Chapter 1058

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“I object! Being a grandmaster martial artist doesn’t mean you can bully others with your title?”

A stern middle–aged man in military attire stepped forward confidently. He was followed by a group of intimidating–looking, fully armed elite soldiers.

“General Zink!”

Dylan’s face brightened with relief as if he had found a savior. The despair in his eyes was replaced with hope.

“He’s here! Our savior has arrived just in time!” Jacob exclaimed. He had lost hope for his son’s survival but now saw a glimmer of hope.

“Wait, is that General Zink? What is he doing here?”

“I wonder if he’s as strong as they say.

“You guys don’t know? General Zink is one of the Four Generals of the Dark Panther Cavalry. He’s just one rank below the Scarlet Warrior and commands an army of one hundred thousand. His power and influence are unmatched in the region.

“Wow, that’s impressive!”

“General Zink being here means things are about to get interesting!“.

The arrival of Gideon sparked a wave of excitement in the onlookers.

In Dragonmarsh, there were five elite divisions guarding different areas. One of these divisions was the Dark Panther Cavalry, led by the Goddess of War. This division had four undefeated generals who were incredibly strong.

Gideon was one of these generals, and he was known for his exceptional combat skills. He also had a special bond with the Scarlet Warrior, earning him the admiration of many. He was the best in the Dark Panther Cavalry and could easily lead thousands of elite soldiers.

“Ah! So, this is the special guest invited by the Harmon family today.” Trent muttered upon seeing Gideon.

“With General Zink here, we have nothing to fear, even if we’re up against a grandmaster martial artist!” Kate couldn’t contain her joy.

“It’s a delightful surprise to see General Zink supporting us. This just shows Dylan’s reputation in the military,” Summer added.

“Hmph! Let’s see what fate has in store for Rhys today,” Torben sneered.

Gideon’s arrival changed the game. Before, everyone hesitated because they teared Dustin’s strength.

But now, with Gideon on the Harmon family’s side, they had the upper hand.

Dealing with Dustin was no longer impossible. After all, no matter how strong someone might be in the martial world, they couldn’t compare to elite military forces.

“General Zink, please help me! This punk is trying to kill me!” Dylan immediately cried for help as he saw Gideon approaching.

“Don’t worry. With me here, nobody can harm you.”

Gideon’s gaze fixed on Dustin as he demanded, “What are you waiting for? Release him immediately!”

“So, you must be Gideon Zink? I’d advise you not to get involved, or you might regret it,” Dustin responded.

“How dare you address General Zink by his name with such disrespect?” one of the assistant generals from the Dark Panther Cavalry reprimanded Dustin.

“Do you understand the consequences of speaking to me this way?” Gideon squinted, his face darkened.

“General Zink, this punk is a grandmaster martial artist. We shouldn’t underestimate him,” Jacob reminded Gideon.

“So what? He’s just a nobody from the martial world, hardly worth mentioning!” Gideon snorted dismissively.

He understood that no grandmaster martial artist could take on multiple opponents at the same time.

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