Chapter 1068: Seeking an Audience

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As soon as he heard this, Dustin instantly became alert and raised his tone. “Where is it?”

He had been eagerly looking for this particular spiritual herb. With it, he could refine the Longevitium.

“To be honest, this item is in the possession of the Murray Family,” Samuel Franklin explained. “Tomorrow is Gen Christopher Murray’s birthday, and someone has gifted him the Cherusia as a birthday present. Whether you can obtain it or not depends on your abilities, Mr Rhys.”

“Alright, if the information is accurate, I will pay the corresponding reward,” Dustin said with excitement.

As long as he could find the Cherusia, he was willing to pay any price for it.

“No need for a reward. According to our previous agreement, you owe me a favor. When I encounter trouble, I hope Mr Rhys can help me,” Samuel smiled.

“As long as it doesn’t violate my principles, it’s a deal,” Dustin readily agreed.

“Hehe, Mr Rhys,good luck then.”

After a brief conversation, the call ended.

“My dear, I have some matters to attend to. Please return to your accomodation, and I’ll visit you some other day,” Dustin said as he got up to leave.

“Logan, is there trouble? Do you want me to help?” Scarlet Spanner was curious.

“No need. I can handle it myself. Go back to your hotel, and rest up,” Dustin replied.

He gently patted Scarlet Spanner’s head before waving his hand and taking his leave.

After leaving the Rose Restaurant, Dustin first prepared an expensive gift and then headed straight to the Murray Family’s residence.

Gen Christopher Murray was an old general who had once fought on the battlefield. Although he had retired, his status in the military was as high as Grandmaster Paul Hill’s reputation in the martial world. Both were influential figures with disciples and followers all over the place.

Ten years ago, they (Dustin and General Christopher) had some interactions, and their relationship was quite good. Dustin had always wanted to pay a visit as a junior, and now was the perfect opportunity.

He wanted to wish him a happy birthday and, more importantly, inquire about the Cherusia.

Although it might seem impolite to barge in like this, Dustin didn’t have the luxury of time. The Cherusia was too important to him, and he would do whatever it took to acquire it.

Half an hour later, Dustin arrived at Murrays’ residence.

The residence was surrounded by high walls and had a solemn and dignified atmosphere. In front of the main entrance were two vermilion-painted doors, and on either side stood two imposing stone lions.

Soldiers in full armor formed two rows on either side of the entrance, all with upright postures and sharp gazes.

“Could you please announce my visit? I would like to see General Murray,” Dustin said to the leading soldier as he approached.

“Do you have an invitation?” the soldier asked in return.

“I came in a hurry and didn’t bring an invitation,” Dustin replied.

“If you don’t have an invitation, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in,” the soldier stated.

“Could you make an exception?” Dustin insisted.

“This is our rule. Visitors must submit an invitation to verify their identity and wait for approval before meeting with the general,” the soldier explained.

“Is there any flexibility in this matter?” Dustin pressed.

“It’s a rule. Visitors must first submit an invitation, stating their identity, and then wait for verification before they can meet with the general,” the soldier replied, unyielding.

“The head of the general is a prestigious one, and numerous people come here daily. If everyone could meet with him, it would be too overwhelming,” the soldier added.

“I understand,” Dustin said, realizing he couldn’t persuade the soldier.

At that moment, several black cars suddenly stopped in front of the gate.

The car doors opened, and Shiela Murray, followed by several young men and women, got out. Among them were Chase Johnson and Vivian.

“Dustin, you’re here?” Shiela Murray ran over joyfully, her face full of surprise.

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