I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike – Chapter – 19

Chapter 19

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

by Seafarer’s Strike

“Alright! You have my full support and encouragement!” said Andy.

He didn’t have to go against David since he was still an employee in his company. He was enjoying taking advantage of the company’s benefits and slacking off at work.

Jasmine was in David’s office, so Eric smiled as he saw her in there. David also smiled as he realized Eric had shown up. He was grinning from ear to ear as if Eric was a Christmas present.

After Sylvia had beaten up the group of thugs yesterday, they returned to David to report what had happened.

“You’re here. Take a seat!” David said with a smile.

Eric shook his head, tossed the envelope in his hands on David’s desk, and said straightforwardly,” David, can we end our animosity and never disturb each other anymore?”

David was stunned. He looked into the envelope, and his eyes narrowed.

“Eric, what is this? I don’t get it…”

Eric said, “David, stop acting. It wouldn’t be too much for me to hand this to your wife after you sent a group of people to block me at the hospital, right?”

David slammed the desk and glared at Eric. “Are you threatening me!?”

Based on David’s reaction, Eric knew he had hit the jackpot.

David scowled. “How dare you threaten me. Do you really think I’m afraid of my wife? What a joke!”

Eric’s heart sank.

He was no match for David in reading people’s intentions since he had been working in the technical aspects under David all these years. He was too green to fight against a sly old fox like David.

David leaned back into his chair and smiled at Eric. He took out two medical reports from his drawer and threw them in front of Eric.

“This is the hospital’s assessment. According to the report, the two punches you inflicted on me

have resulted in severe injuries. This is a criminal offense. I’d like to see how you are going to resolve this!”

David knew Eric was just an ordinary person with no background, so he used it to his advantage.

Eric clenched his fists tightly. He never expected he had fallen into David’s trap.

David sneered. “Eric, I heard that you are married and that your wife is a beauty. I won’t take this

matter to court if you let me mess with her!”

Eric’s anger surged within him as he heard David’s words. He suppressed his rage and gestured for David to come closer, saying, “I want to talk to you. Come here!”

David approached with a smile on his face. He was excited at the thought of messing with Eric’s wife after stealing his girlfriend.

“Go to hell, David!” snarled Eric.

Eric was burning with rage. He punched David fiercely several times and left immediately.

David was bleeding from the nose and suffered a cut to his mouth. When he got up to his feet, Eric had already fled.

“Son of a b*tch! I’ll kill you!” David barked as he wiped the blood off of his nose.

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike

Status: Ongoing

Author: Seafarer’s Strike

Native Language: English

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