Chapter – 24 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

The invigilators exchanged glances and shook their heads in unison.

“You can proceed to the next level without undergoing the test,” one of the invigilators explained.

“Me? Are you serious?” Dustin was genuinely surprised by the offer.

“Your performance in the earlier tests was remarkable. Frankly, we wouldn’t stand a chance against you. You have our permission to advance,” one of the invigilators admitted, a hint of discomfort evident on their face.

“You possess significant potential. I’m certain you’ll emerge as a dark horse in the Knighthood Society Tournament,” the other invigilator praised, acknowledging Dustin’s exceptional abilities. He had outshone the records for the first four tests, leaving them humbled by his prowess.

“Thank you for being considerate,” Dustin expressed gratitude with a smile before stepping down from the platform. It was fortunate that the invigilators had chosen not to challenge him; otherwise, they might have suffered a severe beating.

“This is ridiculous! It’s not fair that he can advance without even taking the test!”

“What else can they do? He’s so powerful that even the invigilators are wary of him.”

“I wouldn’t want to face him either. No one could withstand a blow that exceeds 100 thousand pounds.”

“He’s not only strong, but his speed, defense, and internal energy are also impeccable. We have to acknowledge his might.”

The onlooking martial artists conversed about Dustin, their eyes reflecting respect. In the world of martial arts, strength commanded respect, regardless of one’s background.

“The test is concluded. Let’s go grab some food,” Dustin playfully tousled Scarlet’s hair and led the group away. He paid no heed to the Boulderthorn members.

“This is infuriating! That guy has tarnished our reputation!” Davon’s anger seethed.

“I wish Jared were here. He’d take care of that brat in no time!” Gianna grumbled.

Jared had bypassed the initial five tests due to his reputation, which explained his absence. Otherwise, Dustin wouldn’t have dared to be so haughty with them.

“Dominic, I’m not pleased with you. Why didn’t you give it a shot earlier?” Desmond suddenly confronted Dominic.

“What do you mean?” Dominic was taken aback.

“Seriously? He cranked the lever to 100! Who would willingly step into that?”

“Absolutely, it was intense pressure. You were all deceived,” Desmond asserted confidently, “I suspect he tampered with the machine. There’s no way it exerted any real force on him. He must have cheated.”

“Come on, that’s a stretch,” Davon expressed doubt.

“Think about it. Who in their right mind would crank the pressure to the max? Any mishap would be catastrophic. And did you notice he didn’t even break a sweat during the test? It’s suspicious,” Desmond continued.

“He didn’t even seem remotely bothered,” Gianna agreed.

“You’re right. He might have cheated,” Devon nodded, unwilling to accept Dustin’s exceptional strength.

“No one is flawless. Everyone has a weakness, yet he appeared too perfect, arousing suspicion,” Desmond confidently concluded.

“Dominic, if you’re skeptical, try it yourself. Only then will we uncover the truth.”

“Fine, let’s see what this guy’s up to,” Dominic agreed, bracing himself as he stepped into the pressure machine.

He planned to proceed cautiously, gradually increasing the pressure instead of going all out from the start.

“Huh?” Dominic’s complexion paled when he realized that Dustin hadn’t reset the lever after the test—it was still set at 100.

“Damn it!”

Panic set in as Dominic reached for the lever, but before he could grasp it, the metal door slammed shut. Instantly, an overwhelming pressure bore down on him.

“You deceitful bastard! You lied—” Dominic’s fury mixed with fear as he started accusing Desmond.

But before Dominic could finish his sentence, a deafening explosion occurred. In an instant, he transformed into a crimson mist, a bloody aftermath of his ill-fated attempt.

I’m the Boss

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