Chapter – 25 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

After completing the test at the martial arts alliance branch, Dustin and his companions departed from the premises. However, Scarlet’s demeanor suddenly turned somber as she received a call while on their way back.

“Understood. I’ll return as soon as possible,” Scarlet responded briefly before ending the call.

“What’s wrong, kid?” Dustin inquired, concerned by the change in Scarlet’s expression.

“The call was from Oakvale. Someone has accused me of amassing forces and planning a rebellion. They’re demanding an explanation,” Scarlet explained calmly.

“A rebellion? That’s absurd!” Georgia exclaimed, visibly angered by the accusation.

“Madam, you’ve dedicated so much to safeguarding our country’s borders while those insignificant individuals in Oakvale have contributed nothing. How dare they level such accusations at you?” A tone of indignation colored the speaker’s words.

“Those despicable wretches! They deserve severe consequences!” Even Bridget, who was typically quiet, couldn’t help but express her outrage.

Accusations of rebellion were a grave offense, and even if they were baseless, they could stain one’s reputation irreparably.

“Considering your status, all your actions will be closely scrutinized, and any abrupt moves might be misconstrued or exaggerated by others,” Dustin remarked, shaking his head.

He had anticipated that something of this sort might occur sooner or later. Being bestowed with immense power often came with its own set of challenges and drawbacks.

Scarlet, as the revered Goddess of War in Dragonmarsh, commanded an army of over 300 thousand soldiers. She wielded substantial authority and influence, making her an enviable target for those who harbored jealousy and resentment.

“I have to return to Oakvale promptly, Logan. I need to deal with this matter before it escalates further,” Scarlet informed Dustin.

“Of course,” Dustin agreed with a nod.

A small misstep now could amplify the situation into something far more problematic.

They reached the Flame Dragon Dojo within ten minutes.

As Dustin stepped out of the car, he watched Scarlet and her team depart, saying, “Take a few days, and I’ll see you when you’re back.”

“Understood.” Scarlet managed a smile before her vehicle departed.

Given the formidable influence of the Spanner family, Dustin was confident that Scarlet would swiftly resolve the issue at hand.

Suddenly, a tap on his shoulder caught his attention, and he turned to find Abigail and Nelson standing there.

“Who’s that girl? She’s new, right? Don’t tell me she’s your latest flame?” Abigail playfully teased with a grin.

“Cut it out. That’s my sister,” Dustin retorted, shooting Abigail an irritated look.

“Really?” Abigail raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“Are you serious?” she questioned again, clearly dubious.

“You seem to have an abundance of free time. How’s your staff combat technique progressing?” Dustin redirected the conversation.

“I’ve already advanced to the third level!” Abigail proclaimed proudly.

“The third level? Come on, that’s hardly an accomplishment. You should dedicate more time to training. Do the drills another 1000 times,” Dustin advised.

“What?” Abigail’s smile froze, clearly taken aback.

1000 times? That seemed like an insurmountable task before sundown.

Why did she have to be mentored by someone so demanding?

Turning to Nelson, Dustin asked, “Nelson, how are the members from Azkaban faring?”

“As per your instructions, I’ve provided them with shelter, food, and financial support. However, they’re refusing to leave and are adamant about joining the Kirin Gang to assist you,” Nelson replied.

The individuals from Azkaban, particularly Cornelius, possessed remarkable combat abilities and potential. It was an opportunity that Dustin couldn’t easily pass up.

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