Chapter 385 – King of the Underworld by RJ Kane

Chapter 385

King of the Underworld

by RJ Kane
Chapter 385


“What could you guys see?” I asked Misha.

“Once again, it was different. It was like someone was scrolling through the movie to find the right scene to answer our question. Once we found it, we heard Henry on the phone. We didn’t hear the other side of the conversation, but he addressed Sal by name. He was in the middle of a park, at night, so he spoke freely,” Misha said.

“It’s Henry that’s in Sal’s pocket. The mayor might be also; they didn’t speak about him, but Henry has been getting money from Sal. They were extra sneaky with how he got it, so no one ever caught on. From what I could gather, he’s been paid mostly in cash, so no one can trace it,” Sephie said.

“What’s their plan?” Ivan asked.

Misha laughed. “It’s funny, but it’s not. We gave them the plan. Sal is backing Henry to get the mayor position. Once there, he’s coming for Boss.”

“He never gave specifics, but he said he has enough information to put Boss away for a long time. It’s going to be his first major move as mayor,” Andrei said.

It was my anger that rose very quickly. Sephie felt it, walking quickly to me. She knew immediately that I was struggling against it, livid at yet another betrayal. “Close your eyes, Bubba,” she said, right before her lips crashed to mine. She kissed me with such passion; my anger subsided so quickly, I didn’t even hear the laughter from her warning to Andrei. There was just her lips on mine, her desire for me growing with each second. I felt her knees start to go and pulled her to me tightly, holding her up as she deepened the kiss even more. I felt myself finally under control and she broke the kiss. She looked up at me, her desire still very evident to no one but me, and she smiled sweetly at me. “Better,” she said, turning around to lean back against me as she kept my arms wrapped around her.

When she turned to face everyone else, Vitaliy was understandably surprised at what he’d just witnessed. “It’s his ki ll switch,” she said. I could hear the smile when she spoke. “He has a harder time controlling his anger when it reaches nuclear levels. That makes it go away. Sorry for the impromptu show,” she said.

Vitaliy nodded once, giving me a smirk, then asked, “do you know what Sal is planning on doing while he waits for Henry to be elected? That’s not until next year, correct?”

“They didn’t discuss that part, but I’m sure he’s thinking he can lay low until then,” Andrei said.

I looked at Misha. “How many times can you do this before you get zapped or you zap her?”

“I’ve got a couple more in me tonight, for sure. I think with Andrei, too, it helps keep her from getting zapped. As long as he stops holding back,”” Misha said, adding air quotes for hilarity.

“I think it’s worth checking on Sal to see what we can find out with him. Or Ricardo. Or both, if you have enough energy for that tonight,” I said. “I also think we need to check into the mayor even more than we have.”

“It’s entirely possible that Henry has been framing the mayor this whole time, making it look like he’s the one getting money from Sal, when really it’s been Henry. Or Henry is fabricating what he has on the mayor to deflect attention away from himself. Most people are easily distracted. If we’re busy looking into the mayor, we’re not going to look into Henry. I’m starting to think he thinks he’s smarter than us, which really pi sses me off,” Stephen


“Like normal pi ssed off or you want to destroy his mind so completely that he no longer wishes to exist pi ssed off?” Sephie asked.

Stephen chuckled. “Not to the latter option. Yet.”

“Noted.” She looked back at Misha and Andrel. “Ready to find Sal? Bubba, do you want a snack first?” she asked, unable to hide her smile as she teased him.

“Shu t up and come here,” he said, still standing with Misha. He was smiling at her as he extended his hand to her. Misha did the same. Before they started looking for Sal, she asked, “do you have a specific question you want answered for Sal? That seemed to work last time.”

“See if you can find out if Sal is working with the mayor. Maybe we can eliminate two birds with one stone, Ivan said.

“At your service,” she said, giving him a curtsey before they started trying to find Sal.

Once they were quiet, Vitaliy looked to me and Ivan. “You both can feel all of her anger when she’s like that?”

We both nodded. “I’m guessing it works differently for us than it did for you. She shares her control with us when she shares her anger,” I said. “She’s the one that taught me how to get mine under control. She can ki ll the bloodlust in me instantly with one look.”

Vitaliy’s eyes went wide. Viktor overheard our conversation, moving closer so we could stay quiet. “It’s true. I didn’t believe it when I saw it happen the first time, but she’s done it many times now. When we got to her and Ivan, Boss was about to ki ll Armando, but Sephie’s lung collapsed and she was having trouble breathing. Me, Andrei, and Misha were downstairs in the building. Ivan called us to try and get Boss off Armando so we could get her to the hospital. But she just walked over to him and said she needed him before we could make it upstairs. He stopped instantly and picked her up. He was in a complete rage when we got to that building. Between him and Stephen, the rest of us didn’t have to do anything. She stopped it with one touch and three words, though,” Viktor said.

“It becomes more and more obvious that she was made for you, the more I learn about her,” Vitaliy said, looking at me.

“They were made for each other. He brings out things in her that no one else can, just like she does for him. Their connection is other-worldly,” Stephen said.

We saw Misha move and knew that the movie was over. This time, I didn’t feel Sephie’s anger at all while they were watching the movie. We all looked toward them, expectantly.

“I think we watched the same conversation, just from the other side this time, Misha said. “But at least Sal was speaking English so me and Andrei could understand him as well.”

“Stephen was right. Henry is on the take, not the mayor. He’s framing the mayor so we’d look at him. Sal made a comment about not being able to get to the mayor. He was angry about it. He’s also angry with Henry. It looked like he’s just angry in general, really,” Andrei said, smiling.

“He and Lorenzo were close. He’s not going to take his death lightly,” Vitaliy said.

“I still find it interesting that he’s grieving more for his brother than he is his own son,” Sephie said. “I’ve not heard him mention Anthony’s name one time in any conversation.”

Stephen suddenly inhaled. “What if Anthony wasn’t really his kid? Didn’t Andy say something like he would’ve believed Anthony belonged to Massimo

more than he would Sal?”

“Why would Sal steal Massimo’s kid though? Isn’t that a little extreme, even for Sal?” Misha said.

Stephen was thoughtful for a minute, trying to make the connection. Sephie, in her quiet way, walked to him, taking his hand while he was deep in thought. He glanced down at her. It was obvious he was fighting more than making a connection. She smiled up at him, saying something quietly so only he could hear. He nodded once. She was still for a few seconds, then said, “what if Sal was trying to hurt Massimo the same way Massimo hurt Dario? I don’t know how Massimo was about women, but judging by the rest of them, they probably have plenty of children they may or may not know about. What if Sal found out Anthony was Massimo’s and took him before Massimo found out? Talk about a ‘f**k you.””

“Dario might know. I definitely think the story of Dario and Sal hating each other all these years was really Sal and Massimo hating each other,” Ivan


“We can talk to him again. I don’t mind Armando knowing we have Dario now. He might not even be lucid enough to recognize him at this point,” I


“I’m surprised you’ve let him live this long.” Vitally said.

“I’ve never wanted someone to suffer as much as I want him to suffer. I’m going to drag it out as long as possible. I’ll get him medical care, even. He’s not allowed to d ie until I say he can d ie,” I said.

King of the Underworld by RJ Kane Novel

Status: Ongoing

Type: Stories

Author: RJ Kane

Artist: Sephie and Max

Native Language: English

Released: May, 22, 2023

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