent video was a fabrication on your part, and that you are the actual culprit behind Xueer’s abduction!”

“Are you blind? Can’t you see the bodies of so many Golden Crow warriors?” Dustin couldn’t help but exclaim.

This wretch sought only to shield a criminal, yet he had the audacity to berate him.

“Hmph! Brother Tianming came here with the warriors of the Golden Crow Kingdom to rescue Xue’er and foster goodwill between our nations. It would be in your best interest to cooperate. Once your true identity was exposed, you flew into a rage and slew the Golden Crow warriors. Now, you stand as the culprit of both realms. A sinner!” Garrett proclaimed resolutely.

With a few choice words, he affixed a colossal accusation upon Dustin’s head.

“Haha… What a man, turning a deer into a horse and distorting the truth.”

Dustin was incensed to the point of laughter. “Garrett, as a direct descendant of the General’s Mansion, you ought to possess more backbone and a fiercer sense of loyalty than the average person. Yet, you fall short. You prefer grovelling before the Golden Crow Kingdom rather than upholding righteousness. You, this sort of disgrace, have truly besmirched the honour of the General’s Mansion!”

“How dare you!”


These words elicited a chorus of furious rebukes.

Eyes wide with indignation, everyone voiced their condemnation.

“Dustin! I always knew you were no good, but I never imagined you would stoop to kidnapping Xue’er. You’re lower than a swine or a cur!” Vivian admonished sternly.

“Indeed! If Mr. Watanabe hadn’t intervened in time, Xue’er would have suffered at your hands, you wretch!” Chase Johnson seethed.

“Vile scoundrel! Your intentions are nefarious. We gravely misjudged you!”

“Such vermin should be apprehended, interrogated, and meted out severe punishment!”

A gathering of young men and women chimed in, swiftly condemning Dustin as the wrongdoer.

“Dustin! Your malevolence knows no bounds, and you’ve transgressed. I hereby order your immediate arrest and demand that you kneel before brother Tianming in apology. Failure to comply will bear severe consequences!” Garrett declared, his tone frigid.

A powerless man, yet he acted with such impunity?

“Garrett, I truly underestimated the depths of your depravity.”

Dustin’s cold gaze swept over them one by one before settling once more. “Judging by your proficiency, it’s clear this isn’t your first foray into such treachery. Unfortunately for you, today you’ve crossed swords with the wrong individual. Do you believe you can incriminate me with mere words? Or that you can halt me in my tracks?”

“What? You still dare to resist?”

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