Chapter 39 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 39

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe

Breyona’s P.o.v

“Mate.” I gaped, looking up at the huge man before me.

His skin was a beautiful bronze color, evident even in the crimson light.

His hair was dark and curly, highlighting a sharp jawline and dark eyes.

“I am not your mate, she-wolf.”

Something flashed in his eyes, something he quickly stowed away in their dark depths. I found myself looking deeply, searching for what he had hidden.

My heart fluttered, yet broke all at once. His scent was swirling around me, intoxicating me the way alcohol never has.

He smelled of expensive cologne, warm and spicy but with a hint of something sweet. So complex and yet I could taste every note on my tongue.

‘That’s our mate.’ My wolf frowned, a low whine leaving her lips. ‘There’s something strange about mate. He doesn’t smell human.’

“No.” I frowned, “You are my mate, but you’re not human.”

My lips parted as I took in the man before me. His muscles rippled under his clothes. It was then I noticed how well dressed he was. An expensive pair of slacks topped with a crisp suit jacket. His muscles didn’t match his outfit, and yet he looked like some kind of buff mobster.

“And you’re not a werewolf.” My voice was growing weaker as realization dawned on me.

There were three species in this world. Werewolf, Human and—Vampire.

“And now you see, little she-wolf.” His voice was rough, emotionless while his eyes held more. “I cannot be your mate.”

I could feel my heart nearly shatter in my chest, a tight constricting feeling wrapping tightly around my body.

I was thankful Mason had gotten lost in the crowd, Lola before him. The two of them didn’t need to see this, didn’t need to see me be rejected.

I wondered if I’d walk around like Mason after being rejected. It was clear what happened to him, even if Lola couldn’t see for herself. I wonder if I’d have that same look of agony any time I saw a happy couple, any time someone spoke of mates and love.

“Why are you here.” I tried to keep my voice strong, to convince myself this was what must be done.
“My Alpha’s territory is just a few minutes away.”

“This is unclaimed land.” The man looked down at me, his eyes swirling pools of obsidian, “Therefor, I am allowed to be here.”

“You’re here for Lola.” This wasn’t a question, simply a fact.

The defensive sheild that clouded his eyes told me I was right, that he was here for Lola.

I couldn’t understand why they wanted her; just another she-wolf. She had only just returned to the pack, to be tormented with rumors and suspicious deaths. Lola deserved better, especially after finding the strength to leave Tyler behind.

And yet, some part of me called out to the Vampire. My soul called out to his, finally finding it’s other half.

Two species that were not meant to be together; finding out they were destined for eachother.

The entire thing stunk of Romeo and Juliet. I could only hope our ending wasn’t as depressing as theirs.

‘We can’t just give up on him.’ My wolf whined, her ears flattening down.

‘He’s after Lola.’ I grimaced, ‘Plus he’s a Vampire.’

‘What if he was on our side?’ My wolf questioned, one of her ears perking up at the thought.

‘I don’t think that would happen.’ I frowned, ‘He’d be turning his back on his entire species.’

‘Look at him.’ My wolf murmured, and I obliged. ‘He’s ours for a reason. See how he’s looking at us? He can feel the mate-bond whether he likes it or not.’

The Vampire looked down at me in awe, quickly masking the emotion before I could truly appreciate it on his face.

“Are you going to reject me?” My voice was small, my eyes pleading.

I was never the person to be vulnerable, to put my heart on the line. But with my mate, it was completely different. My heart was on the line, hinging on just a few words.

I couldn’t help myself; I reached out, grazing my fingertips against his bare hand. His skin was smooth and tanned, much like toffee. The sparks I had heard about my entire life crackled up my fingertips. Finding my mate was everything a werewolf looked forward to in life, but what life could I have with a Vampire?

‘Don’t think like that.’ My wolf snapped, ‘Lola would accept us. If he came to our side, she’d accept us.’

My wolf was sure of this, and I wanted to be as well.

Confusion flashed in the man’s eyes, a brewing storm. He didn’t answer my question, he simply stared down at me with this charcoal eyes.

“Will you reject me, little she-wolf?” His head tilted, his face analyzing me as though this had become a game.

My answer was immediate, my mind already made up.

“No.” I kept my eyes burning into his. “I will not reject you.”

“Interesting.” The word left his lips slowly, his guard securely in place. “And you know, I will not join your side. I will not turn my back on my family, my species.”

“I just–” I paused. What did I want?

“I just want a chance.” My eyes were open wide, vulnerable. I was letting him know how much I truly had at stake, more than just a simple crush.

“A chance.” He repeated. A blush formed on my face at the intensity of his eyes. I felt like an exposed nerve under his gaze.

“What’s your name?” I needed to know. I needed to see what this god-like man was called, what name could possibly fit him.

“Giovanni.” His voice was rough, and it was then I could place the light italian accent.

My wolf swooned at the sound, forgetting our decades long hatred of his entire species. If I was able to place my hatred aside, why couldn’t other people?

Something was changing, something big. As far as I knew, nothing like this has ever happened before. The tables were turning, bringing Werewolf and Vampire together.

Giovanni looked torn, judging from the flashes of emotion in his eyes.

“Just a chance, Giovanni.” I pleaded, my voice growing stronger as I spoke his name.

“The odds are not in your favor, she-wolf.” Giovanni tried to keep his gaze hard, but couldn’t seem to stop it as it softened. “But I will give this chance.”

“Here.” I tore a napkin from my purse, digging around for something to write with.

When I couldn’t find a pen or any other writing utensil, I grabbed my black eyeliner pencil.

I scrawled hastily, writing the address of my Aunt’s old house. She had died years ago, leaving the house to us in her will. We never went there, leaving everything to collect dust. It was just outside of the pack territory. Close enough for me to slip away unnoticed, yet far enough to keep Giovanni away from Alpha Asher.

“What is this?” Giovanni raised his eyebrow, his large hands grasping the thin napkin.

“Eyeliner pencil.” I blushed sheepishly.

“I meant the address, little she-wolf.” Giovanni fixed an interested stare on my face.

“Oh.” My face flamed, “That’s the address to my Aunt’s house. She died, but we never go there. We can meet there. It’s outside my packs territory.”

“You would go against your entire pack for a mate?” Giovanni’s eyebrow raised, his dark eyes reading my face and mannerisms.

“I’m not going against my pack.” I grimaced.

What the hell was I doing? It was clear neither of us would turn on our species, our family. And yet what was that flicker in Giovanni’s eyes? The very flicker of emotion he tried to hard to contain.

My gut was telling me something, something I needed to listen to. Giovanni’s words were very different from his emotions, his thoughts. I knew nothing about his past, and yet I knew he was very skilled at hiding his thoughts.

“Then what is the purpose of this, she-wolf?” Giovanni grimaced.

“My name is Breyona.” I huffed. “Just—come to the house if you want. I’ll be there when I can.”

What else could I say?

I’m going to try and sway you to my side? I’m weak and can’t bare to toss away my soulmate?

One other thing was strikingly clear; I could tell no one of this. Not until Giovanni switched sides, not until he could be trusted.

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Status: Ongoing

Author: Jane Doe

Native Language: English

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