Chapter – 26 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“We’re in need of skilled individuals, so if they want to stay, let them. Establish a subsidiary guild named Darklaws, and have Mr. Adler take charge,” Dustin made his decision.

“Understood,” Nelson acknowledged.

“Also, I’m concerned about the rapid expansion of our guild. We need to slow down recruitment and find a new headquarters to accommodate our growing numbers. I’ll leave these matters to you,” Dustin instructed.

“I’ve already been considering the headquarters issue and have identified a potential location. However, I’m uncertain if it aligns with your preferences,” Nelson replied.

“Where did you have in mind?” Dustin raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

“It’s called Zephyr Lodge, situated on the outskirts of the city,” Nelson explained. “It was once a count’s estate, offering ample space and picturesque surroundings. The transportation is convenient too. After thorough research, it seemed like the best option.”

“That’s a thoughtful choice. You’ve clearly put a lot of effort into this decision. Let’s go with your proposal then. The Kirin Gang’s new headquarters will be located there,” Dustin confirmed.

“Thank you, Sir!” Nelson expressed his gratitude, pleased by Dustin’s agreement.

While discussing gang management, Abigail chimed in with an idea. “By the way, I recently met someone who’s quite sharp and talented. She could be a valuable addition to your team.”

“Really? Who are you referring to?” Dustin inquired.

“She’s actually right here, sparring with our members. Follow me!” Abigail pulled Dustin toward the dojo.

Inside the dojo, several adept fighters from the Flame Dragon Gang surrounded an elegant woman in the midst of a sparring match. Despite her captivating appearance and attire that accentuated her figure, she easily outperformed the men.

Using her legs with extraordinary agility, she swiftly incapacitated anyone who approached her, maintaining a safe distance from her opponents.

“Damn it! They’re not holding up well!” Nelson muttered under his breath, visibly uncomfortable. He felt uneasy showcasing a group of men being defeated by a woman.

The clash ended with the woman as the victor, having skillfully subdued all the Flame Dragon Gang disciples.

“What do you think? She’s impressive, right?” Abigail asked with pride.

Dustin didn’t immediately respond; his attention remained fixated on the woman in the training ring. He seemed cautious, as if not fully trusting her.

“Hey, come over here for a moment. Let me introduce you to someone,” Abigail beckoned the woman.

“Sure.” With a faint smile, the woman wiped sweat from her forehead and stepped out of the ring.

“Allow me to introduce—” Abigail began, but Dustin interrupted her. “No need for introductions. I’m already familiar with her.”

“You are?” Abigail expressed surprise.

“Are you attempting to charm me?” The woman teased, her smile suggesting familiarity.

“Quit pretending. Your appearance might have changed, but your scent hasn’t. Am I right, Azalea Larson?” Dustin addressed her directly.

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