Chapter 28 – Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

Chapter 28

Alpha Asher

by Jane Doe
Chapter 28

My mind ran back and forth between what I read.

Vampires can befuddle the mind. What did that mean? Confuse people or make them do things?

My mind went back to the night at the club, how light and airy I had felt. The more I tried to remember what it felt like, the more confused I had become. I couldn’t place my finger on how exactly I felt that night. I did have quite a bit to drink, which could easily be the culprit for the strange sensations. That night was definitely one to remember. The only event that remained clear in my mind was my little meeting with Alpha Asher against the club’s brick wall.

I sat back from the book with a frown on my face. Miss Shelby came back into the room and gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Such a shame, isn’t it?” Miss Shelby shook her head. “Such little information on an entire race.”

“I wonder what happened to Kouritis.” I frowned, “Are their any records of his bloodline?”

The sentence about ‘controlling shadows’ had me interested. Jessie and Maya both noticed how much darker it had become in the forest, as if the shadows had gotten bigger. Such a strange remark, but it now made some shred of sense. The Kouritis bloodline was suspected to be able to control the shadows. But why would Kouritis’s relatives be anywhere near our pack? Vampire’s didn’t meddle in human affairs, and we didn’t meddle in their feeding habits. It was a silent coexistence.

“There was at one point.” Miss Shelby sighed, “What I would’ve done to get my hands on those texts.”

“Mom.” Breyona gagged, making Mason and I snicker.

“So no one knows what happened to his bloodline?” I frowned, “How could an entire bloodline fade into history?”

“Well, this is just a rumor but I heard his last remaining blood-tie died during the burning.” Miss Shelby nodded serenely, “That he was one of the four to fight against the packs.”

“Everyone says all four of the vampires died during the burning.” I frowned, “Guess it isn’t too hard to believe Kouritis blood-line ended during the Burning.”

“Such a shame.” Miss Shelby sighed, “Liam and I are always scouring for more texts. We’ll let you know if we find one.”

“Thanks, Miss Shelby.” I smiled back at her, grateful for her and Liam’s help.

If the Kouritis blood-line ended three hundred years ago, that ruled out the cause of the darkening forest. It must’ve just been nature doing it’s thing.

Mason, Breyona and I hung out until well into the night. Miss Shelby offered me other texts, but none were about Vampires. Some talked of Werewolves, going into detail about half-bloods and their capabilities. Half Human – Half werewolf, they were common but most of them lived normal lives. Many didn’t develop their own wolf, inhibiting them from ever shifting. They simply had heightened strength and sometimes heightened senses. Those who developed wolves, were brought into the pack-life.
Half-blood’s could still had mates, and could bear children all the same. Hundreds of years ago, werewolves hated half-bloods. Time’s have changed since then, and they are no longer hated. We accept half-bloods the way we would any other werewolf.

Once nine o’clock hit, Breyona began getting ready for Haze. While I wore a simple pair of jeans and a dark blouse, Breyona went all out. She wore a knee length dress that made her look both alluring and regal, along with some light make-up to highlight her big eyes and high cheekbones. She insisted on looking her best, in case she meet her mate tonight. Her short hair had a slight curl to it and fanned across her head. Mason was dressed comfortably as well, wearing jeans and a simple jacket.

“I can’t believe were doing this.” Breyona huffed, “Maybe we should just stay home.”

“Are you chickening out?” I raised my eyebrow at her, “The fearless Breyona is afraid of finding her mate?”

Breyona paused, her eyebrow raised as she glared at me. Slowly, a smile broke out over her face.

“Y’know, I told you before if you keep making these comments I’m gonna start thinking you’re my mate.” Breyona snickered.

“Please.” I scoffed, “You wish your mate was amazing as me.”

Mason sat in silence watching our mini-argument unfold. We were left with hysterical giggles by the time we had finished, making me realize how much I had truly missed Breyona. Spending time with Chelsea was never like this. We’d shop, or go out to eat, making fun of a few people in the process. We never joked, never comforted or supported eachother. It was a superficial friendship from the beginning.
Breyona and I matched naturally. If there were mates–but for friends, Breyona would be my mate. My friend-mate.

“Friend-mate.” Breyona nodded, “I like that.”

“I think I also earn the title of friend-mate.” Mason huffed, giving us each a puppy dog look.

The two of us continued giggling and brought Mason into our hug.

“Well, seeing as I invented friend-mates, I declare you can have multiple.” I nodded, giving Mason a grin.

“I second that motion.” Breyona grinned, grabbing her car keys.

“Don’t be out too late!” Breyona’s Mom called from the kitchen. “And good luck finding your mate, honey!”

“You told her?” I raised my eyebrow at Breyona and she gave me an embarrassed smile.

“It’s not like I had a choice.” Breyona rolled her eyes, “She won’t dare let me leave the house at night anymore. Once I told her about smelling my mate, she insisted I go. Besides, she know’s I’ll be safe with you and Mason here.”

“We’ll stick with you the entire time.” I nodded, giving Breyona a reassuring smile.

We made it to Haze twenty minutes later. The thumping music sounded exactly how I remembered it from Chelsea’s birthday. We walked up to the bouncer and he let us inside without a hassle. People were packed inside the club, some dancing while others drank and talked above the thundering music. The lights were different colors this time. Instead of green and purple, the lights were red and white. It gave everything in the club a red-tinged hue. The color resembled the spilled blood coming from Kanyon and Katie’s lifeless bodies. The thought made my stomach turn, but I forced the sickness back for Breyona.

“I’m gonna walk around a bit, see if I can smell anything.” Breyona yelled over the music.

Mason and I nodded, following her closely as she wandered. Another twenty minutes passed, and we retreated to the bar. Breyona was looking quite defeated, her eyes flickering around expectantly.

“I should’ve just found him last time we were here.” Breyona frowned, “I missed my only chance.”

“That’s not true.” I shook my head, “We’ve been here for twenty minutes, he might not even be here yet!”

I ordered drinks for the three of us, giving Breyona a reassuring smile as she tossed hers back.

“You’re right.” She nodded, “You’re right. He’s probably on his way right now.”

“Exactly.” I nodded, “We’ll walk around this club a thousand times if it means you get to find your mate.”

We continued walking through the club, pushing past sweaty bodies as we went. A hundred different smells were filtering through my nose. Body spray, sweat, arousal, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and something slightly sweet. All battered my nose, leaving it confused. Places like this tended to overwhelm the senses. I strictly relied on my hearing, managing to hear the words Breyona yelled above the thundering music.

“Lets go up to the balcony.” She shouted.

We walked up the curved stairs to the balcony over looking the entire inside of the club. From this height, we had a fairly decent view of everything going on in the club. The two bars were packed with people, ordering drinks by the dozen. The dance floor was packed with sweaty bodies, swaying and jumping to the intense beat of the music. The red flashing lights made everything look much more scarlet from up on the balcony. As if a bucket of paint–or some other red substance, had been draped over the floor and the people.

A new batch of people flooded into the club, and Breyona whipped her head around expectantly.

“Lets go back down.” Breyona yelled, “The bouncer’s letting more people inside.”

Mason and I followed behind Breyona. It was becoming difficult to stay close as more people filtered into the building. I bumped shoulders with countless people, keeping my eyes trained on Breyona’s retreating form.

“Didn’t think I’d see you here again, beautiful.” A familiar, flirty voice called out.

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

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Author: Jane Doe

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