Chapter 1011

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Theodore, Graham, and Orson instinctively took several steps back, their expressions changing drastically.

At this moment, they could feel the looming presence of death. A shiver ran down their spines, and they broke into a cold sweat.

If Michael executed this move of his, even if the three of them survived, they were doomed to be gravely injured.

“Sir Robinson, you’d better not do anything reckless. Or, you’ll also die!” Theodore warned.

“Well, I’m already dying. I think it’s a pretty good thing if I can bring the three of you together with me,” Michael uttered.

Hearing that, they frowned. They wouldn’t want to risk their lives.

“Sir Robinson, you still have to think about your daughter, right?” Theodore said. “I can let her go, but you must die today.”

“Yes! Only if you die can your daughter live!” Graham echoed.

“Can I trust you?” Michael asked.

Theodore held his head up high. “No matter what, I’m still a prominent figure in the martial world I won’t go back on my word.”

“Michael, destroy your core first. I promise not to hurt your daughter,” Graham vowed.

“Innocent people will not be implicated.” Orson nodded slightly.

“Okay. Since you are all also grandmasters, I trust you. I’ll give up on my practice today in exchange for my daughter’s life.” Michael turned around and cast a look at Abigail.

With a smile, he mouthed, “Take care, Abigail.”

“No! Don’t-” Abigail screamed, shaking her head fervently.

Before she could finish speaking, Michael raised his hand abruptly and struck his chest forcefully.

Following the loud bang, a mist of blood erupted.

Michael trembled and slumped to the ground. All his meridians were severed, and his cultivation was gone in a flash.

“No!” Abigail wailed. She hurriedly rushed over to her father and pulled him into her arms.

At the sight of his bloody body, she felt her heart sting.

“Why? Why did you do that?” She held his hand, sobbing her eyes out.

“Silly girl, I’m already dying. Saving your life with mine, it’s worth it,” Michael said weakly, summoning up a faint smile on his face.

“No! I don’t need you to exchange your life with mine! I won’t allow you to do that! Hang in there! I’ll bring you to the hospital right now!” she yelled, carrying him onto her back.

“It’s useless.” Michael shook his head. “I was supposed to die ten years ago. But I have been worried about you. Now that you’ve grown up, it’s time for me to be with

“No! I don’t want you to die!” Abigail roared.
“your mother.”

“Everyone will have to die eventually, silly girl. I’m already fortunate to live until today. In this lifetime, I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. I only have regrets for you.

“I’m not a good father nor a good husband. Not only did I not protect your mother, but I also failed to take good care of you. I’m a complete failure.” His weakening voice was filled with guilt.

“No, you’re wrong. It’s not like that. face uncontrollably.

Abigail kept shaking her head as tears streamed down her

“I’ve never done anything for you before. Today, I finally managed to do what a father should.

Abigail, I’m incredibly proud to have you as my daughter.

“You’ve been my source of hope and joy. Your light has brightened my life. Don’t cry anymore, silly girl. Take care of yourself. From now on, you have to rely on yourself…”

Michael struggled to raise his hand, attempting to wipe away the tears from the corner of her eye.

However, he was only halfway through when his hand fell down heavily.

And that marked the end of a generational legend.

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