I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike – Chapter – 1

Chapter 1

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

by Seafarer’s Strike

“David, I-I want to talk to you about raising my salary.”
Eric Johnson stood nervously in the general manager’s office.

David Westman, playing games on his gaming computer, looked up.

David leaned back into his big, sturdy office chair, looking at Eric with a smirk. “Oh, Eric, why did you suddenly bring this up?”

Eric bit his lips and clenched his fists. “David, I’ve been with the company for almost eight years, starting as an intern right after I graduated. My peers, who joined the company simultaneously, have become part of the management team while I’m still stuck in a technical position. You are fully aware of my current situation. My mother just had surgery and requires chemotherapy. Every week—”

David raised his hand and interjected, “Eric, let’s not bring in personal issues when discussing work here.”

Eric lowered his head upon hearing David’s words. His cheeks turned red.

He had been working diligently in this tech company for eight years since graduation. His technical skills and experience were top-notch within the industry.

Despite having a girlfriend and approaching his 30s, they were still not married because he could not afford a car and a house.

With a meager monthly salary of $1,200, owning a car and a house in Salt City was impossible. As such, he was forced to ask for a raise.

It was time for Eric to start a family. Moreover, his family was struggling financially because of the hefty medical costs, and Eric’s father, Blake Johnson, had to work three jobs just to make ends meet. After all, money makes the world go around.

The corner of David’s mouth curled into a smile, seeing that Eric remained silent. Then he brought out a set of documents and tossed them on the desk.

“Eric, this is the layoff list for this month. Unfortunately, you’re first in line. Take a good look at the papers and sign them if there aren’t any issues. The company will compensate you accordingly.”

“W-What?” Eric was utterly shocked. He felt his world was about to collapse. “David, why me?”

David smiled and said, “Simply because somebody is willing to take your place for less than $1,000.”

“T-That’s impossible!” Eric looked up. “How is it possible to survive in Salt City with less than $1,000?”

Salt City might not be a metropolis like Great City or Magic City, but it was still a capital city. It was impossible for someone to lower their salary to that extent.

“I’m telling the truth.” David was running out of patience. “Sign the papers and beat it, or take a $150 pay cut and stay. The choice is yours.”

Eric felt a hard stab in his heart as he stared intently at David.

“I-I’ll take the pay cut…” said Eric.

David stood up with a big smile and patted Eric on the shoulder.

“Attaboy! Eric, please don’t blame me. Times are tough for everyone. Your family needs money, and I’m already very understanding about letting you take a $150 pay cut. Keep up the good work. The company will not mistreat any of its employees! You are staying. You have my word for it.” David smiled and tore the layoff list in half.

Eric heaved a sigh of relief, looking at the torn papers on the office floor. He had completely forgotten why he had come today.

“Alright. You may head over to the Human Resources department and report that you are willing to take a pay cut.”

David took a few tissues, indicating he was going to the restroom.

David suddenly remembered something on his way out and cursed, “Eric, I remember you are a computer expert, aren’t you? Please scan my computer for viruses and take care of it. I spent $75,000 on this gaming computer, and it lagged while I was playing poker. D*mn those unscrupulous gaming merchants!”

Eric was left standing alone, lost in his thoughts. He fully regretted coming to ask for a raise.

Like a soulless body, Eric sat helplessly in front of David’s desk and stared blankly at the $75,000 gaming computer.

The gaming computer was worth half a house in Salt City, and David often boasted about it.

Alas, that idiot who knew nothing about computers often browsed questionable websites. As such, even a supercomputer would get infected with viruses.

It was sad that some people would spend a fortune on computers to show off while others struggled to make ends meet. Unfortunately, that was the reality of the world they lived in.

Eric sighed heavily as he scanned the computer for viruses. At the same time, he was thinking about how to deal with his girlfriend.

She would be dismayed to find out that Eric had been forced to take a pay cut instead of getting a raise.

They were classmates in college and had been in a relationship for a decade.

Eric’s girlfriend had issued an ultimatum a few days ago that it would be over for them if they did not get married soon.

The troubled Eric was not in the mood to scan the computer for viruses. He scrolled mindlessly through the computer and accidentally clicked on David’s WhatsApp app.

The WhatsApp notification rang all of a sudden, and Eric was startled to see the profile picture of his girlfriend, Jasmine Pearce, pop up.

Eric was shocked. How did Jasmine get David’s contact number?

Trembling, Eric clicked on the WhatsApp pop-up, and a disturbing photo was revealed before his eyes. He felt like the sky was crumbling down on him.

Jasmine: [Babe, I’ve sent you the sexy photo you wanted. Promise me to buy me that bag tonight!]

The woman in the photo was dressed revealingly and posing seductively.

David: [Despicable woman! I’m bored of seeing these kinds of photos.] David’s reply appeared in the chat box.

Shortly afterward, another photo and a voice message appeared.

Eric’s blood boiled. He could not believe what he had just witnessed and heard.

How could his pure and lovely girlfriend stoop so low in front of David!?

The chatting continued.

David: [Hahaha! B*tch! You look exactly just like your boyfriend, Eric. He was in my office earlier.]

Jasmine: [Babe! Why did you bring him up! I’m breaking up with that loser today so we can get together.”

David: [No way! It feels good to cheat with my employee’s girlfriend and make him work his *ss off for me. Hahaha…]


Eric slammed his fist into the computer screen.

He bit his lips hard as he could not believe the person his girlfriend had become.

Since when did David and Jasmine cross paths?

A train of memories flashed across Eric’s mind, and he remembered bringing Jasmine with him to the company’s dinner half a year ago.

‘So, David and Jasmine must have met during that time!’

Eric wanted to stab the two of them to death so badly after the revelation of their six-month-long infidelity.

His eyes scanned the room, and he saw a sharp knife on the desk. It was the paper knife David used to open his envelopes, the perfect tool to kill.

Eric grabbed the paper knife and stomped out of the room, prepared to get his sweet revenge.

Suddenly, Eric’s phone rang, and he snapped him out of his state of madness.

Eric’s mother was calling from home.

“Mom, what is it? Did something happen?”

“Eric!” Mrs. Johnson cried out in distress. “Your father has been struck by a car while on his way to work! He’s covered in blood, and the driver has fled the scene…”

“What!?” Eric was shocked and nearly fainted on the spot.

“Eric, calm down. A good Samaritan sent your father to the hospital. The doctor said that his surgery costs $15,000. You need to come up with the money quickly or else…”

Eric’s mind went blank at that moment.

He was at his wit’s end as he did not have any savings. The $450 he sent home every month was all he had.

“Eric, you have to think of a solution. I tried asking for help from our relatives, but none of them are willing to fork out money anymore. I’m so useless… I’m just a burden to you and your father…”

Eric’s heart wrenched as his mother cried over the phone.

“Mom, that’s nonsense! I’ll come up with the money. Just make sure Dad gets his surgery fast!”

Eric hung up the phone. He could barely grip the paper knife, and it slipped off his fingers and fell on the desk.

He covered his face in agony and questioned God about his predicament.

“Heavens! Eric, what did you do to my computer!?” David had returned from the restroom. He was furious to see his computer screen shattered.

David grabbed Eric by his collar. “I spent nearly 100 grand on this, and you ruined it?”

Eric instinctively tried to grab the paper knife on the desk as he remembered that his girlfriend was cheating on him with David.

However, he was desperate to save his father, even if he had to put his life on the line.

Thus, Eric lowered his head. “David… I’m sorry about it! I need $15,000 urgently. Could you please lend me the money! Please!”

David was taken aback by Eric’s sudden request to borrow money from him, and he burst into laughter.

“Are you crazy? You just wrecked my computer and want to borrow money from me now? Do you know how much this computer costs? It’s $75,000! That’s worth half a house in Salt City!” David shook Eric vigorously. “You punk! I demand you to compensate me fully or rot in prison for the rest of your life!”

Eric gnashed his teeth and barked, “David Westman!”

David was stunned.

“I know you’ve been messing around with my girlfriend! I won’t hold it against you if you lend me $15,000. Otherwise…”

A hint of madness flashed through Eric’s eyes.

David was shocked upon hearing Eric’s words. He instinctively glanced at his computer screen and realized the WhatsApp conversation between him and Jasmine was on display. David burst out into laughter.

“How dare you threaten me, you punk? Do you think I’m a pushover!?”

David grabbed Eric by the collar and punched him in the cheek.

Eric was caught off guard and fell backward. He instinctively stretched out his hand to grab something to steady his footing and, unfortunately, touched the shattered computer screen. Buzz!

A deafening roar of machinery echoed in his ears, and Eric felt a paralyzing sensation spread throughout his body before losing consciousness.

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike

Status: Ongoing

Author: Seafarer’s Strike

Native Language: English

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