Chapter – 28 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

Dustin’s expression soured, and he took a step backward, creating some distance between their bodies. “I won’t reveal your true identity, but you better control yourself. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.”

“You’ll be keeping an eye on me?” Azalea playfully nibbled on her lower lip. “I’ll be taking a shower later. Will you be watching that too?”

“You’re insane!”

Ignoring her, Dustin walked past her, heading upstairs. He was confident that, for the moment, she wasn’t plotting anything, but he remained cautious of witches like her.

The night progressed without incident.

The following morning, Dustin was outside with Abigail for their morning training when a black sedan pulled up at their entrance.

The car door swung open, and Patrick emerged with a grin.

“Congratulations, Dustin,” Patrick extended his congratulations.

“The results from yesterday’s tests are out. You’ve passed and have been selected to lead a team of four other martial artists representing the Glenstead martial arts alliance!”

“Really? That’s fantastic,” Dustin replied with a soft smile, the news not catching him off guard.

It would have been more surprising if someone had managed to outscore him, considering he had achieved a perfect score in all five tests.

“Are you participating in the Knighthood Society Tournament? Can I come along?” Abigail inquired eagerly.

“Only if you don’t cause any problems,” Dustin cautioned.

“I promise!” Abigail assured.

“Count me in too. I don’t want to miss such an exciting event,” Azalea chimed in.

She wouldn’t pass up the opportunity for such a thrilling spectacle.

Dustin glanced at her but didn’t respond. Instead, he got into the car.

Abigail and Azalea followed suit. Azalea took a seat next to Dustin, causing her breasts to jiggle with the movement.

The car started moving, commencing their journey to the tournament.

The competition was taking place at Shinefield Lake, nestled at the base of Mount Shinefield. The picturesque surroundings made it an ideal location for hosting the tournament.

Upon arrival, the lake was bustling with martial artists from various regions.

The grand tournament between the Balerno and Glenstead martial arts alliances occurred every three years. Today’s battles were more about honor than personal gain. Each participant was committed to doing their best to bring pride to their respective alliances.

“Dustin, the other representatives from Balerno are over there. Follow me,” Patrick directed, ensuring he was heading in the right direction before leading Dustin and the others.

“Halt right there!”

Unexpectedly, a group of individuals obstructed their path. When Dustin recognized who they were, a smirk formed on his face.

To his surprise, they were the same individuals from the Steeljaws Fellowship they had encountered yesterday.

“You’re the one who killed Dominic yesterday, and we demand retribution!” One of them accused before Dustin could respond.

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