Chapter 1057

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With a loud “boom,” the 30–foot–tall decorative rock formation shattered into pieces. At the same time, the pond split apart.

The crowd was silenced, their wide–eyed looks showing their disbelief.

About 40 feet away, another decorative rock formation also collapsed to the ground.

“Is he a grandmaster martial artist?”

“Wait! I remember hearing about a rising young genius in the martial world. Could it be him?”

“Wow! He’s in his twenties and already a grandmaster martial artist. Unbelievable!”

The crowd buzzed with excitement. While some were shocked or in awe.

Meanwhile, Leah, Quinton, and Livie were dumbfounded. They hadn’t expected Dustin to be a grandmaster martial artist. They struggled to accept reality.

“No… It can’t be?” Trent’s expression shifted from joy to sheer horror. He realized that he was in deep trouble.

The reveal shook the Harmon family and struck them like thunder.

It was fine if they had to face Dustin only. But it was now different after learning that Dustin was also a grandmaster martial artist.

Everyone understood that a grandmaster martial artist was on a whole different level. Even the elites and masters were helpless when against a grandmaster martial artist.

“So, you still think someone can come to your rescue?” Dustin’s eyes bore into Dylan. His gaze instilled fear and hopelessness in Dylan.

“Y–how could you …” Dylan was trembling with fear and found it hard to retort.

He never imagined that the person he had once looked down on would now be the one he had to fear. He knew no one could save him when faced with a grandmaster martial artist.

“Trent, do you have anything to say?” Dustin asked.

Trent’s face stiffened, but he remained quiet.

Even with the support of the Grants and Hill families, fighting Dustin now would be pointless. Any attempt to fight him would only result in heavy casualties.

“I’m taking Dylan with me. If anyone disagrees, speak now.” Dustin scanned the crowd, but those who met his gaze looked away.

Nobody dared to challenge a grandmaster martial artist. It was like asking for death.

Out of nowhere, a booming voice shattered the silence. “I object!”

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