Chapter 1041

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Cecilia’s face was covered in blood, and her limbs looked misshapen. Her stomach must have suffered from the impact, too, as her water broke and she bled from her stomach.

“Cecilia! Haley!” Dustin shouted.

They were both unconscious, and neither of them responded. He quickly got out of the car.

There was a loud clanging sound as he yanked the deformed car door open and pulled Cecilia and Haley out. They were both heavily injured.

Dustin had no choice but to perform acupuncture on the spot to stop their bleeding. He also used his true energy to keep their condition stable. He had to keep them alive.

“Sir Rhys!” Several of the Kirin Gang disciples rushed up to them..

They were guards that Dustin had arranged to keep Natasha safe. They had always secretly followed Natasha, so they immediately exited their car when they witnessed the accident.

“Quick! Send them to the hospital immediately!”

Once things were under control, Dustin swiftly carried Cecilia and Haley into the guards‘ car. He instructed them to send them to the hospital immediately.

Then, he pulled open the car door to the passenger seat and helped Natasha out.

“Haley … How’s Haley and Cecilia?” Natasha asked weakly.

“They’re hurt, but they’ll survive. Don’t worry,” Dustin assured as he performed acupuncture on Natasha.

“That’s good. It’s good to hear that they’re safe.” Natasha heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sir Rhys! We’ve caught the driver! It was him!” Two disciples from Kirin Gang brought a bald driver over.

“Ms. Harmon, Mr. Rhys, I’m sorry. The brakes malfunctioned, and I lost control of the truck. There was nothing I could do.”

The bald driver shrugged, trying to look innocent.

“The brakes malfunctioned?”

Natasha’s expression darkened, and she slapped the driver.

“If the brakes malfunctioned, why the hell did you step on the accelerator? You did it on purpose!” Natasha roared.

“Ms. Harmon, you can’t say that.”

The driver rubbed his sore cheek and said with a faint smirk, “It was too sudden. I panicked and made a mistake.

“It was truly an accident. I’ll take full responsibility for it. I have insurance, so I will compensate whatever is necessary.”

“Do you think this can be solved with money?” Dustin’s expression turned dark.

“How else should it be solved?” The driver shrugged.

“I wasn’t drunk driving and didn’t run away after crashing into you. I’m even taking the initiative to bear full responsibility.

“According to the laws and regulations, I’ll have to compensate financially. If you’re still unhappy with that, you can have me detained for several days,” The driver said breezily.

He was even smirking like he was daring them to do anything else to him.

“I’d just like to know, who instructed you to do this? If you tell me the truth, I’ll spare your life,” Dustin said icily.

What happened today was planned.

“Hey, dude. Are you trying to threaten me here? Do you think that I’d be scared?” The driver pursed his lips as he looked at them in contempt.

“There are so many people watching us here. What are you going to do? Do you have the guts to kill me here?”

Then, he raised his voice and shouted, “Everybody, look here! Someone is threatening me!

“Will you all please film this? This will be useful evidence for me when we go to the police station!

With that, the onlookers crowded over. They took out their phones and began recording.

The bald driver began to behave even more arrogantly. “Haha! Why are you so quiet now? Weren’t you acting all haughty earlier on?

“If you have what it takes, then kill me! I’d like to see if you’ve got the guts!”

“You-!” Natasha was so angry that she raised her hand.

But Dustin stopped her and pulled her back. “Don’t be bothered by a dead man.”

“Haha! Such cowards! Come at me! Why? You scared to attack me now?”

The driver scoffed, looking at them disdainfully.

“Ms. Harmon, he’s such a coward. You’re better off with me! At least I’ll be able to make you feel goo-”

He didn’t even finish his sentence when a car sped toward them. With a loud bang, the car rammed into the driver.

He was sent flying before he fell heavily to the ground. He died on the spot.

Then, the car door opened, and Cornelius walked out with a smile.

“I’m sorry, the brakes malfunctioned. But I have insurance, so I will compensate whatever is necessary,” he said to the dead driver.

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