My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 17

Your Self-Esteem Is Nothing More Than That

Because of blood loss, Athena had to be dripped after the wound was stitched up.

She agreed only after confirming that the injected liquid would not affect the baby.

Autumn and winter were coming, and there were many people got cold.

At the moment, the infusion hall was overcrowded.

Athena found a corner and huddled. Exhausted and bleeding made her drowsy.

Just when she was about to fall asleep, Esme, who had been away for a long time, returned in a hurry.

Esme bought a can of chicken soup.

“Athena, it’s still warm. Take some!”

Athena was a little dumbfounded.

“I’m fine. Go back to work.”

“I don’t work. You helped me get back Maxwell Electronics’ project. And the commission is enough for me to spend!” Esme was silent for a while. “I wronged you before. I’m sorry.” Athena shook her head and said nothing..

It was impossible for Athena to say, “It doesn’t matter.”

Esme also knew about it.

An apology was necessary, but forgiveness was not.

Esme was finally called away by the phone call from work.

There were problems on the site of one of her previous projects, and she had to go over and fix them.

Before leaving, Esme worriedly added Athena’s WhatsApp.

There were many unread messages.

Athena felt her eyes painful. She glanced at them roughly and put the phone aside.

When she was drowsy, she felt like someone had approached her.

She was too tired and tried several times but couldn’t stay awake.

After a while, something warm covered her body, and the familiar smell enveloped her.

Athena couldn’t tell whose smell belonged to for a moment.

But she felt relieved and fell into a deep sleep.

Byron sat opposite Athena.

With deep eyes, he looked at her, who was frowning even when she was asleep.

After picking up Heather at the airport today, he had planned to take Heather to Crawford Manor to meet the Crawford family.

But Byron had taken Heather to the company somehow And he heard that the economic investigation policemen went to the sales department, so he took Heather to the sales department.

He initially thought that he could see Athena, who had broken the defense.

He never expected that what he saw was Athena with blood.


Byron called the nurse, The nurse saw a handsome man with long legs, and her emotions were visibly good.

“Please do it lightly. She is afraid of pain.”

Byron saw that the nurse’s movements were a little fidgety.

and reminded her with a frown.

The nurse was taken aback.

She laughed. “A person who treats and sews wounds without anesthetic would be afraid of pain?”

“What did you say?” Byron seemed not to understand.

“She… She herself said not to use anesthesia…” The nurse was a little frightened by Byron’s aura Not to use anesthesia?


Byron’s heart was pulled violently by his mood.

Athena was afraid of pain!

At this moment, Athena’s cell phone rang.

Seeing this, the nurse hurried away.

Athena was still in a daze and picked up her phone without looking at the front at all.

It was Evie.

Athena answered it. Her voice was softer than usual because she didn’t wake up, and she spoke coquettishly, “Baby, are you awake?”

Byron stood there in shock.


Who was she calling baby?

Athena’s friend circle was simple. Simply speaking, it was centered on Byron only.

Now who was this baby?


Evie said on the phone that she had a hangover and a

headache and would never drink again.

Athena smiled dotingly.

She looked up, and her smile froze.

“I have something to do here. Let’s talk about it later.”

Athena immediately hung up the phone.

“Why? Why are you hanging up?” Byron asked coldly.

“Mr. Crawford, why are you here?” Athena’s face changed, and she asked calmly with her pale face.

The shards of glass also left a light bloodstain on her cheek.

Byron just looked at her weak and pitiful appearance. The distressed emotion he had held before had gone.

“Heather is worried about you, so she let me take a look.” He said indifferently and coldly.

Athena’s fingertips trembled slightly.

Sure enough…

Heather was kind and beautiful.

Then Athena lowered her eyes and nodded. “Mr. Crawford,

as you can see, I’m fine. You can go back and turn in your assignment.”

Byron’s face turned gloomy quickly.

He got up.

“Athena, you are so ungrateful.”

Finishing this sentence, he turned to leave.

Then he thought of something, stopped, and looked down at Athena.

“It’s not Baxter who called you just now, is it?”

Athena was startled suddenly.

Baxter Reed?

She hadn’t heard this name in years…

“It’s none of your business.” Athena replied dissatisfiedly, “Mr. Crawford, I’m no longer your sugar baby. What I do is my own business. Please respect others!”

Byron held his forehead and smiled.

“Athena, even Ruby and Heather can’t make you feel different,

so it must be Baxter, right?” Byron stared at Athena as if he wanted to kill her with his eyes.

Athena gritted her teeth.

She should have explained.

Baxter was just a senior who had a crush on her back then.

When she was about to accept Baxter, there was something about Romy, and the debts happened.

Probably at the beginning, because Baxter had found her and something embarrassing had happened between them, Byron had an impression of Baxter.

Since Byron still cared about Baxter so much, she let him think whatever he wanted.

Athena did not speak.

Byron seemed to have found the answer.

His smile became even more sarcastic.

“You hold your pride before me like you won’t trade it for anything. Have you forgotten how Baxter humiliated you in front of me?”

Athena still didn’t speak.

But she thought of the appearance of that elegant senior being hysterically angry.

“Athena, I misunderstood you! You really sold your body and soul for money. How could you be such a person? Vile and shameless! You make me feel sick!” Byron hated her silent appearance.

He would instead she fought back fiercely rather than ignore him.

“Athena, your self-esteem is nothing more than that.”

Byron turned around and left without looking back.

Athena reacted for a while, then looked at the coat on her, which was about to fall to the ground.

She looked blankly in the direction where Byron left and murmured, “Your coat… You forgot it…”

It was almost eleven o’clock when Athena left the hospital.

She did not know when a light rain began to fall outside.

Athena stood at the door and wanted to stop a taxi.

Because there was a bar street nearby, it was not easy to take a taxi at this time.

Athena waited for a few minutes, but no taxi.

Just as she was about to walk to the side of the road to see if she could stop a taxi, a black Maybach slowly stopped beside her.

Athena thought it was here to pick up someone else.

And she gave way to the side.

At this moment, the passenger window fell.

“Miss Newton!”

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After the Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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