Chapter – 9 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“Hey! Where are your manners? How can you all just cut in line like that?”

A young martial artist who was pushed aside immediately expressed his dissatisfaction.

He had waited in line for a long time. Naturally, he was unhappy to be just cut in line like that.

“Why not?” With a cold smirk, a chubby woman slapped the young martial artist.

She declared, “I can because I’m capable!” Her arrogant and overbearing attitude would make anyone furious.

“You … How dare you slap me?”

The young martial artist was stunned. Then, his anger flared. “You bitch! Take this!”

He raised a fist, ready to attack. But before he could hit the woman, a muscular man quickly stood in front of her. He blocked his attack.

With a loud thud, the forceful punch from the young martial artist landed solidly on the muscular man’s chest.

The muscular man remained completely unfazed. However, the force of that punch sent the young martial artist stumbling back.

His arm hurt from the impact. He felt as if he had punched a piece of darksteel.

“You dared lay a hand on Gianna with those skills? You’re overestimating yourself.” The muscular man crossed his arms and smirked. It appeared like he was looking at an ant.

“I’m going to show you what I’m capable of!”

The young martial artist gritted his teeth and charged forward once more. He delivered a powerful kick to the muscular man’s head.

However, the muscular man simply moved his head slightly before straightening it back.

The young martial artist stumbled back, almost falling to the ground. His anger turned into fear.

He had put all his strength into that kick. Yet he didn’t harm that muscular man at all. Instead, he broke his own leg.

The muscular man has impressive defensive skills

“Hmph! You should have realized the might of my senior, Devon Bradley, by now. You’re humiliating yourself by challenging us!”

The chubby woman, Gianna Richards, lifted her chin arrogantly.

“You… you guys are too much!” The young martial artist said bitterly.

“This is ridiculous! Just because you’re good doesn’t mean you can act entitled. Remember, this is the alliance, not somewhere for you to act like thugs!”

“That’s right! Get out of here, or don’t blame us for being rude!”

The crowd of martial artists raised their voices in protest, their expressions filled with righteous anger.

The group had not only cut in line, but they also got violent. Their behavior was just too much.

“Oh, look! They still dare go against us?”

Gianna looked around and yelled, “You bunch of losers, do you have any idea who we are? Listen carefully. We are the personal disciples of Noel Yancy, one of the four branch masters of Boulderthorn!”

“What? Mr. Yancy’s disciples?” Everyone was shocked.

Boulderthorn was one of the top major sects in Balerno. It had eight guildmasters, four branch masters, and one leader of the branch masters.

The leader of the branch masters seldom showed himself in public. So, the four branch masters largely governed the affairs of Boulderthorn.

Mr. Yancy was skillful and powerful. He was also a respected elder within the alliance. His words held absolute authority within this martial arts alliance branch.

In fact, just one word from him could get them expelled from the alliance. They could even end up with a price on their head.

Anyone who offended Mr. Yancy would never survive in the martial arts scene in Balerno.

So when the furious martial artists found out who Gianna was, they immediately fell silent. They all looked away, not daring to make a sound.

“Hmph! Frightened now, huh? Let me ask one more time, who else dares challenge us?”

Gianna swept a gaze across the crowd. Those who met her eyes quickly averted their gazes and lowered their heads.

After all, Boulderthorn branch master’s personal disciples were not ordinary martial artists. They shouldn’t be messed with.

“Is Boulderthorn that great? You think you can break the rules and attack people just because you’re from Boulderthorn?” The young martial artist didn’t back down.

I’m the Boss

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