My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 30

Irresistible Lure

Athena’s lips curved into a smile.

“Mr. Crawford, when have you ever taken an interest in my culinary preferences?” she inquired.

Byron’s expression began to twist with displeasure.

“Mr. Crawford, I’ve been by your side for five years. Do you even know my food likes and dislikes?” Athena stated.

For a moment, Byron was speechless, finally saying, “You can tell me now.”

“Is that truly necessary?” Athena retorted.

Interrupting their conversation, Athena’s cellphone suddenly chimed.

The caller was Gideon.

“Mr. Hale,” Athena’s voice adopted a distant, chilly tone, “I dozed off in the afternoon and unintentionally activated airplane mode on my phone. Are you still there?”

“Why does your voice sound hoarse?” Gideon countered with a question.

“Perhaps I caught a cold,” Athena responded, “Should we meet prior to tomorrow’s meeting?”

Gideon proposed, “How about we have dinner together? We can discuss matters over a meal.”

Before Athena could reply, Byron seized the phone from her hand, instructing, “Choose a restaurant and send the address to my phone.”

Gideon’s surprise was palpable.

“Who are you?” he inquired.

“That’s of no concern,” Byron curtly dismissed before ending the call.

Unwilling to argue with Byron, Athena headed to her wardrobe to change attire.

Byron trailed after her, questioning, “What are you up to?”

“Changing clothes,” Athena responded. Her closet housed matching outfits, and she began reaching for one.

From behind, Byron extended his hand, deftly removing her clothes.

Taking her uninjured hand, he guided her aside.

“What are you doing?” Athena questioned.

“I’ll help you change,” Byron’s tone was casual.

“No need!” Athena firmly declined.

“Of course there’s a need,” Byron asserted, looking at her, “When I had a broken arm, how did you assist me?”

“That was my duty, and you compensated me for it,” Athena argued.

“You can compensate me now,” Byron unabashedly remarked.

“Byron, please don’t do this!” Athena pleaded.

“You’re the one not doing it,” Byron wrapped his arms around Athena’s waist, drawing her close, “You know how impatient I am. You don’t heed me when I’m kind. Should I try a different approach?” Byron’s gaze flicked towards the bed behind him.

Athena’s anxiety surged.

She comprehended Byron’s intention.

Without hesitation, she clenched her teeth and allowed Byron to assist her in changing.

Byron was awkward in his attempts.

What Athena could accomplish in a few minutes took him over ten.

“It’s alright,” he declared, retracting his hands from Athena.

Placing his hand on her waist, he leaned in and placed a kiss on her elegant collarbone and the fading mark on her neck.

“You still need a scarf,” he suggested.

“No, I don’t,” Athena pushed him away.

Byron had a penchant for leaving marks on her skin.

Thus, the concealer Athena employed came in handy.

After a while, the blemish on her neck vanished.

Annoyed, Byron picked up the concealer and commented, “Why does such a thing exist?”

“Without it, I would have had to wear a scarf even in the summer for the past five years,” Athena revealed.

She collected her laptop bag and walked towards the door, with Byron trailing her steps.

He cautiously swung open the door, wary that Gabe might still be lingering outside.

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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