My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 46

However, Athena, you can’t entrust them with the core work of the project. You should send someone here to take over as soon as possible,” Athena suggested.

“And, Mr. Hale, I recommend that you verify all of Carlos’ confessions and preserve the evidence. If anyone causes more trouble in the future, you can simply call the police and have them arrested.”

Athena never explicitly mentioned absolving these individuals of their past wrongdoings. Her plan was clear: as long as they behaved and refrained from actions detrimental to the company’s interests, the threat of legal consequences would hang over them but not be executed.

“Okay,” Gideon agreed.

With a nod, he then asked with a smile, “Are you heading to the canteen for lunch now?”

Athena was momentarily puzzled. They were just planning to have a meal together at the canteen—why was he so cheerful about it?

Was Gideon merely pretending to be innocent in front of her?

Athena affirmed that she was indeed going to the canteen and picked up her laptop bag to leave. But before she could take two steps, Gideon stepped up and took the bag from behind her.

“Miss Newton, considering you only have one hand available at the moment, I’ll take that for you,” Gideon offered.

Athena shot him a look. Since he was willing to carry her bag, she didn’t mind. The clock was ticking towards noon, and the sun in Salin City was growing more intense. As sunlight pierced through the thick clouds, it bathed the ground in warmth. Walking under the sun, Athena felt the heat and her mood improve significantly.

While the two made their way out, a slender figure carefully slipped out from the back of the conference room through a narrow passage. It was the individual who had earlier pretended to be a villager and had played a role in stirring up trouble.

He spat and muttered under his breath, “Scheming bitch.”

Looking around, he took out his phone and dialed a number while heading towards the back door.

“Hey! It’s me! Is Arlan safe now? Good. Carlos has been arrested—tricked by that beautiful bitch. She’s the one who exposed Arlan’s scandals as well.”

The canteen environment at the construction site, while perhaps better than elsewhere, was not exactly lavish. Athena arrived a bit later and found it still bustling with people.

As she entered, her striking appearance attracted considerable attention.

“Is she someone’s family member? She’s stunning. Her skin looks so flawless!”

“Not just her skin—her body is incredible! So curvaceous and sexy!”

“This woman has it all!”

“I’d give up a night with any other woman just to have a chance with her!”

“Wait, hold on! She’s the president’s secretary? Carlos got arrested because of her?”

“A secretary? Aren’t secretaries in TV shows always for the president?”

Athena felt the malicious gazes upon her and, planning to assess the quality of the food, picked up her utensils. However, the comments around her left her feeling repulsed.

Setting her utensils down, she lost her appetite.

Gideon, sitting nearby, noticed her change in demeanor.

“Mr. Hale…” Athena began.

“Miss Newton, thank you for this time! Without your wisdom in uncovering Carlos’ actions, I might have messed things up myself and failed to report back to Mr. Crawford!”

Athena was taken aback by Gideon’s loud statement, which was audible to a significant portion of the canteen’s occupants.

“When I return to Girard City, I’ll definitely treat you to a big meal. Thank you very much!” Gideon exclaimed, making his gratitude known to all present.

Athena snapped out of her daze and responded with a lowered gaze and a smile.

Gideon’s behavior might have been a bit juvenile, but it was also quite endearing.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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