My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 4

Her True Colors

Athena raised her gaze and locked eyes with Ruby. She couldn’t help but notice that Ruby resembled Freya, even more than herself.

“Thank you, Athena. I’ll put in my best effort to learn quickly!” Ruby’s voice dripped with sweetness.

“You’re welcome,” she replied politely, as she always did. Byron couldn’t detect any signs of displeasure or jealousy from her. “I will,” Athena nodded in agreement.

“She doesn’t care because she’s not jealous…” These words echoed in Byron’s mind, irritating him. “I need coffee,” he grumbled, storming into his office.

Later, in the break room, Ruby and Athena were finally alone…

“Miss Holland, Mr. Crawford is quite particular about his coffee’s taste, so-”

“Athena, I suggest you avoid being around Byron in the future. Whenever he sees you, it puts him in a bad mood. He is my man now, and I don’t want him to be unhappy,” Ruby interrupted, crossing her arms and staring at Athena with arrogance, as if she were Byron’s girlfriend, not his secretary.

“Miss Holland, if you want me to leave quickly, you might want to stop talking and focus on learning,” Athena calmly responded, grinding the coffee beans.

Ruby had said those words to provoke Athena, hoping to trigger her anger and make Byron hate her even more. But Athena didn’t take her words to heart at all. Ruby gnashed her teeth in frustration.

The truth was, Ruby was sent to Byron’s side several months ago. Athena blocked Ruby’s path, capturing his attention first. She believed Athena must have used some underhanded tactics to gain his favor, even though Ruby resembled his love Freya more.

So far, Byron hadn’t shown any interest in Ruby whatsoever. Aside from occasionally zoning out while staring at her, he rarely smiled. She glared at Athena with resentment.

“On the desk in the secretary’s room, there are two sets of notes,” Athena plainly explained. “One is Byron’s secretary handbook, and the other is his lover’s handbook, which contains all his preferences.”

“What do you mean?” Suspicion was evident in her voice. She couldn’t believe Athena was being so helpful.

“I’m just handing over my work. What do you think I mean?” Athena added with a smile. “Miss Holland, I don’t care about Byron as much as you think. It’s just a job. I’ve always been professional when it comes to work, and I’ll teach you everything I know. But how much you can learn and whether you can please Byron… that’s up to you.”

She still couldn’t fully trust Athena. After a moment, Ruby finally said, “You better do as you say!”

Athena brewed the coffee, pushed it towards Ruby, and flashed a gentle smile. ” Since you’ve been talkin’ so much, I’ll give you a heads up too. I’ll let it go this time. Just go on and do whatever pleases Byron, and steer clear of me. Don’t mess with me, or I can’t promise what might go down.”

Under her piercing gaze, Ruby felt a shiver run down her spine. She never expected Athena to fire back, considering everyone always said she was forgiving and non-confrontational. But right now, she seemed completely different.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Athena, the head of the sales team is looking for you!”

“Coming!” Athena lightly tapped the table and said, “Why are you still standing there? Take the coffee to Mr. Crawford.” With that, Athena left the break room.

‘Athena! As soon as she left, the director of the sales department rushed in.

“No wonder you screwed up so badly. Looks like you’re on the verge of quitting! If we hadn’t scheduled a meeting to go over the plan ahead of time, you would’ve bailed ages ago! I bet you took some cash from our rivals and deliberately sabotaged our agreement so we would lose this partnership!” Eric Lane, the sales department director and leader of the first team, was known for being blunt and hot-tempered. He had been working closely with Athena in the past few days.

“Mr. Lane, can you please calm down? What’s going on?” Athena asked.

“The contract data and the list from Maxwell Electronics were provided by you, right?” Eric replied angrily.

“Yes,” she nodded. “I carefully checked all the data and handed them over to your sales department after making sure there were no issues.”

“Nonsense!” Eric shouted.

This order was crucial for his team. Losing this order meant losing out on significant commissions, and the company’s resource priority for the next quarter would be given to other teams!

“Take a look at your massive screw-up! This order is worth billions. Do you even have a clue about the blood, sweat, and tears our team’s poured into this?” Eric slammed a stack of documents onto the table in front of her.

She picked them up and examined them closely. The problematic sections were marked with a red pen. There were a total of six errors, all of which were difficult to spot, and two of them involved numbers. This wasn’t right… “This isn’t the one I gave you,” Athena stated firmly.

“So what, you’re saying our sales department created this to set you up, at the cost of giving up our big commission?” Eric slammed his hand on the desk.

“What’s all the commotion about?” Byron emerged from his office at that moment.

“Mr. Crawford!” Eric rushed over and angrily explained the situation to him.

Beside Byron, Ruby put on a surprised expression. She gave Athena a quick glance and said, “Mr. Lane, it seems like Athena’s got some family stuff going on lately. Maybe that’s why she’s not herself and messed up. You should go easy on her. You’ll get another order. It’s not worth getting yourself worked up!”

Athena stared at her angrily. It seemed like Ruby wasn’t taking her warning seriously…

“Miss Holland, I didn’t mess anything up. Are you accusing me without any proof?” she asked sternly.

“Athena, you’ve got me all wrong! I’m just trying to lend you a hand… Byron, I’m just trying to clear things up for Athena! She’s being so rude!”

He looked at Athena with narrowed eyes, and thought to himself. Athena had finally shown her true colors.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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