Chapter 842

Everyone was shocked to see Spike hanging from the ceiling. Their jaws dropped in disbelief.

None of them expected things to turn out like this. After all, Dustin’s opponent was Spike the Gloomster!

Shouldn’t such a powerful individual have easily won?

So why was he defeated with a single punch?

Why was he stuck in the ceiling, unable to escape?

This Spike must be an imposter, or there’d have been no way he’d lose like that.

“Is this for real? S-Spike Floyd was defeated?”

“Holy shit! Who the hell is he? Even the Gloomer was no match for him!”

“That’s impossible!”

The whole hall erupted into a frenzy after a silent pause. Everyone looked at Dustin like he was

a monster.

“I-impossible! There’s no way Spike would lose!” Gavin’s smile disappeared. He looked stunned.

He knew how strong Spike was. Spike had even used his signature move, so Dustin should be dead by now.

Why did things turn out like this?

What on earth just happened?

“He knocked Spike out with a single punch! Who the hell is he?” The aide was terrified.

As a martial artist in the military, he knew how strong Spike had to be to rank third on The Heavenly Immortals. In fact, Spike was one of the strongest people, even in Oakvale.

Yet, such an incredible person had been defeated so easily.

“It’s your turn now, Gavin Killian.” After dealing with Spike, Dustin turned his glare to Gavin



Gavin shuddered and stepped backward instinctively.

“I’m warning you, brat. You better not mess around! I’m one of the Killians as well as a

Dragonmarsh major general. If you try to hurt me, I’ll kill your entire family!” Gavin. threatened, pretending to be calm.

It didn’t alter how good someone was at fighting. In this world, status and power stood above everything else.

“I don’t give a damn who you are as long as you die tonight!” Dustin approached Gavin with an icy expression.

“Protect our general!” Gavin’s aide ordered.

Gavin’s guards immediately drew their guns and aimed them at Dustin.

However, Dustin shot them with needles before they could pull the trigger. When they

realized what had happened, they already fell to the ground.

“Run, Sir! I’ll stop him!” The aide gritted his teeth. He grabbed his sword and charged toward Dustin.

Although he knew he could not win, he wanted to buy Gavin some time.

Dustin struck out again and punched the aide. This caused Gavin’s aide to fly backward and slammed into the wall, spitting out blood.

Just like that, the man was defeated.

“H-how dare you rebel against me!” Gavin yelled.

He began to panic after seeing how determined Dustin was to kill him. At this point, Dustin. was like an emotionless, killing machine.

The man was terrifying!

“An eye for an eye. You killed Nelson, so I’ll be taking your life today.” Dustin slowly approached Gavin, the murderous air around him growing stronger.

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