Chapter 1040

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Natasha sat in the front passenger seat as Dustin drove them back. Cecilia and Haley sat in the backseat.

“Haley, if anyone ever dares to pick on you in the future, just tell me, alright? I’ll deal with them for you. Got it?”

Natasha pulled out a piece of wet tissue to wipe a dirty spot off Haley’s face as she spoke.

“Okay, got it.” Haley nodded.

“Haley, how about I teach you martial arts from tomorrow onwards?”

Dustin persuaded earnestly. “If anyone picks on you again, you can beat them up. You can even beat them up if you feel like picking on others.”

“Stop saying nonsense.” Natasha rolled her eyes.

“Martial arts training is tough. I don’t want my baby Haley to be all worn out.

“Besides, is it appropriate for girls to beat other people up? Wouldn’t it be better for her to learn drawing or playing an instrument?”

“There’s nothing wrong with learning a little martial arts. Haley will be able to protect herself if she ever finds herself in a dangerous situation,” Dustin explained.

The best time to learn martial arts was when they were young. Though it might be tough initially, it would be great for Haley.

“What do you think, Haley?” Natasha turned to ask Haley’s opinion.

No matter what they said, Haley’s take on the matter was what mattered most.

“Whatever you say, God–mother.” Haley was always very obedient.

“Hahaha! Alright. I’ll make plans for you when you’re grown up.” Natasha caressed her hair adoringly.

Cecilia pressed her lips into a thin line. Her eyes went slightly red at the sight of them conversing so happily.

She had seen Dustin and Natasha’s interactions with Haley. She knew that with them protecting hèr, she would never have to worry about Haley’s future.

“Since we’re already out, Dear, why don’t we just have a meal?”

Natasha turned around to ask Haley, “Haley, what do you feel like having?”

“Hmm… Can I have burgers and tries?” Haley cocked her head to the side, asking politely.

“Of course you can! You can have everything you want today!” Natasha smiled at her.

“Yay! We’re having burgers and fries!” Haley cheered excitedly.

Dustin and Natasha exchanged a look before smiling at each other. How pure a child’s happiness was.

Just then, Natasha saw something out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes widened in shock. “Watch out!”

“What?” Dustin felt a sense of foreboding as he looked over and saw a huge truck speeding toward them.

The truck had run a red light and seemed to have lost control as it went in their direction.

Dustin could only turn the steering wheel as hard as possible to avoid getting hit.

Not only did the truck not attempt to avoid them, it even accelerated toward them. In the end, the truck rammed into the side of their car.

“Bang!” There was a loud crash as their car was sent flying.

It tumbled several times before finally skidding to a halt.

A long skid mark was etched into the ground, and debris from the vehicle littered the ground.

Everything happened so suddenly that there was no time to react.

Dustin reflexively used his body to shield Natasha at the very last moment. But she still suffered a head injury and scratches on her body when the car was tumbling.

“Natasha! Are you alright?” Dustin’s expression turned grave.

“I–I’m fine… Quick! Check on Haley!” Natasha shouted weakly.

“Haley?” Dustin turned around to check on her and found Haley unconscious.

She was flipped upside down, with her head on the ground and her feet in the air.

Her right arm looked mishappen, and her ribs may have been broken. Blood flowed out her mouth and nose, and the broken glass shards had cut her skin.

She was severely hurt.

And Haley was not the only one hurt. Cecilia didn’t look like she was faring any better.

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