Chapter 1055

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After Cornelius defeated the elderly man, he returned to Dustin’s side.

“Rhys, today is my father’s ascension as the new family head. I’m warning you to stop all this right now,” Kate threatened.

As Tyler’s wife, she could now use the Grants Family’s influence. This was the privilege given by Tyler that raised her status.

Dustin retorted, “And what if I refuse? Can any of you stop me?”

Suddenly, a voice came from the entrance. “What if we join forces with the Harmons?”

The guests turned to look at the entrance as a group of skilled martial artists arrived. They looked strong and had their head held high.

The crowd backed away in fear.

“It’s the Hill family’s martial artists!”

“Why are they here?”

“Look at that; these must be the Hill family’s elite forces!”

The guests chattered among themselves.

They never expected the Hill family to be here. They were known for their well–trained and formidable martial artists, surpassing the Grants elite forces.

“Dustin Rhys! If we join forces with the Harmons, do you think we’re a match for your Kirin Gang?”

A middle–aged man stepped forward, followed by Torben and his men.

Dustin narrowed his eyes at him. “Who are you again?”

“I’m Summer, Paul Hill’s second son. Your actions have thrown our family into chaos. Can you explain yourself?” Summer asked.

He had been living in Oakvale for a while. But the Hill family’s incident forced him to return home and deal with the situation.

“Sir Paul’s death has nothing to do with me. I’ve already stated that the killer is among your own.

You should clarify this matter with Spring,” Dustin replied.

“What! My family wouldn’t have suffered if you hadn’t pry into our family matters: Your words won’t clear you from your crimes,” Summer retorted.

“You’re to blame for my father’s murder and our family’s downfall. We won’t let you off the hook,”

He was aware of Dustin’s strength but was relieved when Summer had returned. With the support of the Harmons and the Grants, he saw an opportunity to avenge his father.

Dustin frowned, “So, you’re siding with the Harmons against me?”

“That’s right. You should face the consequences of your actions!” Summer exclaimed.

Trent was delighted with the alliance. “Wonderful! Thank you, Summer, for your support. I won’t forget this.”

With the Hill family backing them, Trent believed that Dustin was doomed.

“This guy’s luck has finally run out, especially with the Hills joining in.”

“The Harmons, Grants, and Hills–two mighty and one influential. They’re unstoppable when the three families team up.

“Today is the end for the Kirin Gang.

“He’s offended so many powerful families; he’s bound to face the consequences.”

The crowd could see Dustin was done for now that the Hills had joined the Harmons.

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