Chapter 45 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 45

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe

Lola’s P.o.v

I had just a few seconds to realize my Grandma was yet again correct. I wasn’t sure why it had surprised me each time, she was rarely ever wrong.

Keeping my own emotions and memories under control wasn’t as easy as I made it out to be. With just a few words, my carefully collected memories were scattered to the wind.

Tristan smiled successfully, his words had the impact he was looking for.

My mind was clouded over by that delicious fog, blurring the names and faces of everyone I ever knew. The only person I could remember was Tristan. Whatever Tristan was doing acted like a sedative, making me feel calm and relaxed.

“Why don’t you come with us, beautiful.” Tristan murmured, his eyes soft as he looked me over.

“Come with you?” I frowned, my own voice sounded strange in my ears.

I could feel something scratching at the walls of my mind, begging to be let in. I had the feeling I knew who it was, although I couldn’t place my finger on the name.

“Were mates, beautiful.” Tristan’s smile was breathtaking, and I watched in awe as his smile lit up his entire face.

“Mates?” I was confused. Wasn’t I supposed to find my mate on my birthday? Then again, I wasn’t sure when my birthday was.

The two other Vampires stood close to Tristan, ready to jump in if anything were to happen. Tyler stood by Tristan, a sour look on his face.

I couldn’t see anyone but Tristan, and I wondered if he was telling me the truth. Could we be mates?

“You trust me, Lola.” Tristan murmured, taking a step forward with his hand stretched out. “You won’t feel confused if you come with me. I can make that all go away. We belong together.”

Tristan looked sincere, his light eyes pleading as he reached for my hand. I extended my own, giving in to Tristan’s touch. His skin was cool against my own, soothing the fire that had been building for days now. The part of me that yearned for his touch was stronger when my mind was clouded. I ran my fingers over the smooth skin of his palm, tracing the lines and marveling at the odd sensation. He chilled the fire burning over my skin, searing my flesh with it’s heat and intensity.

I stepped forward, ready to walk into his arms.

A black wolf the size of a bear leaped over my head, slamming into Tristan’s chest and knocking him backwards.

I felt the fog being torn from my mind painfully and without mercy. Tristan was no longer in my head, but it felt much like the night at the club. I was still disoriented, not sure where I was or who

my friends were. All I knew is some part of me wanted to protect Tristan. That part of me was ready to throw myself in front of the giant wolf, risk my own life to save Tristan’s.

I stumbled backwards, landing on my bottom with a thud. The black wolf turned to look at me, it’s honey eyes startling and familiar. Those eyes were important to me, that I knew for sure. I just couldn’t place a name or face to those eyes.

When the wolf turned to look at me, this gave Tristan enough time to leap up from the ground and sprint off into the forest. The black wolf snarled at the trees, it’s eyes locked on where Tristan had ran.

The two other vampires were moments away from following their friend when another wolf barreled into the woods. This wolf was the color of sand with white splotches of fur. It wasn’t as big as the black one, but still very large for an average wolf.

Gabriel turned and tried to run, but the sandy wolf sunk it’s teeth into his calf. The roar of pain that left Gabriel’s lips sounded strange and very inhuman. Like an animal being caught in a trap.

If I had been in my right mind, I would’ve laughed at the look on Tyler’s face. Anger, horror, and defeat. He knew he’d been caught. There was no way he’d be able to fight against two wolves. The other Vampire Giovanni, knew it as well.

Another wolf bounded into the woods, chocolate in color. This wolf was smaller than the other two and somehow slimmer. The chocolate wolf locked eyes with Giovanni, a strange sound leaving it’s muzzle. A mix between a whimper and a low growl.

Giovanni took one last glance at his fallen friend, who was currently being torn apart by the sandy wolf, and fled into the woods.

The black wolf growled at the brown, it’s eyes conveying some sort of message. My mind was still a jumbled mess, my memories slowly forming together. Could wolves even talk to one another? It sure seemed like they could.

The chocolate wolf nodded once and darted into the woods, following the Vampire Giovanni.

A fourth wolf, grey in color, entered the woods. It’s head was whipping around, surveying the damage. I could’ve sworn I saw it’s shoulders drop as it realized it had arrived late. The black wolf growled at the grey before stalking off into the woods.

The grey wolf approached Tyler, crouched as it looked into his eyes. A deep growl came from the wolf’s chest.

Where the black wolf had disappeared into the woods, an extremely attractive looking guy came out. He was wearing only a pair of sweatpants, and looked absolutely delectable. Rippled muscles ran the length of his arms and chest, his skin was clear and pale as the moon. His hair looked a bit messy, but begged to have fingers ran through it. He walked over to me as if he already knew me, scooping me up into his arms.

“Lola.” The guy snarled, his face glaring down on me.

I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. My memories were much slower in restoring themselves this time. I could only assume it had to do with the library I had built in my head. Everything was in order, but now the entire library was in shambles. A lot of rebuilding would have to be done, once my mind was clearer.

“I didn’t do it.” I shook my head, unsure what else to say.

I remembered everything that happened tonight, but I couldn’t figure out it’s importance. Why was I here to begin with? The shirtless guy who held me in his arms lifted his eyebrow at my words, but said nothing.

A girl ran out of the forest, short brown hair that grazed her shoulders.

“Did you find him?” The guy holding me snapped, his eyes growing dark.

“No.” The girl shook her head, a strange light was in her eyes. “He was too fast.”

“Beta Devin, shift and bring Tyler to one of the holding cells.” The guy carrying me snapped at the sandy wolf.

He turned to the girl with short hair, “Why is she still confused?”

“She was like this last time.” The girl frowned as she looked at me, “It’ll take some time for his influence to leave her mind.”

“We will have to wait to hear whatever she learned.” Alpha Asher huffed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“They said this was only the beginning.” Breyona frowned, her eyes conveying the slightest hint of fear. “She had us mind-linked the entire time.”

“So the two of you helped her with this suicidal plan?” Alpha Asher glared daggers at Breyona and the grey wolf. I couldn’t help but feel bad for them. It seemed like this entire thing actually was my fault.

“We did.” Breyona nodded, her lips turned down in a frown. “She was going through with it either way. We couldn’t just let her go out there unprotected.”

“She shouldn’t have gone out here in the first place.” Alpha Asher snarled, making Breyona take a step back.

“You know there’s no stopping Lola once she decides to do something.” Breyona’s eyebrows were pressed together, her eyes wide as she looked at Alpha Asher.

“Is that all?” Alpha Asher sighed, looking a little less angry. “This is just the beginning?”

“No.” Breyona shook her head. “They said something about her brother. He left when Kanyon died, they haven’t heard from him since. I think he’s been taken.”

The guy carrying me grunted, his eyes lightened revealing the golden color that swirled within them. He looked down at me, a strange emotion flickering in his eyes.

“You have pretty eyes.” I blurted, my hand coming up to cover my mouth as I registered what I had said.

“Flattery will not save you, Lola.” The guy sighed sharply, closing his eyes for just a moment.

“You saved me–I think.” I frowned.

I tried to wrack my brain for answers, trying to remember why I had been here in the first place. A sharp pain rattled through out my head, making me wince. I still couldn’t remember why I had come here in the first place, but my attempt wasn’t completely useless. I remembered who I was, and who the people around me were.

“You wouldn’t have needed saving.” Alpha Asher snapped, glaring down at me. “Why couldn’t you just stay at the pack house?”

“I have no idea.” I frowned, and truly I didn’t. Alpha Asher seemed pretty worked up though, upset over whatever I had done. I was definitely in for it when my mind was in working order.

Beta Devin shifted into human form and slipped on a pair of sweatpants identical to Alpha Asher’s. He walked up to Tyler and delivered a blow that crumpled him to the ground. Tyler didn’t even bother fighting back, he already knew what was coming the moment Giovanni and Tristan fled the scene. The crack of knuckles against flesh made me cringe. Beta Devin threw Tyler’s unconscious body over his shoulder and walked up to us.

“I’ll get Lola back safely.” Alpha Asher nodded to Breyona and the grey wolf. “Tell her family what has happened.”

Breyona and the silver wolf nodded, darting back into the woods. Beta Devin followed them, Tyler hanging lifelessly over his shoulder.

I rested my head against Alpha Asher’s chest, the beginning of a migraine forming.

“You are in so much trouble.” Alpha Asher shook his head.

His footfalls were loud in the silent forest. I could hear Alpha Asher’s steady heartbeat coupled with the sound of crunching leaves and twigs.

“How can I be in trouble when I don’t remember what I did?” I murmured, my fingers reaching up to rub my temples.

“You’ll remember eventually.” Alpha Asher looked down at me, his eyes entirely black. “And once you do, you’ll be lucky if I ever let you leave my side again.”

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jane Doe

Native Language: English

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