My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 6

Diminishing Her Self-Worth

“Apologies, I have other commitments right now. I’ll have to hear your story another time,” Athena said to the man and walked away without further explanation.

The man tried to call out after her, “Wait! I don’t even know your name!” He snapped back to reality and hurriedly followed her.

Suddenly, a group of well-dressed bodyguards emerged from behind and rushed towards the man. Spotting him safe, they let out sighs of relief and quickly approached.

“Mr. Chambers, the party is already underway. Your parents are searching for you everywhere!”

Panicking, he glanced in Athena’s direction, preparing to chase after her. “Hold on, I’m actually looking for…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the bodyguards exchanged glances and seized his arms, forcibly pulling him away.

As Athena entered the main area of the party, she didn’t need to make any effort. Standing there with her tall, slender figure and elegant attire, she appeared almost angelic, immediately capturing attention.

“Who is she? I’ve never seen her before.”

“Maybe she’s some newcomer trying to climb the social ladder by snagging a wealthy man!”

“Just look at all those men ogling her. They’re practically undressing her with their eyes!”

“Perhaps she’s even interested in that kind of attention.”

The affluent women exchanged hushed remarks, their eyes filled with envy and malice, as Athena effortlessly commanded the spotlight.

Athena took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, her focus solely on finding Brad amidst the crowd. The evening marked the 20th birthday celebration of the heir to a prestigious luxury jewelry brand, a highly anticipated event attended by Mailand’s elite.

Gideon’s parents were absent due to overseas commitments, so Gideon represented his family at the party. Seated on a couch, he engaged in conversation with Ruby, who was busy taking photos nearby. Ruby’s appearance was reminiscent of Miss Bates, though she fell short compared to Athena’s allure, Gideon observed.

“You’ve been mentioning Athena quite often lately. Are you taken with her?” Gideon inquired, his eyes widening slightly. He gazed at Byron with a mixture of curiosity and caution.

Byron’s response was cold and succinct, “Be cautious.”

Gideon raised his hands defensively and chuckled, “Alright, alright.”

Byron had exhibited such tendencies since childhood. Once he grew tired of his possessions, he would rather destroy them than share. This attitude extended to his relationships with women.

“Byron!” Ruby’s panicked voice interrupted their conversation as she rushed to him.

Byron’s expression revealed a hint of disdain as he regarded Ruby.

Breathlessly, Ruby exclaimed, “I spotted Athena! She’s here!”

Byron’s furrowed brows betrayed his surprise, “What’s she doing here?”

Turning their attention towards Athena, they couldn’t help but notice her standing out amidst the crowd.

Just as Byron’s gaze settled on her, a portly middle-aged man crossed her path, attempting to hand her a business card. Engaging in animated conversation, Athena responded with a subtle smile gracing her features.

Byron’s eyes narrowed, struggling to contain his rising anger.

Observing his reaction, Ruby put on an exaggerated anxious demeanor and continued, “Byron, Mr. Hale, I just heard…”

“Athena is only here to seek out wealthy men,” Ruby asserted, stomping her foot and adopting a childlike tone. “Byron, even if you two have parted ways, you’ve supported her financially for years. She should show more respect and not embarrass you like this.”

Byron, who had already moved on to a new relationship, retorted, “Athena is entitled to seek a new partner as well.”

Gideon interjected, “I can’t help but feel sympathy for Byron.”

Byron dismissed Ruby curtly, advising her to enjoy the party.

Ruby left, stealing another glance at Athena. To Ruby’s eyes, Athena appeared somewhat ordinary compared to the company’s attendees. Ruby had seen Athena’s old photos, depicting a woman who seldom wore heavy makeup and dressed casually.

Tonight, however, was different. Athena exuded elegance and charm, her attire accentuating her alluring figure. It was as if she had transformed entirely.

Ruby inwardly acknowledged that her own delicate appearance couldn’t compete with Athena’s striking beauty and alluring form. Luckily, Byron wasn’t drawn to heavily made-up women.

Redirecting her thoughts, Ruby hatched an idea and left for the lower level of the venue.

As Ruby departed, Gideon and Byron observed Athena accepting a business card from the middle-aged man and discreetly stowing it in her handbag. The man departed with a satisfied expression.

Byron was a bit distant from Athena, preventing him from seeing the sigh of relief she exhaled. Scanning the room, Athena finally spotted her intended target for the night.

Gideon shifted his attention to Byron and commented, “You’ve been keeping this hidden beauty all to yourself for years.”

Athena possessed attractiveness, yet Gideon had previously considered her somewhat unremarkable. She often seemed like an obedient automaton, carrying out Byron’s orders without protest, regardless of their reasonableness.

Gideon recalled a specific incident from Freya’s winter birthday when Byron suddenly desired a cake from a now-defunct bakery. Athena managed to procure the cake Byron desired and delivered it to his residence at three in the morning, despite the bakery’s closure.

Upon arrival, Byron rejected the cake, deeming it unattractive and disposing of it. Gideon happened to be present that day, observing Athena’s soaked hair and shivering form due to the cold weather.

Byron’s behavior struck Gideon as excessively harsh, but Athena’s reaction left a lasting impression. Calm and unflustered, she placed the rejected cake in a trash bag and departed.

This pattern repeated over the ensuing years. Yet, on this particular evening, Athena emerged like a supermodel, imbued with a newfound allure. Gideon sensed that intriguing developments were on the horizon.

Byron’s thoughts on his former lover remained distant and cold. “She’s demeaning herself,” he remarked, his tone holding a mixture of detachment and regret.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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