I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike – Chapter – 16

Chapter 16

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

by Seafarer’s Strike

Brook was prepared to continue monitoring Eric secretly when he ran into a member of the Sonnex family. The Williams and Sonnex might be competitors in Salt City, but they got along together quite well.
“Uncle Irvin,” Brook greeted the middle-aged man politely.

“Brook?” Irvin Sonnex was delighted to see Brook. “You’re here to visit Grandpa Josh again, aren’t you? Come, let’s have a sip of wine in his room.”

Brook had no choice but to reluctantly agree.

Josh Sonnex was in the private ward as well.

“Uncle Irvin, you’re here alone?” Brook asked as he realized Irvin was there on his own.

After Irvin helped Josh to lie down on the bed, he poured a glass of wine for Brook and said, “Grandpa Josh is asleep most of the time, so there’s no point keeping the rest of the family here waiting.”

Brook wore an awkward smile. Irvin seemed to be unaware of Brook’s implied meaning, or perhaps he was pretending to be clueless. Everyone in the Sonnex family knew Brook was pursuing Misty, Irvin’s daughter.

“Uncle Irvin, I should make a move now.” Brook never felt comfortable sitting next to Irivn by himself.

“Alright, thank you for visiting,” said Irvin.

Shortly after Brook left, Dr. Gray entered Josh’s private ward.

Dr. Gray apologized. “Mr. Irvin, I’m really sorry about it!”

Irivin looked at Dr. Gray with a dark expression. “Did you find out exactly what happened?”

“The ambulance was carrying a critical patient and didn’t notice Mr. Josh crossing the road. Thank God nothing bad happened!”

Irvin’s expression softened slightly upon hearing his words.

“A passerby told me a young man saved my father,” said Irvin.

“What a coincidence! I happen to know the young man who saved Mr. Josh!” replied Dr. Gray. He was so thankful to Eric.

“Where is he?” asked Irvin.

Meanwhile, Sylvia had arrived at the hospital. She was still stunning even though she was just wearing a pair of jeans, a plain top, and a pair of sneakers.

Jasmine was still waiting outside the private ward when she got there. She would never give up easily since the stakes were high.

‘Why is Sylvia at the hospital? Is she here to teach Eric a lesson?’ thought Brook. He felt a lump in his throat, seeing how fierce and determined she was.

Naturally, Brook followed Sylvia secretly to see how she would deal with Eric.

Jasmine was dreaming about her Porsche when a whiff of fragrance snapped her back to her senses. She staggered backward when she saw Sylvia.

Sylvia asked, “Eric has broken up with you, and you are with that scoundrel. So, why are you still clinging on to Eric like a cheap and dirty rag?”

Jasmine composed herself, crossed her arms, and looked at Sylvia disdainfully. “Mind your own business, b*tch!”

Sylvia slapped Jasmine across the cheek again. “Mind your tongue!”

Eric came out upon hearing the commotion outside the ward. Jasmine was about to retaliate, so he stood in front of Sylvia and stared coldly at Jasmine. “Enough is enough!”

Eric was furious. Jasmine’s relentless pursuit was driving him crazy, but he could never bring himself to hit a woman.

Jasmine pointed at Sylvia and said with jealousy. “Who is she?”

‘Did Eric’s sudden change of attitude have to do with her,’ she wondered.

“I’m Eric’s wife, Sylvia!” Sylvia took a step forward and said, “Don’t even think of laying a finger on my man!”

Eric was shocked at how domineering Sylvia was.

Jasmine was in shock as well. She did not expect the elegant woman standing in front of her to be Eric’s wife. Her insecurities crept up as she realized Eric had married a woman much more beautiful than her.

Brook was shocked to see how protective Sylvia was.

“Eric must be perfect. Otherwise, why would Sylvia be so protective of him?” mumbled Brook.

He was impressed that Eric was not torn into pieces in the presence of his wife and ex-girlfriend.

Dejected, Jasmine left the hospital in an instant.

Sylvia glanced at Eric and said before leaving the scene, “I don’t want to see her show up for the third time.”

Eric scratched his head, as it was not within his control. Before he could ask Sylvia about her ankles, Sylvia had vanished out of sight.

Meanwhile, Jasmine had returned to Westman Technology and recounted everything to David.

David’s face displayed a smug expression as he spoke. “There’s nothing to fear. He’s just a white-collar worker.”

He felt ridiculous at how afraid he had been for the past few days and would become a laughing stock if his friends learned about it. He looked at Jasmine and said, “What does his wife look like?”

“Babe!” Jasmine leaned on David and coquettishly said, “Are you having dirty ideas again?”

David burst out into laughter. “Wouldn’t it be more delightful to steal his wife after messing with his girlfriend? He’d hate me to the bones!”

David’s anger intensified upon discovering that Eric lacked the backing of a powerful individual. ‘An eye for an eye!’ David was persistent in getting his revenge on Eric.

In Mr. Johnson’s private ward.

Irvin narrowed his eyes and said, “Are you sure you don’t want anything? You do know I, Irvin Sonnex, am a prominent figure in Salt City and can grant whatever you wish for?”

Eric shook his head. “Mr. Irvin, I just happened to be there and saved your father. It’s nothing.”

Irvin nodded and put his name card on the table as he rose to his feet. “Call this number if you’re facing any difficulties in Salt City.”

Eric could not believe his luck. For the past few days, not only had he managed to settle his father’s surgical bill, but the old man he saved earlier turned out to be Josh Sonnex from Sonnex Corp.

Unbeknownst to Sylvia and Brook, Eric had become acquainted with the Sonnex family through a twist of fate while they were sitting in Sylvia’s business minivan.

Brook smiled sheepishly. “Sylvia, Sylvester sent me. We’re just worried about you.”

Brook placed the blame on Sylvester.

Sylvia rubbed her forehead and said, “Sylvester should know better than to interfere. Go back and tell him I can handle my affairs.”

Brook was kicked out of the minivan after receiving a stern warning from Sylvia.

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike

Status: Ongoing

Author: Seafarer’s Strike

Native Language: English

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