Chapter 84 – King of the Underworld by RJ Kane

Chapter 84

King of the Underworld

by RJ Kane
Chapter 84

Outside of Rome were more small towns, which I could easily handle. We stopped one more time before we got closer to Naples, just without the car full of fan girls this time.
“This stop was boring. I like it better when you guys have fans,” I said as we pulled away from the station. “Nobody tell Tori I said that.”
Andrei sighed. “That might not be a problem when we get back.”
“Bubba! What happened now?”

“I couldn’t tell her we were leaving. I ditched my phone before we got on the plane. No contact until this is done. I
doubt she’ll be waiting for me.”
“Oh, Bubba. I didn’t even think about that.” I couldn’t help but think back to my own anger at the situation. I didn’t mean to, but I laughed. “She’s gonna be so pissed.”
Stephen spoke up. “We’re all more scared of her than we are of you, if that gives you an idea of what he’s dealing
“Shu t up.”

“No, it’s true, gazelle,” Misha said. “She gets angry at the slightest thing. It’s like we can’t say anything around her. I mean, you had a very good reason to be angry with us. But she gets mad at us for st upid stuff.”
Andrei said, “she doesn’t have the same confidence that you do, spider monkey. She tends to see the negative before
she sees the positive. It’s exhausting.”
“Bubba, I’m sorry. I feel bad for facilitating this relationship. Max never keeps girls longer than a few weeks, so I don’t vet them thoroughly enough, apparently.”
“Don’t apologize, Sephie. Whatever happens will happen,” Andrei said. I could hear the sadness in his voice.
“Well, if it doesn’t work out with her, I promise to vet the next one thoroughly before I give her my blessing,” I said.
“We have to get your blessing now?” Ivan asked.
“Um, yes. I can’t believe you would even question that, Grumplestiltskin.” I fired back. I was sure he was going to argue with me after saying that.
“You realize you’ve set a next to impossible standard for other women to live up to, right? You honestly expect us to be able to find someone that can pass that test?” he said.

“Ivan the Squishy has entered the chat, gentlemen.” I heard laughter from everyone, then Viktor spoke up. “He’s right, you know. You’ve made it infinitely harder for us to find a suitable woman now.”
I was silent for a moment, trying to think of what to say. I started to say something a few times but changed my mind and shu t my mou th. I felt Adrik’s hand on mine, his fingers laced through mine. “It’s not her fault she’s amazing, guys. Nor should you be discouraged that she set the bar higher for you. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait,” he said. I squeezed him tighter, resting my head on the back of his shoulder. I quickly got lost in my own thoughts, thinking about how easily I had formed a unique bond with each of them. Wondering if another woman could ever do the same or if I really was ruining their chances of ever finding their own person.
I thought back to the conversation I had with my dad and how what had happened was needed, not just for me, but for all of them as well. I could easily see how it was needed for Misha. The guys now gave credit to his gut feeling, which would likely come in handy in the future. I was going to have to wait to see how things played out to understand why Andrei was going through this with Tori. Not to mention what the other three gained from this whole experience. I spent the remainder of the trip lost in my thoughts.

Sephie had been quiet for the last part of the trip. I kept checking on her, either grabbing her hand or her leg. Each time, she would squeeze me just a little tighter. I was worried she was starting to feel pain, as it was close to time for more superprofen. I was anxious to get to Armando’s villa so she could take more and rest for the remainder of the evening.
As we got closer to the villa, I found myself thinking back to our first stop that day. When Sephie had made sure the girls that were eyeing Misha knew that I was off the table. I’ve never been pub licly claimed before. I can’t say I disliked it, either. I know I want to make sure that every man knows she’s mine anytime we’re in public. I’m so relieved that she’s forgiven me and still wants me after what happened. I was so sure I had lost her. I had no idea how I was going to live without her. I was so grateful I wouldn’t have to figure out how to.
It was like she was reading my mind, because Sephie tightened her grip around me, breaking me free from my thoughts of what almost happened. I found her hand, against my stomach, lacing my fingers through hers. Her hands were starting to get cold, as the sun was getting lower in the sky. We still had about half an hour before we reached the villa. I unzipped my jacket halfway and stuck her hands inside my jacket, hoping to keep them warm until we could stop.

The early fall air had a bite to it that we weren’t yet used to. As we got closer to the coast, we could smell the sea air and feel the breeze pick up. I was hoping they would have a bath I could run for her once we got there. It would help with her soreness, warming her up in the process. I was looking forward to at least one calm day once we arrived.
I’d been so worried about Sephie that I hadn’t thought much about the situation with Anthony and Lorenzo. I was so close to wanting them all dead. I just wanted to be done with it at this point. Lorenzo was looking for a way back to the city. He felt Anthony was his ticket to come back, even though Anthony was also banished. They were using Salvadori to stir the pot, trying to create enough chaos that they could sneak back in without me noticing. Once there, they would take over. Their plan was to unleash he ll on the people of the city, causing as much mayhem as possible. With the city a war zone, it would be easier to get to me and the other three bosses that stood loyal to me.

King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Novel

Status: Ongoing

Type: Stories

Author: RJ Kane

Artist: Sephie and Max

Native Language: English

Released: May, 22, 2023

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