My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 9

The Bet

“Oh? You sound confident.” Brad became interested.

“If you have seen our company’s complete proposal, sir, even with concerns about the flaws in the data, I believe you will be impressed enough to work with us,” Athena stated firmly.

Brad, having years of experience running the company from a technologist to becoming the president, had seen countless projects.

He had never seen someone so confident with their work.

Brad approached Athena slowly, “If you say so, let’s make a bet. I will give you another chance, but if your company’s proposal fails to impress me, I will never cooperate with Imbe Group in the future.”

Athena felt the heavy pressure, but she thought, ‘Well, I’m

only responsible for this contract. As for the rest and whether you’re willing to cooperate with Imbe Group, that’s none of my business! I’m leaving anyway!’

She nodded, “Deal!”

A familiar voice echoed at the door. “I want to see Mr. Athena immediately turned around, finding Byron standing there.

“Sorry, sir, but Mr. Maxwell has company,” the guard said.

“Let him in,” Brad ordered. He then turned to Athena, saying, “Your boss is here. Let him be a witness to this bet!”

Athena forced a smile, feeling uneasy under Byron’s gaze.

“Mr. Maxwell,” Byron greeted Brad. Athena avoided eye contact but could still feel a burning gaze on her.

“Mr. Crawford,” Brad smiled, “Miss Newton here just made a bet with me.” He proceeded to explain the details of the bet to Byron.

“Miss Newton is my secretary. She has always been able to make such decisions on my behalf.”

Byron stepped closer behind Athena, draping his suit jacket over her shoulders. She felt the warmth enveloping her, as if she was wrapped in his breath.

Her body trembled, wanting to step away from him, but Byron’s firm hold on her shoulders prevented it. “Isn’t that right, Miss Newton?” he said with a forceful tone.

“Miss Newton is your secretary?” Brad was surprised.

“Yes, she’s been working for me for several years,” Byron confirmed, still gripping Athena’s shoulders tightly, almost as if he wanted to crush them.

Athena cursed in her heart, ‘Bastard! Weren’t you enjoying the party with your sweetheart? What’s with this tantrum now?’

“Let’s get started, then,” Brad smiled, “Let’s see if you can impress me, Miss Newton.”

In the suite, there was a high-definition projection screen where Athena could demonstrate the slides she had prepared.

She carefully focused on highlighting the aspects of the project that matched Brad’s real needs during her


As Brad listened, his seriousness intensified, and he began. raising more and more questions.

To his surprise, Athena was able to provide thorough and satisfying answers to all of them.

Byron sat nearby, observing Athena with a cold gaze. He didn’t know her capability in explaining the project could Surpass even some of the directors in the sales department.

Until now, Byron had always seen Athena as fragile, relying on him for protection and guidance.

However, this presentation revealed a completely different side of her confident, knowledgeable, and capable.

He was wrong after all.

Finally, Athena concluded her presentation with a smile, maintaining her gentle tone. “That would be all, Mr. Maxwell. If we decide to cooperate, our companies can further discuss and optimize the details. The decision is now yours.”

Brad stood up, his gaze fixed on Athena. He sighed, “Honestly, I didn’t want you to win, but I must admit, this proposal is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Congratulations, Miss Newton. Send someone to my company tomorrow, and we’ll discuss the contract.”

Athena’s happiness was evident as she smiled, saying, “Thank you, Mr. Maxwell.”

Brad chuckled and turned to Byron, “You have a brilliant secretary, Mr. Crawford, very capable!”

Byron stood up as well, nodding, “Thank you, Mr. Maxwell. It’s getting late. Please excuse us.”

Brad nodded, his mind still on the inspirational proposal that Athena had just presented.

As Athena walked out, she spotted Gabe leaning against the wall.

“Gabe? Why are you here?” she asked in surprise.

“I’m waiting for you!” Gabe beamed and straightened up.

Athena took off the suit jacket and handed it back to Byron.

“I have already settled the contract matter. As for those who tampered with the data, I will hand them over to you tomorrow.”

Byron looked indifferent and didn’t take the jacket.

“My friend’s been waiting for me, so…” Athena took matters into her own hands, gently placing the jacket on Byron’s arm before stepping back. “Bye, Mr. Crawford.”

“Let’s go! You haven’t eaten, right? I have prepared a lot of food for you!” Gabe said, completely oblivious to the tension between Athena and Byron. He was simply delighted as he heard Athena say he was her friend. ving, ATH

Thend replied, leaving with Gabe, who draped a cashmere shawl over her shoulders.

“It’s getting chilly, put this on!”


Byron was left standing alone, watching Athena walk away with another man. For a moment, he almost wanted to rush. over and pull her back.


There was a chill in Byron’s eyes.

Athena was just a substitute he had dumped. She didn’t deserve to make him lose control.

He had grown accustomed to her presence, mistaking her for Freya for too long.

His anger and jealousy at this moment were because of Freya, not Athena.

That must be it.

Yet, despite this realization, Athena’s presence became more and more annoying to him. She made him feel angry every time he saw her.

Byron glanced at the jacket on his arm and tossed it into a nearby trash can Without looking back, he walked away in the opposite direction.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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