Chapter 55 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 55

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe

I had finally given in the night Lola moved into the packhouse. I had taken Mason home and went home myself. Tonight, was another night I was still in my bed. Sleep refused to claim me, instead placing images of Giovanni in my mind.

My soul had found its other half and being away from him was nearing painful.

When the frustration had become too much, I leaped from the bed. My Mom was already asleep, her soft snores floating down the hall. I couldn’t even bring myself to change, leaving the house in my pajama’s.

I sped down the road, disregarding the speed limit signs. My soul and wolf knew where I was headed, the two of them wanted to get there quickly.

Unknowingly, I reached out with my heart. I was searching for Giovanni, silently pleading as I hoped he would come to the house.

The windows were dark as I pulled into the driveway for the second time. I found myself sitting in my Aunt’s armchair, sleep refusing to claim me. I felt wired and awake, sleep the farthest thought from my mind.

When Giovanni silently stepped through the door an hour later, I launched myself at him.

His body stiffened as I slammed into his chest, but the anticipation had been building for too long. I knew this was wrong, deep down I knew it. My mind and body were at war with each other, claiming they both knew what was best.

I would never betray Lola or my pack, but surely, I deserved these few moments of peace. These

were all I had until the inevitable happened. Either Giovanni chose me, or he chose his kind.

“Little she-wolf.” Giovanni cleared his throat, taking a step back from me. “I felt you reaching out to me.”

“I didn’t know what I was doing.” I frowned, “I just—I had to come here.”

I was at a loss for words, but it seemed Giovanni was in the same situation.

“I have been feeling things—for you.” Giovanni cleared his throat again, his eyes flashing with reluctance. “It has been difficult staying away from this house.”

“I know.” I breathed, my eyes roaming every inch of him. “It’s been hard for me too. I couldn’t stay away any longer.”

Giovanni’s lips parted to say something but closed shortly after. I took his hesitation and tossed it to the side. I knew what I wanted, and right now I wanted to pretend.

I wanted to pretend he wasn’t a vampire, and I wasn’t a werewolf. We were just two normal people who happened to share a connection. I wanted just a moment of this before reality crashed down, guilt following.

I threw my arms over his shoulders and pressed myself against him. He was too tall for me to reach his lips, so I freckled light kisses across his jaw. His body tensed under my touch, but he made no move to distance himself.

I knew I had won when his arms snak*d around my waist, pulling myself tighter against him. His head bent down, his lips meeting my own. I could feel the emotion he held back, the hunger that hid behind his eyes.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, my logical side was screaming. I was kissing a Vampire in the middle of nowhere. He could murder me and leave my body to rot. It could be quite some time until my Mom thought to look here.

Much too soon, Giovanni pulled himself from me. He looked as though he wanted to say something, something important.

“Little she-wolf.” Giovanni’s lips were parted, practically begging for another taste. “This cannot continue—things have been set into motion. You will not be able to tolerate my involvement.”

My stomach sank at his words, and fear coursed through my veins. The way he was speaking made it sound as though the Vampires had plans, plans they were involving Giovanni in.

“What’s happening, Giovanni?” I frowned; his name tasted sweet on my lips. Something in his eyes flashed as I said his name, the bond between us growing stronger.

“I will not betray my people.” Giovanni’s eyes hardened painfully, “I just wished to inform you.”

“You can see what they’re doing is wrong, right? “I frowned, my eyes wide and pleading. “The Vampire’s want to end all werewolf life. Werewolves don’t want all Vampire’s dead. We were happy living in peace.”

“You say that as though I am not one of them.” Giovanni’s voice was cold, detached. “I cannot change what I am, nor can you.”

The backs of my eyes burned, desperately wanting to let the tears run free. I refused to give into the agony, determined to keep myself together in front of this man. If he could throw a mask on his face and ignore his emotions, so could I.

Giovanni turned towards the front door, stepping out onto the porch. His eyes were dark as he turned and looked at me.

“I follow orders, just as you do.” Giovanni’s eyes concealed just a flicker of pain before he sped off into the night.

I had refused to go back to my Aunt’s house. My heart stung with pain every time Giovanni crossed my mind.

I hated myself for my weakness, and I hated myself for thinking there could be a happy ending. The moment I stepped into my car; the tears fell freely from my face. I had cried the entire drive home, silently demanding answers from the Moon Goddess. The tears returned with a vengeance when my pleas went unanswered.

I would spend my nights alone, drowning in my own emotions as I tried to resist my forbidden mate. During the day I would throw a mask on for the world, one that was being kept together by tape and glue. I summoned what strength I could, hiding my pain from everyone.

What hurt me the most was keeping it from Lola. Lola of all people would understand. She wouldn’t hate me for what I had done, nor would she expect me to reject Giovanni. She was the one person I could go to, and yet I couldn’t force myself to tell her the truth.

I hadn’t seen Giovanni in days, yet it felt much longer than that.

Mason and I had gone through with Lola’s plan, sneaking from our houses in the middle of the night. My heart hammered nervously as Mason and I waited alongside the training building. Mason was picking at his fingers, the two of us listening in on Lola through the mind-link.

My heart dropped when I realized the Vampire that had marked Lola was there, Tristan. I could hear Tyler’s voice through the mind-link, making my blood boil. I had never liked that coward.

A strangled gasp left my lips as Lola repeated the names of Tristan’s Vampire friends.


How many Vampire’s named Giovanni were there? My head clamored for an answer, but my heart knew the truth. This was what Giovanni was speaking of. The Vampires had a plan for Lola and this pack, one Giovanni was heavily involved with.

After calling Alpha Asher, Mason and I ran around to the back of the packhouse. Alpha Asher darted outside; half dressed with eyes full of sleep. He said nothing to us, his eyes burning with fury.

The fear rolling through me had nothing to do with Alpha Asher. My fear concerned Giovanni. Alpha Asher shifted and leaped into the forest, taking off after Lola. I was the second to shift, using all my force to propel myself forward. I could hear Mason’s heavy footfalls behind me as I desperately tried to catch up to Alpha Asher.

Alpha Asher bounded into the clearing, knocking into Tristan roughly.

Giovanni locked eyes with me, the bond making him able to notice me in wolf form. His eyes burned intelligently as they stared into my own. I forced myself to look away, to do anything else.

Mason and I leaped into the clearing as Tristan darted away. Giovanni was next to follow, bounding into the woods without a second glance. My heart ached at the sight, my legs moving on their own.

My wolf had more control when we were in this form, and she was determined not to let Giovanni get away.

My legs burned with agony as I chased after Giovanni. His scent swirled in my head, and I let it lead me as I ran. I skidded to a halt, kicking up dirt and grass in my attempt to stop.

Giovanni was leaning against a tree, his eyes hard. His arms were crossed as he stared at me. I wanted to shift but remained still in fear he would dart away. A low whine left my lips, one that seemed to thaw Giovanni’s icy exterior.

“I cannot speak with you this way.” Giovanni murmured, his eyes running over my wolf-form.

I walked behind one of the trees, letting my fur sprout back into my body. Keeping my eyes on where Giovanni stood, I walked over to one of the trees. Many of the tree’s in our woods had colored markers. These were the places clothes were set out incase they were needed.

I slipped on a pair of loose sweatpants and threw a white t-shirt over my head. My heart fluttered painfully as I realized Giovanni hadn’t left, he had waited for me.

“Alpha Asher Desmond has Tyler in his possession, I assume?” Giovanni questioned.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to answer his question, so I answered honestly.

“He does.” I nodded.

Giovanni grunted, frustration flashing in his eyes.

“You don’t have to do this.” I shook my head, “You could just come with me—”

“Come with you?” Giovanni scoffed, “And then what? I would be murdered for my involvement, murdered for what I am.”

“I wouldn’t let that happen.” I shook my head, my throat constricting as my heart ached in my chest.
“Lola would help us, she’d understand.”

“The half-blood might understand, but she would never accept us.” Giovanni’s gaze became

detached, that same echo of pain flickering in his eyes.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered how much pain a person could take. My heart felt dead in my chest, sharp pains radiating through out my body.

For once the part of me that wanted a happy ending fell silent. I was left with nothing, just a hollow feeling in my chest. I felt resentment towards Giovanni. Resentment mixed with desire; anger mixed with sorrow.

“I Breyona, reject you Giovanni, as my mate.” My voice was hollow, my wolf howling and my heart aching as I uttered the words that would sever the bond.

Giovanni took a step back, as if my words were a physical strike against his skin. The mask on his face cracked, giving in to the whirlwind of emotions he felt.

Anger, regret, longing, despair.

He hid it so much better than I, but he was feeling the same emotions. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him. I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to try. I was unwilling to abandon my people; how could I expect him to do the one thing I could not?

“Accept my rejection.” I choked out, blinking back the tears that threatened to leave my eyes.

Giovanni stood silent, an echo of pain flitting across his features. Giovanni backed away from me, moving deeper into the forest.

“Reject me, Giovanni!” The words tore from my chest in a painful yell.

Giovanni gave me one last look, one filled with everything he knew he couldn’t have. He turned and darted into the forest, leaving me broken and confused.

He hadn’t accepted my rejection. The mate-bond was still growing stronger.

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jane Doe

Native Language: English

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