Chapter – 5 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“Let him go, or die!”

Seeing Dustin held hostage made Scarlet see red. The temperature seemed to drop a few degrees. Even the lights started flickering.

The Zen Order disciples who were on the ground shivered in fear.

Scarlet had only intended to teach them a lesson, but she was now filled with murderous intent.

Dustin was her boundary, and anyone who dared to cross that line would face her wrath, no matter where they might try to hide in the world.

“I’m warning you! Don’t make any sudden movements, or I’ll kill him!” Joel threatened.

He never expected Scarlet to be so strong. He knew he wasn’t a match for her.

His only chance was to use the hostage in front of him to turn the situation around.

“If you release him now, I won’t kill you. But if you lay a finger on him, I’ll destroy your entire guild! “Scarlet threatened coldly.

“Cut the crap! We’re in control now!” Joel glared at her. “I order you to step back!”

Scarlet took a deep breath, trying to suppress her anger, before taking a few steps back.

“More!” Joel demanded.

Scarlet didn’t want to risk it and continue stepping backward, her eyes locked on Joel the entire time.

“Hmph! I admit that you are strong. But, so what? You still have to follow my orders.” Joel smirked, looking triumphant.

“Joel, you’re the best!”

Daniel and the rest of the disciples were encouraged by the situation. They finally saw hope to turn things around.

Everyone had their weaknesses. As long as they exploited those weaknesses, what could their opponents do?

“Daniel, retreat. I’ll hold them back.” Joel signaled to Daniel.

“Hold on. I’ll get back up immediately!”

As soon as he said that, Daniel retreated with the rest of the group, stumbling and staggering on their way out.

“You, get up and come with me!” Joel grabbed Dustin by his shoulder and hid behind him. He kept a watchful eye on Scarlet in case of an ambush.

“I’m not done with my meal. Can you wait a while?” Dustin said.

As he spoke, he took another bite of his food, chewing slowly.

Joel’s eyes twitched, feeling humiliated by Dustin’s actions.

“How can you still eat? You motherfucker!” Joel simmered in anger, and he kicked the table over.” Stand up this fucking instant before I kill you!”

“Didn’t your mom teach you not to waste food?” Dustin’s expression grew cold as he looked at the wasted food.

“Cut the crap! Say one more word, and I’ll kill you with a strike of my palm!” Joel cried out.

Was this guy mentally challenged? How could he be in the mood to eat in this situation?

“I don’t believe you. Go ahead and try,” Dustin said calmly.

“You fucking-” Joel gritted his teeth, almost losing his cool.

“Hey! Are you crazy? Why are you provoking him?” Georgia was shocked. If Dustin died, Scarlet would definitely go crazy.

“Dustin, don’t be reckless!” Scarlet was anxious as well.

“Kid, don’t worry. This childish brat has nothing on me.” Dustin smiled.

“Childish brat?” Joel’s anger flared. “I’m a high–level martial artist ranked on the Heavenly Immortals!”

“So what?

I’m the Boss

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