Chapter 52 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 52

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe

I swallowed any bubbling fear and strolled over to the bathtub. The water was hot against my skin, lapping at my legs hungrily. The steaming water soothed my sore muscles, and I relaxed against the other side of the bathtub.

Alpha Asher wasted no time. The second my bottom hit the water; he had lunged forward. His arm wrapped around my lower waist as he pulled himself on top of me. My heart was hammering in my chest, but I wasn’t complaining. I could feel his thickened length lying against my thighs. I hadn’t felt his c**k this closely before, almost where I wanted it.

Part of me wondered if I was going to lose my v**ginity in the bathtub, but I truly didn’t care. He could pick a room and I would happily follow. His rough fingers brushed my hair from my neck, replacing it with his lips. He seemed to take a liking to my neck, running his tongue across my skin. I felt my legs part on their own accord, wanting to feel his length between my legs.

The tip of his swollen ck brushed against the lips of my puy, coaxing a moan from my lips. Alpha Asher growled against my neck, his hand reaching down to grasp his lengthened c**k. My heart lurched, desperately hoping his willpower had faded.

Alpha Asher gripped his c*k and rubbed the tip against my swollen clt, making my hips buck against his. A deep growl left his lips, while a breathless whimper left my own.

He was practically torturing me, rubbing the head of his ck against my wet lips. Each time I felt him graze my entrance, a moan would leave my lips. He was right there, just millimeters away. Alpha Asher pressed the head of his ck against my tight opening, pressing gently before pulling away.

His eyes were dark, pupils blown wide with lu*t. Alpha Asher tore himself from me with a frustrated groan.

“You’re much too tempting.” Alpha Asher’s voice was thick with arousal.

“You clearly want the same thing.” I muttered breathlessly, “Why not just give in?”

Alpha Asher leaned in close, his lips pulling up in a smirk.

“I like control, my little Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, his thumb running along my bottom lip. “I set the pace; I make the rules.”

“I’ve never been good at following rules.” I murmured, my eyes roaming his face appreciatively.

“No, you haven’t.” Alpha Asher smirk deepened, his hands roaming down to find my waist, “But we can change that.”

Alpha Asher lifted me and positioned himself against the bathtub. He turned me around in the water, letting my back rest against his own. I could feel his hardened length pressing against my backside, my pu**y clenched in response.

Alpha Asher’s hands found my own, his fingers covering mine completely. He guided one of my hands up to my brest, squeezing my hand and forcing me to cup it. He guided my other hand between my legs, making my finger graze against my clt.

“I want to watch you play with yourself.” Alpha Asher murmured in my ear, his lips grazing them lightly. “Play with your pu**y for me.”

A moan nearly escaped my lips at his words, my pu**y clenching painfully. My body wanted some form of release, but desperately wanted it to be Alpha Asher who touched me.

Alpha Asher pressed his finger against my own, increasing pressure on my swollen cl*t. He moved my finger back and forth, waves of pleasure rolled through my body. He teeth grazed the back of my ear, nipping playfully as he removed his hands from my own.

I pressed against my clt, rubbing it in slow circles. A quiet mewl came through my lips, Alpha Asher’s

c*k twitched against my backside.

“That’s it, Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, “Play with your little pu**y.”

Alpha Asher looked down over my shoulder, his dark eyes hungry at the sight before him. His lips ran the length of my shoulder, nipping roughly. I dipped a finger into my puy, slipping it into my hole. My other hand held my bre*st, pinching and tugging my nip, I let my head fall against Alpha Asher’s chest. The feeling of his ck against my bottom made the pressure in between my legs grow.

“Good girl.” Alpha Asher murmured thickly, “Picture my ck slipping inside you, my name leaving your lips as I fk you senseless.”

His words coupled with his c**k against my bottom sent me spiraling over the edge. His name left my lips in a breathless moan, my entire body tensing as pleasure wracked through me. Alpha Asher gripped my hips tightly, looking down on me as my eyes filled with bliss.

I felt bad that Alpha Asher hadn’t found his own release, but he seemed satisfied with what had happened. Instead of pressing me for more, he reached over and grabbed a bottle of bodywash. He moved my hair to the side, sliding the soapy sponge across my skin. The action was incredibly simple, but I couldn’t help feel the shift. He lifted my arms from the water, running the sponge along every inch of my body. His action left my stomach in knots, butterflies swirling in their depths. It was another intimate action, all of which were initiated by Alpha Asher.

Once Alpha Asher had moved on from washing my body, he moved onto my hair. I could feel myself beginning to fall asleep as he massaged the shampoo into my head. After helping me rinse, he focused on himself. When the two of us were finished, he drained the tub and stood from the water.

I hadn’t even lifted a foot when Alpha Asher’s hands found my waist, lifting me as he stepped from the tub. My lip poked out in a pout as he set my feet gently on the floor.

“I could’ve gotten out of the tub.” I lifted my eyebrow at Alpha Asher.

“I know.” He smirked, turning and walking into the bedroom.

After physically peeling my eyes away from his toned bottom, I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. My eyes were falling shut as I stood in front of the mirror, thoughts of what would come tomorrow were far from my mind.

Alpha Asher wasn’t lying when he said he didn’t like me in clothes. He had refused to give me anything to sleep in, leaving me nak*d in his bed.

I spit the toothpaste into the sink, watching the blue foam swirl down the drain. I was practically wobbling on my feet; Alpha Asher’s plush bed was calling my name. My heart leaped in my chest as I felt my feet leave the floor. Alpha Asher had scooped me into his arms, his honey eyes meeting my own.

“I like carrying you.” Alpha Asher smirked, “It’s one thing you complain the least about.”

I narrowed my eyes at Alpha Asher but chose not to respond. He pulled the covers back before setting me down. I nuzzled my face into the pillow, clutching the blanket to my chest. I could feel Alpha Asher climb into bed behind me, his large arms wrapping around my waist. I watched helplessly as Alpha Asher pulled my back against his chest, his arm was draped over his waist.
Thankfully, his pelvis was away from my backside. I wasn’t sure either of us would get any sleep if I had to feel his c**k against my back all night.

I slipped into sleep quickly, thoughts of my budding feelings for Alpha Asher swirling in my mind.

I opened my eyes the next morning, a dreamless and peaceful sleep had claimed me last night. It took me a few moments to remember what was happening today, my stomach twisting in knots as it finally crossed my mind. I’d be fighting Alpha Bran today. I had to challenge another Alpha during a potential war.

‘You’ve been doing a little better.’ Maya yawned, her voice chiming out in my head.

‘Thanks.’ I grumbled, adding an eyeroll that made me feel a little better.

I didn’t bother untangling myself from Alpha Asher’s arms. I turned my head and chuckled as his stubble ran across my cheek. I was determined to prolong this, wanting to bask in the peace that Alpha Asher brought me. Lulled by his light snores, and the relaxed thump of his heart, I let my eyes drift closed.

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jane Doe

Native Language: English

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