Chapter 866

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Nikki was livid and glowered at Julian. She clenched her fists, almost losing her cool.

While Dustin remained indifferent, it was like he was staring at a fool.

“Kid, get lost if you don’t have the money. What are you standing around for? Waiting for someone to donate it to you?” Julian mocked.

“Hmph! You’re humiliating yourself by going up against Mr. Nicholson.”

“It’s embarrassing that you don’t have ten billion!”

The haughty women spoke out, and they looked at Nikki with disdain. It was as if money was just a number to them.

“All of you are too much!” Nikki seethed in anger and turned to Dustin.

She asked him, “Dustin, how much money do you have? Lend it all to me. I will get the Jade Maiden Scripture today no matter what! I’m going to crush this guy’s arrogance thoroughly!”

“Money?” Dustin patted his pockets, then shook his head.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring any money. How about you, Cornelius?”

“Me neither.” Cornelius spread his hands out. He only had a few pennies to his name.

“No way, you own a whole manbut don’t have any money?” Nikki frowned, skeptical.

“I don’t have any money. I have a lot of mouths to feed in my organization. I need money to run the

gang, you know? Where would I get so much money in such a short time?” Dustin expressed his helplessness.

He did have the money. He was just unwilling to lend it to Nikki. After all, why spend money if they could get the item for free?

“Then what should we do now? Are we going to just hand over the Jade Maiden Scripture?” Nikki was getting anxious.

It was the Jade Maiden Sisterhood’s precious treasure. It was also important for their guild’s growth.

It was with great difficulty that she finally found a lead. How could she let it slip away into. someone else’s hands?

“Hey, beautiful. You want this scripture, don’t you?” Julian suddenly teased.

“How about this? Why don’t you follow me home and please me? You’ll get everything you want. It’s better than sticking with this poor guy, don’t you think?”

“Get lost!” Nikki glared at him. She would never sell her body.

“Beautiful, opportunities like this won’t come twice. This is a rare chance.” Julian rubbed his chin.

He was attracted to her heroic spirit. Having been accustomed to more gentle ladies, sleeping with a dominant woman had a unique appeal.

“If you speak one more word, I’ll beat the crap out of you!” Nikki seethed in


“Hey! Why are you so dense? You should feel lucky that Mr. Nicholson has taken a liking to you. Don’t be ungrateful!”

“That’s right! With his status, you should feel honored to serve him!”

“Hmph! What the hell? It’s so disgusting that she’s acting all high and mighty!”

The haughty women scoffed one after the other. It was a rare opportunity that others could only dream of, yet she dared to reject him?

She was stupid!

Julian waved his hand dismissively as if generously letting her off the hook. “Never mind. Let’s not force her if she’s unwilling.”

He turned to Samuel. “Mr. Franklin, I have the highest bid here. The Jade Maiden Scripture should belong to me now, right?”

“Of course.” Samuel nodded with a smile.

Julian spared the formalities and concluded the transaction. His extravagant manner of spending money dazzled the haughty women.

They struck seductive poses and flirted with Julian.

“Kid, I’m taking this baby home! You can go home and eat dirt! Hahaha!” Waving the wooden. box that contained the scripture, Julian chuckled heartily.

He was about to leave with his female companions when suddenly, the door opened. A few masked men walked in fiercely.

“Who’s Julian Nicholson?” The leader of the masked men demanded loudly.

“What the fuck? How dare you call out to me impolitely? You must be asking for death!”

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