I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

Status: Ongoing

Type: Love, Fantasy, Humor, Breakup, Marriage, Romance

Author: Seafarer’s Strike

Chapters: 250

Released: 08-08-2023

Native Language: English

Posted by: studyfirm

Synopsis – I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Eric Johnson married a beautiful female CEO to cover his father’s $15,000 surgical bill. David, I-I want to talk to you about raising my salary. Eric Johnson stood nervously in the general manager’s office.

David Westman, playing games on his gaming computer, looked up. David leaned back into his big, sturdy office chair, looking at Eric with a smirk. Oh, Eric, why did you suddenly bring this up? Eric bit his lips and clenched his fists. David, I’ve been with the company for almost eight years, starting as an intern right after I graduated.

My peers, who joined the company simultaneously, have become part of the management team while I’m still stuck in a technical position. You are fully aware of my current situation. My mother just had surgery and requires chemotherapy every week.

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