My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 18


A while later, Athena got into the car.

The car belonged to Byron, and it was Liam who drove it.

Along the way, Liam expressed everyone’s concern for her and anger at Dylan’s behavior.

Twenty minutes later, the car arrived downstairs at Athena’s apartment.

Liam got out of the car and wanted to hold an umbrella for Athena.

Athena took the umbrella with a smile. “My right hand is fine.”

Liam looked at Athena, feeling distressed. “Mr. Crawford said you can rest for a few days.”

“No. I want to hand over the work quickly.” Athena shook her head.

Liam was a little helpless.

Athena nodded to indicate that she was about to leave.

“Miss Newton!” Liam called to stop her.

Athena turned her head. “Is there anything else?”

“Mr. Crawford is actually worried about you.” After Liam said this, as if he was afraid that Athena would not believe it, he added, “Really!”

Of course, Athena believed it.

Even if Byron had kept a pet by his side for five years, he would still be some feelings.

Moreover, Athena was also the substitute for Byron’s most beloved girl. And Athena was so obedient.

But so what?

It did not make any sense.

Liam watched Athena go upstairs.

Then he made a phone call and went out.

“Well, she went home safely.

“Miss Newton said she would not take a break and wanted to hand over quickly…

“Anything else? She didn’t say anything else.”

Liam was trembling. Even through the phone, he could feel Byron’s anger.

Athena returned home.

She was so tired that she fell on the bed and didn’t want to move.

She wanted to sleep deeply, but her left hand hurt endlessly.

Thinking about it, Athena was furious again.

It was all because of Byron’s sudden appearance.

Otherwise, she would have to pick up a piece of glass and stab Dylan’s face!

The following day, Athena put on her clothes carefully.

Liam called her.

“Miss Newton, Mr. Crawford is on a seven-day business trip with Miss Holland. You don’t need to come to the company for now!”

Athena was speechless.

It was hard for her not to think that this was Byron’s intention.

Then she did not go to work!

She happened to have time to move!

Athena had two houses, both large flats in prime locations, sent by Byron.

He also bought a villa in Greeli City.

Athena didn’t plan to live in these houses and would sell them all after finishing her work.

The house she was living in now should be an asset to Byron.

In the beginning, when she came to him, he arranged for her to live here.

Five years passed quickly.

Athena’s hand was injured so that she couldn’t pack her luggage.

She called a storage team in advance, explained her situation, and made an appointment with them to come to clean up the day after tomorrow.

As for where to move…

“My small three-bedroom apartment was left to me by my father, and I’ve long wanted to move back!” Evie muttered on the phone.

“Didn’t you say your stepfather’s family treated you well?”

Athena asked.

“But he’s not my natural father anyway!” Evie didn’t seem to want to talk about this. “Anyway, you move there first. And when I convince my mother, I will move over and live with you right away!”

“Okay, Evie. I’ll pay the rent according to the market price…”

“Come on. Athena, I’m not short of your money. Forget it!”

Evie hung up the phone.

Athena looked around and let out a soft breath.

She was rare to relax.

Athena was going to watch a movie.

But just as she sat down, her phone rang again.

It was the site manager for that infrastructure project.

“Miss Newton, some conflicts between our side and the local

residents involve some compensation issues. I want to consult the company again.”

Athena frowned. “Aren’t the land, house occupation, and other humanitarian compensation clearly listed in the proposal?”

“It is clear in the proposal, but there are still many irreconcilable variables in the local area!” The person in charge said solemnly.

“The price has been raised?” Athena asked.

“It’s about the same. Halfway through the project’s second phase, some villagers said we touched the graves of their ancestors…”

“How much did they want?”

“Currently, they don’t want money. They want us to change the location. The project’s second phase will be half completed, and the money had spent a lot. How can we change it?”

“They don’t want the money because they are unsatisfied with the amount you said.”

These people couldn’t find out that their ancestral graves were there when the project’s second phase was halfway through.

Therefore, it was clear that they wanted money in advance.

“I will report to the company. And you keep negotiating with the villagers.”


Athena hung up the phone.

She brought the computer and opened the project-related files.

On the planned land of the second phase project, there were no trees or houses, and it was an extensive grassland.

She had never heard of any tomb within the range.

She faintly sensed that something was wrong.

Later, she compiled the feedback from the person in charge. into an instruction manual and sent it to the person who handed it over to her.

The one who called her this time was an unknown number belonging to Hutchin City.

She answered it.

The voice from the phone made Athena subconsciously frown.

“Miss Newton…”

“Mr. Hale, what’s the matter?” Athena asked coldly.

“Miss Newton, I just said the wrong thing that day. Are you still

angry with me?” Gideon said helplessly.

“If you have nothing to say, I’ll hang up.”

“Aren’t you talking to me about the infrastructure project in Salin City?” Gideon said hastily.

Athena frowned. “You’re in charge of this?”

“I’m the general manager of Imbe Group’s project department, anyway. Is it surprising?”

Athena didn’t answer this.

“I’ve written all the general questions in the instructions,”

Athena said.

“Have you been there since the project started?” Gideon asked.

“I’ve been there twice,” Athena replied.

“Projects in the distance are not supervised, and things are bound to go wrong,” Gideon said, “Miss Newton, maybe you need to go to Salin City with me to talk to the human.

resources supervisor there.”

Athena frowned.

Gideon also felt that it was not so simple behind the villagers’ unrest.


“I still have some things to deal with in Dunlop City. Next Thursday?”

“Mr. Hale, today is Wednesday,” Athena said speechlessly, “Forget it. I’ll go first when I finish my work.”

“That’s fine.” Gideon agreed With nothing else to say, Athena hung up the phone.

Athena packed her luggage in the next two days and moved in one go.

That night, Athena cashed Evie a big meal.

When they met, Evie finally knew that Athena was injured.

She was anxious.

Athena told her the cause and effect.

Evie wanted to go to the kitchen, borrow a knife from the chef, and kill Dylan, that bastard!

“Athena, this is considered a work-related injury! Your boss has to pay!”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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