Chapter 1103

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Upon witnessing this scene, several individuals were left in bewilderment.

Vivian, in particular, wore an expression of disbelief, utterly flabbergasted.

Could it be that my jaw has dropped?

Just snapped out of it?

“Snap out of it, snap out of it! My dad’s awake!”

Shiela cheered, overflowing with joy.

“Are you really awake? That lad’s medical skills are truly remarkable?”

Everyone exchanged astonished glances.

Even Mr. Yamada found himself at a loss, being healed by an unknown young practitioner, a truly unexpected turn of events.

“Sister Vivian, how about you? Now you’ve seen how capable Brother Dustin is,” Shiela remarked, her face tinged with both pride and satisfaction.


Vivian looked abashed, her cheeks flushing.

I had just sworn to leap off that building, and now I’m getting a figurative slap in the face.

“What’s going on? Why am I here?”

Caden questioned, his face marked by confusion, as he struggled to sit up, a prickling sensation coursing through his body.

It was akin to being prodded by Nanny Rong’s needle.

“Dad! You went berserk and nearly lost your life. Brother Dustin saved you!”

Shiela stepped forward, recounting the entire incident in detail.

After listening, Caden furrowed his brows: “Dustin saved me? How is that possible?”

“It’s true!”

Shiela asserted with a solemn expression, “If Brother Dustin hadn’t intervened, you might already be six feet under.”

“Something’s amiss, there’s an air of peculiarity about all this.”

After careful consideration, Caden suddenly remarked, “If even Mr. Yamada couldn’t remedy my ailment, how could that lad Dustin manage it? I don’t believe he possesses such power!”

He and Dustin had never seen eye to eye; how could the lad have saved him?

There must be a conspiracy at play!

“Dad, the facts are right before us. What is there to doubt?” Shiela frowned.

She felt her father was being a touch unreasonable.

“Silly girl, people’s motives are unpredictable. Don’t accept everything at face value.”

Caden pontificated, “I’ve been immersed in martial arts since childhood and have always enjoyed robust health. How could I suddenly fall gravely ill? If my deductions are correct, it must be that lad Dustin’s doing!

He secretly administered some concoction to render me seriously ill and teetering on the brink of death, only to then emerge as a saviour, preserving my life.

From that moment, he’d become a tremendous benefactor to the Murong clan, leveraging this opportunity to ascend the ranks of our family.

This lad is truly devious!”

As he concluded, Caden clenched his teeth, his visage marred by resentment.

They’d had a confrontation the previous day, and now this happened. He harboured strong suspicions that Dustin was behind it all!

“Dad! What are you saying? Brother Dustin isn’t that sort of person!” Shiela defended, attempting to reason.

“I believe what my second uncle is saying holds weight.”

Garrett asserted with a serious demeanor, “You must remain vigilant against others. A nobody like Dustin could resort to anything to acquire influence. Directing and starring in his own play isn’t out of the realm of possibility.”

“That’s correct! Everything makes sense now. Dustin intentionally drugged him, then rescued him, seizing the opportunity to shine. This type of person is truly loathsome!” Vivian declared through gritted teeth.

“What a vile scheme! What a malicious heart!”

“If this individual isn’t dealt with, it’s truly intolerable!”

Each person took turns reproaching, their every word charged with righteous anger and indignation.

Under Caden’s influence, Dustin’s role as a saviour had completely transformed into that of a pariah.

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