The Ruby Chronicles: A Tale of Tragedy

The Ruby Chronicles

The Ruby Chronicles: A Tale of Tragedy

Status: Ongoing

Type: Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Novels, Romance

Released: 22-08-2023

Native Language: English

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Synopsis: The Ruby Chronicles: A Tale of Tragedy

The story begins with the discovery of a body in the Baili Canal, an out-of-the-way location near Shanghai. Gao Ziling, the captain of the Vanguard patrol boat, finds the body and is standing next to it with his old friend Liu Guoliang. Gao and Liu had not seen each other for over twenty years and had planned a long-anticipated reunion. They had met near the Waibaidu Bridge, where they discussed their past and went fishing in Baili Canal.

The two friends reminisce about their high school days, share their experiences during the Cultural Revolution, and discuss their careers. Liu, a nuclear engineer, had been locked up during the Cultural Revolution and didn’t contact Gao to avoid implicating him. They talk about their shared passion for fishing and the abundant catch they’re getting in the canal.

However, their fishing trip takes an unexpected turn when Gao’s boat gets stuck due to an unknown obstruction. After investigating underwater with a bamboo pole, they discover a plastic bag containing the body of a dead, young woman. Gao calls the police to report the homicide, and Detective Yu Guangming is on his way to investigate. The paragraph also includes descriptions of the surroundings, such as the pleasant weather and ominous signs like a toad, which Gao interprets as an evil omen. The story is set against the backdrop of their long-awaited reunion and the shocking discovery of the body.

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